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On the cover: Sex, drugs, and ratty behavior... just one of the topics student-faulty research teams are looking into (Photo by Mark McCarty)


Remember the turret on Penfield House?
The "flounge" in Buildings Building? They're among more the 60 old Skidmore buildings described in The Architect of Necessity, a book resulting from collaborative research by Heather Moore '08 and Prof. Bob Jones.

To order: call 518-580-5491, click here or mail your check for $24.99 to Architect of Necessity, Skidmore Shop, 815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Proceeds will support future faculty-student collaborative research.

Ashley Halsey ’07 has compiled her own watercolors into a booklet highlighting some of Saratoga’s much-loved architectural gems. To order click here or send $16.99 to Saratoga: A Historical Guide at the Skidmore Shop address above.


Corps of discovery
Photo Gallery: Student-faculty teams pursue
intensive summer research

Sports illustrated
Skidmore champions educational role of
atheletics and wellness

Foreseeable future
Mapping campus expansion up to 2050

Skidmore quiz:
Who, what, when?

Check out the “Scopedish” blog.

Science literacy is crucial. But science is a moving target, advancing and changing and affecting our lives in new ways. How does Skidmore propose to educate the next generation of science leaders and followers? The next Scope will tell you, coming in January.

Skidmore's color is green – really. Between buying produce from local farms and reducing car trips to and from campus, Skidmore people have been shrinking their environmental footprints.

But Skidmore still bleeds red. The freshman-class reading -- Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains, about Dr. Paul Farmer's selfless work with TB and AIDS patients in poor countries -- has inspired plenty of discussion about science, justice, and citizen action. Kidder himself will lecture on campus in March.