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Spring 2000

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Club do’s

by Cynthia Shaw, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs

January. Leila Joseffer ’97 and Matthew Rosenfield ’97 helped young alumni to beat the winter blues by holding a get-together in the middle of a cold snap. With a warm fire, good food, and lots of Skidmore friends, the eclectic restaurant Marche was the spot to be. (Club co-presidents: Jeff ’93 and Michelle Miller Anderson ’92,

Cape Cod
Please contact Cindy Shaw at Skidmore’s Alumni Affairs Office (518-580-5610 or if you’re interested in having an alumni club of Cape Cod, if you’d like to attend a September planning meeting, or if you have a seasonal Cape Cod address and would like to hear about Skidmore programs in the area.

January. Ellen Carney Granda ’89 created a lot of hoopla with a club event centered on a Chicago Bulls basketball game. Skidmore fans got together to cheer the Bulls on to victory over the Indiana Pacers.

January. Denise Marcil ’74 offered her home to a crowd of Skidmore alumni for the club’s second annual potluck reception. With assistance from Claire Simonelli ’74, the group rang in the New Year, and the new millennium, in style. (Co-presidents: Claire Simonelli ’74,; Holly Lorenzo ’81,

January. The first of four Florida stops for President Jamienne S. Studley and husband Gary J. Smith, on their “Map the Path” inaugural tour, was Boca Raton’s St. Andrews Country Club for an elegant luncheon. Club president Connie Talcott Smith ’63 was on hand with her camera and captured many wonderful moments of the afternoon on film. One particular photo that reflects the true spirit of a Skidmore graduate is that of Dorothy Jameson Chamberlin ’27, as she drives away in a snappy green convertible. What fun! (President: Connie Talcott Smith ’63,

The Studley-Smith tour continuned in Vero Beach, with a luncheon at the John’s Island Club, hosted by trustee Barbara McIlveen Baldwin ’61. Graduates from the 1930s through the 1980s joined to hear Studley share her fond feelings for Skidmore and her vision for the future of the College.

In Naples, Charlotte Lamson Clark ’53 put together a cocktail reception at the Audubon Country Club to welcome Studley and Smith. A large turnout, lovely setting, and delicious menu helped create a very enjoyable evening.

Last but not least was a stop in Sarasota for a luncheon at the Bird Key Yacht Club. Club officers Jean Rowe Tourt ’50 and Sibyl Ringquist Connolly ’50 oversaw the efforts to ensure a strong turnout of alumni, perfect weather, and delicious food. To the delight of the crowd, President Studley showed a film that highlighted the festivities of her inauguration weekend at Skidmore. (President: Jean Rowe Tourt ’50, 941-778-4567)

New York City
February. Hallelujah! Ronnie Zolondek Bramesco ’63 organized an outing that got people dancing in their seats. More than 75 alumni, parents, and friends were tapping their toes and snapping their fingers during a fun-filled gospel brunch at Sylvia’s (“The Queen of Soul Food”) restaurant. The food was incredible and the music was, well, toe-tapping. (Co-presidents: Keirnan Conroy ’95,; Maria Klink ’97,

San Francisco
January. Claire Steinmetz McCleery ’58 opened her home to Skidmore alumni for a fabulous Millennium Sunday lunch. Club leaders Josephine Leech Lewis ’57 and Michele Forte ’90 were on hand to meet and greet and to let people know that, although the campus is 3,000 miles away, it’s easy to recapture the feeling of the Skidmore community. (Co-presidents: Jo Leech Lewis ’57,; Michele Forte ’90,

February. Professor Ralph Ciancio (English) traveled to the West Coast to give a literary lecture and see if Skidmore alumni remembered “The Genius of Vladimir Nabokov.” Kim Davis ’89 set up the “classroom” at the Women’s University Club with good food and drink, which could not help but to encourage lively discussion among all the participants.

Skidmore campus
February. Some 30 alumni returned to Skidmore to join the campus community in its celebration of Black History Month. The busy weekend calendar of the second annual multicultural mini-reunion was highlighted by Ujima’s fashion and talent show and by the eighth annual multicultural alumni career networking reception.

The 14th annual Junior Admissions Workshop drew more than 75 alumni with their high-school-age children to Skidmore, where they learned about the college admission process, participated in workshops, sat in on classes, and enjoyed student entertainment.

Student Alumni Society
February. Several SAS members volunteered at the Junior Admissions Workshop, giving tours and providing insights about college life for the visiting high-school juniors. In addition, the group sponsored or cosponsored several alumni who returned to campus as guest speakers in various academic fields. For more SAS news, visit

Contacts for other regional clubs

Los Angeles: President Amy Scribner ’86,

Hartford: President Marge O’Meara Storrs ’57, 860-658-7707

Minneapolis: President Amy Heinichen Liss ’83,

Capital District of New York: Co-presidents Susan Geary ’99,; Catherine Spaneas ’93, 518-581-1072

Schenectady: Co-presidents Diana Clark Crookes ’69,; Nancy Coull Erdoes ’66, 518-371-6044

Cleveland: President Joel Bresler ’82,


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