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Spring 2000

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Reunion ’00

Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


Helen Cole Netter
PO Box 784
Pine Plains, NY 12567

Virginia Gramley Gravatt is still going strong in Madison, CT. She gardens and enjoys her family, who live near enough for frequent visits. A UConn Huskies fan, she went up to Storrs in February to see the championship girls’ basketball team play.

Harriet Welden Delavan, who turned 90 in January, lives in a retirement home five minutes from a son and daughter. She would be glad to hear from anyone who cares to correspond. Write to Harriet at 1301 Nottingham Rd., Apt. 100B, Jamesville, NY 13078.


Marjorie Yetter Walls
11 Denton Rd.
Binghamton, NY 13903

Alice Hand Kelly keeps up with news of the world via TV and reading. She raises houseplants and keeps her hands limbered up by knitting.

In 1989, Florence Hough Willetts moved from California to Oregon, where she lived in a condominium on a golf course and played golf until she turned 80. She now lives in an assisted-living community in Lake Oswego, OR, only a few minutes from daughter Sally. Son Paul Jr. lives nearby, too. Spike has three grandchildren.

Condolences to Katharine Nichols Winslow, whose husband, Henry, died in March 1999, after a long illness.


Sally Miller Curtin
31 Saunders Dr.
Niantic, CT 06357

Carolyn Hoeve Baumes still runs her antique-doll restoration business with a younger partner and one daughter helping. She turned 90 in January.

Since husband Harry’s heart attack, Miriam Temkin Kuskin stopped traipsing around the world and is restricted to cruising and a month in Florida during the winter. “Our days are very structured,” she says, but activities include senior aerobics, lectures, concerts, theater, and art galleries and museums.


Reunion ’00

Elizabeth Norlander Newell
15 Deane Avenue
Holden, MA 01520

Charlotte Smith King has been sending birthday cards to all class members this year and classmates have responded gratefully. When she finds it appropriate, Charlotte has passed your notes on to me, so some of my news is culled from your notes to her. My thanks to all.

Gina Barker Holmberg is sorry not to make Reunion. She says, “This is Bob’s turn to celebrate.” They will attend his 65th at Wooster.

Dorothy Binner Conner has a great-grandson, born in June. “He’s a joy,” she says.

Peg Corliss Lamont lives with her daughter and son-in-law in Scarborough, ME. For many years, her hobby has been oil painting, and she has exhibited and sold many of her paintings. Peg laments that because of poor health she will not be at Reunion but, she says, “My heart will be with you all.”

Alice Furbish Kerr’s husband, John, died Jan. 27. He had not been well for several years. The class sends sincere sympathy to Furb and son Jay.

Nellie Hegeman Teale, who lives with her daughter, says that one of her joys is watching the many birds that frequent her feeder. She never tires of the diversity of their interesting relationships.

Janet Roukes Seaver and Ed will not be able to attend Reunion. Ed is nearly blind, and they find it difficult to get around—and Arizona is a long way from Saratoga.

Marxie Squarcia Hesler’s family keeps expanding. She now has four great-granddaughters, ages 1 to 6. She and husband Harold, who was a blind date during her senior year at Skidmore, celebrated their 64th anniversary.

Beth Twiggar Goff, whose diaries are at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard, writes that last year two books that contain a fair amount of her writing were published by New York University Press. Both books were written by college professors who researched her diaries and received her permission to use the material. One book discusses changes in women’s emotional culture in the past century; the other is on women’s friendships.

Classmates will be saddened to learn of the death of Renette Casebolt Scott. We remember Renette’s buoyant spirit and ringing laughter. She was involved with chorus, News, and Omnibus. Those class snapshots in our Eromdiks were collected and arranged by Renette.

Sadly too, we report the death of Carolyn Morgan Brassler, an active sportswoman who was an accomplished tennis player and golfer.


Enid Kay Schiff
81 Bryant Ave.
White Plains, NY 10605

Leston Somers Leitch passed away in November. “Skidmore has lost one of the most loyal friends she has ever had,” says Teddy Freed Titon. “And I have lost one of the dearest friends I have ever had.” Leston served as class president for 57 years.

David and Brenda Baxter Merkel celebrated their 60th anniversary in February and are in relatively good health. They have four married children and seven grandchildren. Brenda enjoys telephone conversations with Jo Champlin English and Phyl Munn Martien.

Frances Budleski Dapkus still plays viola as an original member of the Meriden, CT, Symphony Orchestra, in its 53rd year, and the Wallingford Symphony, in its 25th year. She also substitutes now and then as organist.

Jane Dillon Kenny keeps on the go with friends and volunteer work at the Red Cross and her church. She will be 87 this year.

Debby Swartz Laden attended an Elderhostel in New Orleans in December and met two friends from New Jersey there. Though she has settled in Los Altos, CA, New Jersey will always be home.

Robert Burkhardt, spouse of Lucille Hogan Burkhardt, died in December.


Agnes Dunn Mackenzie
304 Stoughton Ave.
Cranford, NJ 07016

William and Jean-Ellen Burns Ash sold their house in Islamorada, FL, and now winter in a cottage in a retirement community, Noble Horizons, just down the road from their home in Salisbury, CT. “Getting used to the cold after so many years away from it is no fun,” says Jean-Ellen.


Betty Hale
317 S. Valley Hill Rd.
Woodstock, IL 60098

Carolyn Cole Newell moved to Lutz, FL, to be nearer daughter Carol Newell Torrens ’66 now that Carolyn has totally lost her hearing.

Agnes Compton Stierwald’s husband, George, celebrated the 55th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood, which took place at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Syracuse, NY. This church is now a cathedral.

Betty Stilz Weiss and daughter Wendy went to Paris via the Concorde and on to London via the Chunnel. Last summer, Betty, her other daughters, and four grandchildren enjoyed France together.

Bonney Stratton heard from Libby McClellan Trahan, who lives in Carlsbad, CA, and now has her granddaughter living with her. She would love a visit from any Skidmore Kates.

With the help of daughter Jamie, I am learning to conquer the computer, so I can now receive news for Scope via e-mail at


Betty Jones Stern 211 Benicia Rd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Ruth Atwood Pytlak, Miriam Calder Seaman, and Jeanne Hess met for lunch in September. They enjoyed reminiscing and catching up on news. They hoped to do it again this spring.

Lee Blanchard Hotchkiss, Polly North Cogswell, and Sis MacKenzie Healy see one another frequently and will always miss Etta Silliman Callahan. “I’m doing my best to become computer literate,” says Lee. “But why?”

Barbara Brett Patterson, our class’s outstanding stand-up comic, loved last June’s Reunion. “We could have gone on several days more, with our memories and our present time together,” she says. “We were lucky—our lives were enriched by college, truly.”

Last summer class president Edith Cosgrove did a lot of tootling around with friends, or visiting friends, in Vermont and New Hampshire. A fall highlight was attending the inauguration of Skidmore President Jamienne Studley. “I loved the entire program,” says Edie, who adds that Hillary Clinton’s appearance was “short and very appropriate, with no attempt at electioneering.” Later in November, she visited in Virginia and spent Thanksgiving in Asheville, NC.

Betty Eastman Peyton represented our class at a dinner in Minneapolis in October 1999 in honor of Jamie Studley. Earlier in the summer, Eastie traveled to the Carefree Resort in Arizona for a young cousin’s wedding. She says, “The four days there were wonderfully carefree—and, as the oldest relative there, I was treated like a queen at the many festive events.”

Agnes Gregson enjoyed seeing pictures from Reunion and told me how much she loved those four grand years at Skidmore, including the CC Corps. She spends a good deal of time at her county’s SPCA with a variety of animal friends at the shelter.

Marjorie Mapes Boulware traveled to western Colorado last September to visit a daughter and son-in-law, who spend time there during the summer. The gathering included another daughter and family from Chicago, as well as a granddaughter and husband who live in western Colorado. Unfortunately, the high altitude prevented Marge’s husband, Bill, from taking this trip.

Ruth Olson Coltman spent February and March in sunny California and returned to New Hampshire in April.

Al and I ended last summer at our son’s condo on the island of Maui. For a week we sunned, surfed, and revisited spots that we had seen on a previous trip some 30 years ago.


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