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Spring 2000

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Reunion ’00

Margery Mellman
255 Sixth Ave.
New York, NY 10014

Jane Converse Miller’s daughter, Emily, was married in September. Daughter Ashley is a sophomore at Cornell University, where she studies animal science.

Check out the January 2000 Mutual Funds magazine for Gail Dudack’s investment picks for 2000. Gail is chief equity strategist at Warburg Dillon Read in NYC.

Gordon and Loralee Engelmann Strauss’s daughter, Gretchen, a graduate of the University of Virginia, got married in September 1999. Pam Schick Kelsey, who was attending the inauguration of President Studley, was unable to be at the wedding but was well represented by husband John, daughter Lisa, and son-in-law Bob.

After 20 years as an independent artist and potter, Edna Fielder Keach’s new career as a landscape designer is going gangbusters, and her life is enhanced by the presence of Frank Filemyl, a special education specialist, and his three kids.

Kathe Fox reports that in 1998 Mary Jo Bowman Borok was elected to the city council of Menlo Park, CA. It was her first try at an elected position, and she won handily. Now MJ is mayor, an appointed position from the city council. “I think this makes her the first mayor from our class,” says Kathe. In her spare time, MJ works for the California public utilities commission, thinking up new telephone area codes.

Cynthia Gardstein and sons Charles, 15, and Tom, 13, live in Bethesda, MD, which provides opportunities to enjoy rock climbing and mountain biking. Cynthia was looking forward to Reunion.

Last summer, Nan Healy Schwanfelder and sons Kevin and Craig drove from New Mexico to Connecticut and spent a fun afternoon and evening in Saratoga Springs with Claire Olds. “Wow!” says Nan. “How the town and college have changed. They’re beautiful!” Kevin is at Brown University, and Craig is at Santa Fe Prep.

Linda Holt Stewart showed more of her painting of rare koi fish at Beth Urdang Ziegler’s gallery on Newbury Street in Boston.

Pam Kerr Frothingham and daughter Gillian saw Stephanie Martini in Las Vegas last spring and had a great time catching up. Gillian graduated magna cum laude in business from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, and now lives in Boston.

Lost classmate Nancy Lovell Martin has been living all these years in Toronto, Canada, and is married with a son, 25, who has a master’s in education from the University of Toronto. Nancy works one on one with severely burned patients for a company that manufactures pressure garments. She is continuing her interest in movement by studying the Pilates method. Nancy, we’re so glad to have found you.

The Peasaggio Gallery in W. Hartford, CT, had a second show of paintings by Elizabeth Mallory MacDermid in October 1999.

The book Fifteen Years at the Chelsea Hotel, by Portuguese author and photographer Rita Barros, consists of portraits of Chelsea Hotel artist-residents in their apartments and studios. Jondra Nolan is one of those pictured in the book. Jondra has an exhibit of new, large-scale watercolors at Art Resources Transfer this month. The series is based on the reflections and movements of a construction crane outside her studio.

Sheila Pfau Shechtman is owner of Giftcorp, a corporate and retail gift giving company that specializes in distinctive gifts, spa selections, and premium logo items. She was featured in The Perfect Present, a Random House book. Check out

Judith Rapuano Wall’s daughter, Jennifer, graduated from Emerson College and is now employed in public relations at Eton Vance in Boston.

Carolyn Schatz left NBC News in November to take editorship of Harvard Women’s Health Watch. It is a tremendous challenge, she says, especially to move from television to print, but very rewarding.

Elaine Spevak Fromer is thrilled that Octopus Design Group, which she started last year with two partners, is doing well in Albany, NY. Their ad for a jewelry company appeared in the February issues of Vogue and Bazaar magazines.


Candace Keeler Krop
1629 Godfrey Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Barbara Bull Riester teaches economics and business at Virginia Military Institute. In June 1998, she became director of the VMI center for economic education and works with K–12 teachers in a seven-county area to enable them to teach the economics curriculum of the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Pediatrician Pamela Maras Mancini practices outside Fredericksburg, VA. Husband David breeds, trains, and sells hawks, falcons, and eagles for education and falconry. They have two children—Michael, 16, and Sarah, 15.

After three years as a nursing coordinator in the emergency department, Martha Resnik Reiss returned to the ER at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC and loves being back in direct care. Son Micah is a junior at Baruch College; daughter Margit is a freshman at NYU.

Since graduating, Nancy Russell Hill has been affiliated with colleges and universities. She earned advanced degrees from George Washington University and Harvard. Husband Ron worked at Stanford until 1988, when he transferred to Vanderbilt. Son Adam is a freshman at Davidson in North Carolina, and son Eric is in middle school.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, music teacher Martha Seem Banghart had laser eye surgery. Daughter Tracy is a sophomore at Davidson, and son Andrew is a high-school senior applying to schools with strong lacrosse teams—he’s a goalie.

Laura Uhl married Jeffrey Lockwood in 1997.

Barbara Vedder is serving her third term as alderwoman to the Madison, WI, city council.


Nancy McNiff
10419 Cable Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63131

Greensboro Wonder and Wisdom Inc., a multigenerational community center that Trish Passmore Alley started, is growing with a licensed after-school enrichment program and a group of seniors who have named themselves the Senior Trotters, even though they say they “trip more than trot.” They do lunch and a cultural event once a month.

Lynn Ritchie Hooper is still at Loomis Sayles, the company she joined after graduation. She is still married to Donald, and they have two children—Samantha, 12, and Nathan, 8.


Elizabeth Nace
30 Owen Ave.
Queensbury, NY 12804

It was with mixed emotions that Joan Cardile Stern attended the graduation of son Sam Stern ’99. “I was proud to see him graduate but am sad knowing that I won’t be as involved in Skidmore life,” she says.

Lainie Damask Levine is a nonpracticing attorney and full-time mom to Jason, a high-school senior who will attend Stanford University next fall, and Lauren, a high-school junior. Lainie and Jerry, an infectious-diseases specialist at Hackensack University Medical Center (where Lainie volunteers), have been married 25 years. In her spare time, Lainie enjoys tennis and golf.

Carolynn English Ainsworth owns Tutoring for Excellence Inc., with 15 tutors helping K–12 students in almost all subjects. Son John, 21, will graduate from Wake Forest University in May, and daughter Joy, 18, will graduate from the Covenant School in June.

Mary Foster loves her new job as development and public relations specialist for the Cornell Marine Program. She works with marine scientists on important environmental issues affecting Long Island. She continues to write her wine column for a local paper, featuring the emerging wine region on the North Fork, where she lives with Tom Morgan. They are currently building a new house and looking into adopting a girl from China. Mary would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this process or is planning on adopting. E-mail her at


Beth Chiquoine
150 Main Street
Wellsboro, PA 16901

Wendy Bailey Hamilton is busy leading the charge with fundraising for our class. Son Jonathan is at Williams, and son Benjamin is in the process of applying to college. Andrew, 14, Hilary, 10, and husband David help keep her busy the rest of the time.

Steve and Barbara Baldwin Newby believe that the empty nest syndrome is a myth. “We are enjoying semi-retirement,” she says. Daughter Suzanne graduated from Wesleyan, son Frank is at the University of Maryland studying abroad in Spain, Tricia is a junior at the University of Florida-Gainesville, and Andy is at West Virginia. They Newbys have traveled a lot and hope to see Saratoga Springs soon, as Steve owns race horses.

In January, Nancy Booth McLean moved to Raleigh, NC, to begin a master’s program in public history and archives.

Patti Brennan and family spent two wonderful weeks traveling through England and Wales. Everyone also attended Reunion in June. Patti continues to enjoy being her own boss at her law firm but still manages to ride at least once a week.

Carol Carnahan Chapin, along with James, 12, and Christine, 10, moved from Florida to join husband Bill in Old Town, Alexandria, VA, where Bill was appointed president of the American Architectural Foundation.

Life is great for Isabel Dowling Schneider. After Skidmore, she earned an Ed.M. at Harvard and is now an educational consultant in Rochester, NY. Husband Michael is an internist. Daughter Eileen Francis will graduate from high school this spring, and Marabel is a sophomore. Isabel volunteers on a number of local boards.

Kate Ferris’s household is busy with three active stepdaughters—Margaret, 16, Kristine, 14, and Erica, 12. Kate’s busy with her business and volunteer work. Besides enjoying Reunion, Kate had the opportunity to attend President Studley’s inauguration with Denise Marcil, Patti Brennan, Steffenie Oliver Kirkpatrick, Vicki Greene Aldrich, and Laurie Judge Stanley.

Last fall found Marjorie Lilly exhibiting farmworker photographs at the local art center and at the University of Texas-El Paso, educating people about labor abuses that occur routinely in the chili and onion fields in New Mexico. She has also written a few newspaper articles about border issues.

The American Dance Institute, Sharon MacDonald’s school, continues to grow. She has also been doing guest teaching and is on the faculty of the Hartford Conservatory. Her latest choreography project was performed at Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT, in March.

Patricia Martin Fox and husband Tom went not only to California for her high-school reunion, but to Romania and Hungary for five weeks as part of a 12-teacher team that taught 100 teenagers at an English-language camp in Transylvania. Bridges for Education, the sponsoring organization, promotes international peace through education. Pat thought they made some progress, although there is much more to be done.

Tina Rutledge Veraldi is a certified hand therapist and supervisor at Hand Therapy of North County, St. Louis. Husband Tom is an orthodontist and pediatric dentist. Daughter Jennifer is a sophomore at Williams College, and son Dan is a high-school junior. Both play several sports, so weekends are filled with sporting events.

Taber Shirley Rehbaum moved to Fairbanks, AK, in 1995 to become executive director of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Greater Fairbanks Area. She loves her job and everything about the state of Alaska and even has her own sled dogs. If anyone’s heading her way, she built a log home north of Fairbanks with a guest bed.

Debra Silberstein is assistant labor counsel at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Husband Fred is also an attorney. They live in NYC during the week and in Westport, CT, on weekends.

Craig and Nancy Watkins Lanzoni have twin sons, Ben and Willy, 5. Nancy thinks Ben might act or drive heavy equipment, and Willy, who likes his facts to be perfect, might become an engineer.


Reunion ’00 Noreen Reilly
114 Cushing Ave.
Boston, MA 02125

Eileen Bryant and family had a wonderful visit in August with Cindy Haggas Osborne and husband Bill at their home in Salmon, ID.

Last summer, Dale Conron Ahearn, husband Dick, and family enjoyed fun in Watch Hill, RI, and shared good times with Liz Young King ’74, Cindy Kriesmar Carr ’74, and the 25th reunion committee in Saratoga Springs. Dale is a school nurse, and Dick is in construction management. Son Matt ’02 is at Skidmore, Abby is at Wake Forest University, and Ryan is at Taft School. “Looking forward to our 25th—nurses in force!” says Dale.

Arthur and Maggie Gargan Bright bought a gourmet wine and cheese store in Malibu, CA. Son Beau works on the TV show Veronica’s Closet, and daughter Isabelle ribboned last Thanksgiving at the Santa Barbara horse show in the jumper classes.

Lisa Gasstrom is clerk of the New York metropolitan office of the American Friends Service Committee and is a member of AFSC’s national board. Husband Michael Mascari is executive director of the Association for the Help of Retarded Children in Nassau County. Son John is a third grader at Westbury Friends School.

Michael Moss, wife M’lissa, and children Adam, 9, and Chelsea, 6, enjoy life in Baltimore. The whole family was looking forward to Reunion.

Lucy Noonan asks, “Attention Howie Nelson. Do you recognize yourself in my class reunion drawing? If you come to Reunion, I’ll give you the original.”

Nancy Partridge O’Toole was also looking forward to rekindling relationships and meeting up in Saratoga again.

In Anchorage, AK, Dency Robinson Dokoozian is a public-school special-education teacher and a personal financial analyst with CitiGroup. She and husband Jim own a commercial construction company and a project management firm. Daughter Emily, a high-school junior, has started the college search. Son Morgan, in sixth grade, is active in scouts, football, and music. “Come visit Alaska,” says Dency. “It’s a spectacularly beautiful place!”

Marketing consultant Janice Trebbi Richards attends Silvermine School of Art on the side, which brings back memories of the Skidmore art department. She and husband Bruce have three children—Kimberly, 14, Alex, 12, and Caroline, 7.

In January, Judy Tsou became head music librarian at the University of Washington in Seattle. In addition, she teaches a gender and music course once a year at the School of Music.


Ingeborg Hegemann Clark
26 Kerrington Way
Stow, MA 01775

Please note my correct e-mail address above.

Bonnie Ashton Brooks lives in Upper Marlboro, MD, with husband Mike and daughter Laurel, 9.

Susan Benvin D’Alessandro is assistant director and project manager in clinical affairs at Cromed Inc., where she conducts clinical research projects primarily for the pharmaceutical industry. She lives in Latham, NY. Last summer, Susan visited freshman roommate Karen Ricci in Santa Monica, where she works for Rand.

Last fall, Barbara Bromley became a full professor in the school of education at California Polytechnic in Pomona. She was on sabbatical this year, taking classes and doing research and clinical work in assistive technology. She continues her work in disability advocacy. She recently won a court settlement allowing her adopted son to move out of the institution he has lived in for almost 30 years and into a small community group home.

Lisa Burke returned from a pilgrimage through Israel and spent New Year’s Eve with husband Wayne Boerem, family, and friends at her mother’s home for a candlelight midnight Mass celebrated by her uncle, Bishop Ronald Connors, former pastor of St. Clement’s in Saratoga Springs. She says, “It was a beautiful way to enter the jubilee year!”

Steven Cohen is vice president of licensing for CSS Industries, which produces seasonal products like Christmas wrap and cards, Valentine cards, Halloween products, and ribbons and bows.

Linda Fuller and Libbie Secor Hardy, who lives in Norwell, MA, see each other regularly. “My days are spent caring for the house, kids (Thomas, 12, and Sallie, 10), and husband Tom,” says Libbie. “This year, Diego Londono, 16, from Cali, Columbia, is an AFS student here.” Linda and Libbie had a visit from their old friend Karen Gold ’78, who lives in London. Linda writes, “Life is generally good with all of us.” She is about to begin her third course at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge and says, “Because of my brain tumor (now four years ago! Hooray!) I have to take some medication which makes me tired a lot of the time, but that is small potatoes compared to what the consequences could have been.”

Doug Dreishpoon is curator of 20th-century art at the Albright-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY.

Rob and Allison Gray Sanders announce the birth of Ian Wyatt on April 28, 1999.

Elizabeth Hembling Lawrence has been owner and president of Atlantic Coast Promotions since 1991. She and husband Frank have two children—Adrienne, 19, a freshman at James Madison University, and Kyle, 15, a high-school sophomore.

In August, Anne Hughes enjoyed a mini-reunion with Debbie Volkman Falls, Chris Wright Hanley, Lucy Rogers, Betsy Pritchard Wheating, and Mallory Haines Armstrong at a resort in northeastern Vermont.

“This looks to be a most promising year for me,” says Joel Keener. Joel and a colleague will have their work on a therapeutic fine-arts curriculum published. Murals they worked on together with at-risk youth and survivors groups were on exhibit at the UN this winter. Joel anticipates no less than 10 shows this year, ranging from Niagara Falls, NY, to Orlando, FL. He will be a featured guest artist at a number of these shows. To see some of his art, visit and click on featured guests.

Elizabeth Lowe is taking a leave of absence from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to become project director for the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, to be located in Tupper Lake. Betsy is the founder of this project, which has generated a lot of support and has 1,000 charter members at this early stage. For information, visit

Julie Mayne Baker is head of budgeting and financial analysis for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Daughter Meredith, 10, is busy with fifth grade, horseback riding, and ice skating. Julie is preparing to run her 12th marathon in Napa Valley. Husband George is president of AstroTech Space Operations, which operates facilities for preparing satellites to launch from Florida and California.

Kimberly Mensel Majczan is an avid quilter and homemaker. Husband Bob is a partner in a search firm in Princeton, NJ. Oldest daughter Allison is a freshman at Villanova University. “I couldn’t convince her to even look at Skidmore,” says Kim. Daughter Caitie is a high-school freshman and a sprinter for her track team. Daughter Abbey is in seventh grade and a volleyball and basketball team member. Kim says her daughters inherited their father’s athletic abilities and are also great students.

After 13 years on Wall Street, Nicolas Platt moved over to public relations in 1995. He is managing director of Burson-Marsteller in NYC, heading up the U.S. financial practice. Wife Kathryn Peper ’78 is a practicing physician in their hometown, Morristown, NJ. They have two daughters—Lauren, 15, and Ashley, 12. In his spare time, Nic is thinking up ways to get classmates to give more money to Skidmore’s Annual Fund and is looking forward to our 25th reunion.

Denise Reed is the 1999-2000 recipient of a fellowship grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts in the nonfiction literature category. She is currently completing a memoir, Sojourner: One Woman’s Fantastic Voyage to Insanity and Back. She would love to communicate with Skidmore alumni who were students 1973–76, particularly African-American and Latino students. Denise, a management consultant with Health Care Alternatives Inc. in NYC, can be reached at

Matthew Rosen says, “The highlight of my New Year’s Eve was getting dressed.” He went to a “dress as your favorite decade” party. Being a ’76 graduate, he chose the ’70s. Back in the mid-’80s, he found two Nehru shirts in a funky old store and kept them all these year. Matt wore a bright, shiny blue one with gold trim. “Strong,” he says, “very, very strong.” He drank Jell-O shots and partied. His wife got the flu.

Meg Steele Wingerath spent New Year’s Eve in Boston’s Back Bay, “seeing the fireworks, ice sculptures, and other revelers.” She teaches middle-school art at one of the five new schools in Malden. Her school will become the magnet school for the visual and performing arts. Daughter Sara loves Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Son Jack is a junior at Winchester High School.

Leslie Strong is head of the art department at Potsdam (NY) High School. She and husband Jim Sutter, whom she met at Skidmore’s Summer Six program, teach art and create sculpture. Leslie recently exhibited 10 sculptures in Watertown, NY. The academic calendar has allowed them to live in London during the summers for the past five years, where Jim teaches and Leslie roams the museums and “soaks up the culture.” They spent last summer in Greece and Turkey. Leslie regularly sends her students to Skidmore for Summer Six and undergraduate study in art.

Cathy Tolles Crain retired from investments and married Tom, who also retired from the same firm. They live in Cincinnati and are active in the opera company and inner-city public schools. She is starting to work on a Ph.D. in environmental and economic sustainability. “I can’t believe we are all in our mid-40s. Where has time gone?”

When Maryann Tilli Greco got divorced in 1991, she bought Adrienne’s, the oldest bridal shop on Long Island. In 1995, when she married Joseph Greco, Barbara Reinhalter was in attendance. Maryanne and Joseph bought an 1865 Queen Anne Victorian, a historic landmark, which they renovated and restored, and moved Adrienne’s there in 1998. Maryann has expanded the business into two more buildings and also designs and manufactures her own couture bridal line. Daughter Gina, 21, is an art major at NYU. Son Vincent will attend Hofstra in the fall.


Constance Martin
3139 High Meadow Lane
San Jose, CA 95135

Brad Eisenpress sends greetings to Robin Henderson, Bob Burt ’76, Kim David ’76, and Chuck Aaron ’78.

Patricia Ratner married Michael McWeeney on Nov. 13, 1999. Hilda Taylor Parrott attended and read a Shakespeare sonnet during the ceremony.

In Switzerland, Leslie Stimmel Guggiari consults in intercultural communications and teaches at the university level. She is also president of the Association of Adoptive Families of Southern Switzerland. Her daughters are now 10 and 12.

Winterfest 2000 in Saratoga Springs included a public lecture by NYC arts critic and dance historian Robert Tracy. He spoke about Alvin Ailey and the American Dance Theater.


Barbara Balaguer Blundell
145 Evans Rd. Ext.
Marblehead, MA 01945

In addition to a master’s in reading education, Alice Gunta Kostek completed a second degree in special education.

Wendy Coleman Hilboldt is raising three children, coaching soccer, volunteering in schools, and riding on New Canaan’s ambulance as an EMT.

After running a marketing and sales consulting company for 10 years, Elizabeth Hailer rejoined Deloitte and Touche three years ago. She lives in Stratham, NH, with daughter Louisa.

After five years at SmithKline Beecham, Gregory Hess is vice president and managing director at Care Management Science, heading up their new division, CareScript. CMS is a Web-based health-care information company. CareScript will provide economic analyses and outcomes research for pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients.

Willie Ortiz says that State Farm Insurance is the best company he has ever worked for. Wife Robin and children Aslisha, 8, and Willie Jr., 5, are well.

Gregg and Deba Radin Christensen announce the birth of Chasen Gregory on April 28, 1999.

My three daughters are great skiers, so we were happy to see winter arrive in New England. The girls have adjusted very well to the move to Marblehead, MA, and the divorce. At Barrett Communications, I am vice president of marketing and interactive services, doing consulting and planning with a focus on Web design and interactive work. I’m self-taught with regard to the personal computer and Web design—having been completely seduced by the Internet and the ease of the PC (much different from the COBOL and punch cards I studied in grad school!). My stepson, 18, is applying to colleges, and Skidmore is on his list!


Kim West
1245 Arden Rd.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Larry Lichtenstein left his position as director of foundation and corporate relations at Skidmore to become director of capital gifts at Swarthmore College.

Gemma Mastroianni married Jonathan Carroll, of Kilternan Lodge, Dublin, Ireland, on Nov. 27, 1999.

Mark Rakov joined PriceWaterhouse Coopers as director in the finance and treasury group. Based in NYC, Mark works with multinational companies to implement financial strategies designed to lower financing costs. Mark recently saw Robert Barrer, an attorney in Syracuse, NY.

Lisa Shiva Morris moved to central New York when husband Bob joined a dermatology practice in Syracuse. Children Patrick, 4, and Hannah, 2, enjoy being closer to family.

I became an adjunct faculty member at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California this year and have loved it. During the holidays, I spent three weeks with my family in Florida and slipped away to Las Vegas to see Barbara Streisand on New Year’s Eve.


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