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Spring 2002

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All in the attitude

by Beverly Harrison Miller ’67, Alumni Association President

     What makes Skidmore Skidmore? It’s a question that has been on the minds of everyone who is working on or has contributed to President Jamienne S. Studley’s strategic plan, which is nearing completion.
     How are we different from other small liberal arts colleges, and what did we as alumni gain from Skidmore?
     One response that resonates for me came from the advancement staff, who put together an outstanding series of mailings to alumni and friends of the college. Their message about what makes Skidmore shine? They call it “liberal arts with attitude.”
     Attitude is defined by never settling for less, walking a different path, and stretching your limits.
     We are an institution that dares to be different, and we are, in the words of trustee Susan Gottlieb Beckerman ’67, pioneers. For example, our University Without Walls, one of the first such nontraditional college programs, is a ripe thirty years old now. Our Liberal Studies program, with its interdisciplinarity, is unique. Other institutions may have an interdisciplinary course as a single requirement, but at Skidmore, interdisciplinarity is woven into the very fabric of the college.
     Attitude encompasses more too. Passion is part of it: devotion to your beliefs and pursuits, conviction, accepting challenges, and putting your all into what you do. Confidence is another part: knowing that you can, courage and independence, seeking challenges, and creating your own opportunities.
     Recently, three of Skidmore’s a cappella singing groups competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, and the Skidmore Dynamics, a coed group founded in 1994, won the quarterfinals (and were headed to the semifinals at press time). From the moment they ran onstage, their attitude, their passion, and their confidence—and especially their daring to be different—captured the audience and the judges.
     So what makes Skidmore Skidmore?
     Attitude. Passion. Confidence.

Skidmore College Seniors Need Your Help!

They face an extremely challenging job market:

  • Unemployment for the twenty- to twenty-four-year-old age range is currently at 12 percent.
  • Over 3.46 million people are collecting unemployment benefits.
  • Skidmore job listings dropped over 30 percent in the fourth quarter of 2001.
  • The number of employers recruiting at Skidmore has also dropped significantly.

There are several ways you can help:

Please contact Shelly McMahon, recruiting coordinator, at mimcmaho@skidmore.edu, 518-580-5790 (phone), or 518-580-5799 (fax).


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