Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?
Rat lab?
With comparison charts? What are these students up to? Did you ever engage in similar research?
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            From last time: Fall Quiz 2001
Skidmore football:
While Betti Detrick Williams ’49 remembers some of the players in this unique football game—“Martin Brown was one of the guys, and a fellow by the name of Luigi”—she doesn’t recall the full story.
     But Matthew Wind ’99 knows most of it: Like many women’s colleges, Skidmore enrolled some men, ex-GIs, after World War II. This game was arranged in 1946 between Skidmore’s men and students of the Brown School, a local prep school. Watched by Life and Universal reporters, cheerleaders and water girls, and some 1,500 spectators, Skidmore’s one and only football game ended in a 0-0 tie. So tell it like it is: Skidmore is undefeated in football!