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Adele Altenburg Mardirosian

In Southbury, CT, where Rhoda Siegelman Kittay and husband Bill have lived for 13 years, Rhoda enjoys the wealth of music and proximity to New Haven. Their children David and Debby live nearby, so the Kittays have plenty of opportunities to see their five grandchildren.

Marion Copp Hinds and her husband continue to summer in New Hampshire and winter in Florida. While attending a Skidmore club meeting in Naples, she was surprised to see studies of the year of our famous football game!

Miriam Aronson Hirsch and husband Howard celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Club Med in Sicily, surrounded by their entire clan of 17, including Miriam’s Israeli family. One of the Hirsches’ two grandsons, on duty in the Israeli army, was given a five-day leave to attend. Miriam spent the winter recuperating from a knee replacement.


Patricia Bryant Koedding

In Ballston Spa, NY, Barbara Tyson Hartman says she wishes she owned stock in Southwest Airlines since she’s a frequent flier to Norfolk, VA, and Sacramento, CA, where her children live. She lunches frequently with Mary Kahle Monthie of Queensbury, Pat O’Meara Jevons of Latham, and Camille Cutie Wick of Cohoes, NY.

Anne Schaaff Wadhams and husband Charlie welcomed two new grandchildren in 2002, giving them “a baker’s dozen.” They have cut out long trips but still visit their five children and other family members. The Wadhams, who volunteer at a homeless shelter and drive elderly people to appointments, “count their blessings.”

Regina Burgess Keightley lost husband Bill to cancer last summer. Queenie says they had “a wonderful life together,” traveling and taking cruises. She has family closeby, including two sons on Nantucket and a daughter near Boston. One of Queenie’s grandsons is a sophomore at NYU’s Tisch School, and another is majoring in art at Walnut Hill in Natick, MA.

Anthea Merrihue Turner and husband Charles enjoy dividing their year between residences in Florida and Lake George, NY, and satisfy their passions for the arts and golfing in both places. The Turners held a family reunion at the Naples Beach Club with 23 in attendance, including 11 grandchildren. AJ spent Christmas in NYC and saw snow for the first time in 35 years.

Joyce Hansel Housman spent the winter in Vero Beach, FL, where she participates in Skidmore club events.

Carol Saurwein Sullivan and husband Bill have moved to an assisted-living facility in Worcester, MA.


Doris Harbach Patten

In October my sister-in-law Pat and I took a 10-day cruise through the Hawaiian Islands on a brand-new ship owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines. We had a marvelous time visiting five islands, taking a helicopter trip over Kauai, eating, and attending great onboard shows. We finished the tour at the USS Arizona memorial.

Jan Gregory Frazer’s son Russell and his wife have spent three and a half years sailing throughout Europe and Asia. It took them 20 days to sail from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa, to Tobago, off the coast of Venezuela. They are now making their way up to Florida and are slated to arrive in Naples in May. “The kids have had a great adventure spending winters in London, Barcelona, and Turkey,” notes Jan. “I just hope they won’t find life on land, earning a living again, too dull.”


Reunion ’03!
Susanne Eustis Bogart

In the middle of a blizzard this winter, I wondered if caterer Norma Morse Edelman was hosting another wedding reception in her sunny San Diego Wedding Casa. I could have used some of that warmth!

Gabe Fuchs fell and broke her arm earlier this year—especially tough for an artist who loves to paint. Gabe is not sure about attending our 50th, but says twin sister Gerda Fuchs Rypins “is a hopeful.”

At home in Stuart, FL, Sally Beekman McKeige assists an archaeological society and its preservation concerns in Florida. She and husband Bruce are preparing for their annual spring rite, a six-week tour of the Bahamas on their motor yacht. They spend the summer in Montauk, NY.

Joan Cohee Zabel, in Winnetka, IL, for the last 21 years, bought a home near Delray Beach, FL, after husband Bob retired. Longtime international travelers, the couple is now interested in exploring the U.S. Joan would enjoy hearing from classmates in the Chicago or Delray Beach area.

Norma “Billie” Fisher is enjoying retirement more than she expected. She played a couple of golf tournaments with Sylvia Shaw Brandhorst—one at Syl’s club and another at hers. Syl, who lives near Cape Canaveral in Florida, managed to have a rocket launch take place the morning of her contest; Billie couldn’t top that.

With six granddaughters, Mary “Toot” Caskey Avery is tickled that she finally has a grandson, Sergei, who was adopted in Russia. Toot took a barge trip through Alsace and parts of Germany and spent three days on the Main River on a smaller vessel.

I can echo Toot’s joy at having a grandson. I had five granddaughters when my grandson, Chase, was born in September to my youngest son, Matt, and his wife. Due to an editing error at Scope, my thunder was unwittingly stolen by Pat Thetford Pelham, who was listed as Chase’s grandmother in my stead!

It was pretty exciting to get a letter with foreign stamps on it from Fioretta Bracci Leonardi, who checked in from Switzerland. Fioretta and husband Leonardo, who have four grandchildren, travel frequently to Italy to celebrate Holy Days and have recently taken to spa treatments for relieving arthritis. Although she is not certain she can return for Reunion, Fioretta remains “grateful to Skidmore for having given her extraordinary years and a very enriching life experience.”

Helen “Hie” Briwa has been brushing up on her golf so she “won’t look like a goof” when she enters the tournament being planned by Billie Fisher during our 50th.

Pat Gove Williams and husband Craig celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December. Inveterate travelers, the couple covered California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming in 2002. They plan to attend Reunion.

In the winter issue of Scope, Phyllis Miller Green was erroneously listed as president of Walter Thompson and Ogilvy & Mather. She is in fact president of Green Advertising, an affiliate of parent company WPP Worldwide, which also owns WTO&M. Scope regrets the error.

John and Barbara Fee Dickason will be attending John’s reunion at Dartmouth, which unfortunately coincides with ours.

Many of us were astounded by the level of generosity exhibited by the late Kathy Wiecking in her bequest to Skidmore. What a tribute to our beloved classmate and the college. She will surely be missed at Reunion.

It is indeed sad to say goodbye to our classmates. Sallie Reiman Kimball left us in September, after losing a battle with emphysema and lung cancer. To my knowledge, Sallie never missed a reunion; it’s a shame she will not be with us for our 50th. There was such a spark of liveliness to her—you just couldn’t help smiling at her antics.

A great many of you expressed dismay at Betty Hauser’s death last May. Mimi Lauber grew up with Betty in Ridgewood, NJ, and they remained friends throughout high school, college, and when both lived in the Big Apple. When Mimi moved to Denver, CO, their closeness continued by mail, often via postcards from the exotic places Betty visited. We all looked forward to her classic Christmas letter, done in poetry. Mimi adds to Petey Berke Wulff’s tribute to Betty: “I loved her generosity and great sense of humor.”

Mimi also expressed her sorrow at Joy Archer’s death last July, saying, “What a brave battle she fought, and her spirit was victorious.”

Please plan to attend Reunion 2003! For up-to-the-minute details online, visit www.skidmore.edu, choose “alumni-parents-friends,” and click on “Reunion 2003.” To find out which classmates are coming, click on 1953.


Joanna Davenport

Ann Thobae Diggs and Walter live in Memphis but plan to move to Cape Cod, where they recently bought a house. Both are easing into retirement; Ann teaches art part-time in the schools, and Walter works part-time as a surveyor.

Marcia Weeks Clayton and husband John still downhill ski and golf. They also spend time with their five grandchildren, who range in age from 7 to 17.

Cyndy Wallace Bernart and husband Bill feel blessed that daughter Sarah lives just two miles away, so they can see their one-year-old grandchild often.

Jane Haller McCabe spent part of the winter in Jacksonville, FL, where two of her sons live.

Jo Schmidt Madden is still CFO and tax collector for the Manasquan Borough in New Jersey. She and husband Bob visited Aruba and London and took a 12-day cruise up the coast of Norway. Jo is planning our 50th reunion.

Patty DuBois McIsaac and John spent the winter in their South Carolina home. They cruised to Belize in January. They have five grandchildren.

Edie Barbour Lauver continues to work with the Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless. Husband Bob does bookkeeping part-time. Last June they traveled to Las Vegas to attend a class reunion of North Tarrytown and Washington Irving High Schools of New York.

Hope you all are making plans for our 50th reunion in 2004.


Mardi Duggan Drebing

Sue Bauman Walker
and husband John have started a “grassroots” taxpayers’ group in their town. Son Chip is an anesthesiologist in San Diego, CA; son Bob’s antique shop in Portland, OR, is doing well, boasting Martha Stewart as a new customer; son Stephen and his wife led a birding tour up the Amazon.

Rosanne Brody Raab and husband Ed greeted 2003 in Jaipur, India. They visited the Taj Mahal and other sites in northern India.

Diane Davis Nelson and Jim have been busy since getting married last May. They traveled to Colorado, Las Vegas, and Lake George, NY; golfed in South Carolina; attended Jim’s mother’s funeral in Kentucky; and visited friends in Tennessee.

BA Kalteux Callanan and husband John welcomed a new granddaughter, adopted by daughter Liz. The Callanans attended the New Hampshire Governor’s Inaugural Ball in January.

Dorie Kilpatrick Frey and Jack are in Florida, beating the winter blues. They celebrated Christmas with two daughters and their families.

Jackie Loohn Stempfle and Bill have finally taken the plunge and sold their home in Connecticut. In October they moved to Pittsboro, NC, just south of Chapel Hill.

The property was formerly a farm and has been converted into a British-style community with homes, condos, shops, and restaurants. The Stempfles welcome visitors.

Tillie Ruby Coulter has advised me that we are all turning “that age” in 2003.

Jacquie Wilson Nelson is producing a Web page for the City of Rancho Bernardo, CA, accessible at www.RBernardo.com. Jackie entered her fifth year producing Web sites.

While attending the annual dinner of the Adirondack Club, Onondaga Chapter, I was surprised and delighted to discover that my dinner companion was Betsy Lowe ’76, project director for the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks. She gave a stirring speech about the new museum, which is slated to open in 2004 in Tupper Lake, NY.

The class extends condolences to the family of Nancy Dreyer Burroughs, who died in February. She had just been in touch with me in January, for the first time in many years, to share the news of husband Bill’s new book being published. Nancy and Bill shared a love of sailing. We shall miss her.

Our condolences also to the family of Joan Toomasian Coen, who died in October. She will surely be missed by the many whose lives she touched.


Averill Geus

Despite all the negative criticism we received in the 1950s for being the “silent generation,” I think we have adequately overcome that impression in the past decades, if our class members are any indication.
Barbara Levine Friedland volunteers for the John Harms Center of the Arts and is an active friend of the New Jersey Symphony. Barbara and Harry helped celebrate their granddaughter’s first birthday. The daughter of Barbara’s son Jim Friedland ’86 and his wife, she is the first baby girl to join the family in 43 years.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Rhea Krosnick Lowell. Her eldest son, Jeffrey, is a transplant surgeon in St. Louis; daughter Suzanne is a lighting designer; and son Scott is an actor currently appearing on a Showtime TV show.

Caryl Gatzert Lasko continues working with her travel agency. Three of her sons are in the Chicago area, and one lives in Boston. She has five grandchildren.

Last May Rosemary Sheridan Phillips exhibited oil paintings in a show at the Fitzgerald Gallery in Tarrytown, NY, entitled Moods of the Hudson, Portraits and Landscapes.

Joan Moore Cowen discovered that she can read Scope online and enjoys reading back issues. In November she and her husband moved into a condo in Wolfeboro, NH, where she edits a monthly senior citizens newsletter, plays a lot of bridge, skis, and plays tennis and golf. The Cowens summer at a cottage in East Wakefield.

While many of us are moving to smaller quarters, Janet Copeland Eschenlauer is adding on to her house to provide additional space for sewing, digital photography, and art interests. Husband Arthur will gain increased shop and storage space. Last summer Janet traveled to Italy, and Arthur explored Alaska. Together they made a trip to London and St. Petersburg, Russia. Janet, who underwent arthroscopic shoulder surgery in September, is making progress in rehabilitation.

Upon returning from a Florida vacation last February, Nan Lauder Eckfeld and husband decided to sell their home of 27 years and purchase a condo in Dublin, OH, to be closer to their children and 12 grandchildren. They cleared out and sold their former home in short order, closing that sale on the same day they purchased their new condo.

Helen Miller Gordon and husband Jerry treated their son and daughter and their families, including a bevy of granddaughters ranging in age from 13 to 19, to a Caribbean cruise during winter vacation. Reports Helen, “It was a beautiful experience for us all, somewhat to the surprise of the younger generation.” “Granny and Popel” were able to keep up with the group. Helen supervises research studies for the Battelle Memorial Institute on education, safety, and health.

After reading the season’s wave of holiday cards, Ann Moses Douglas observes, “Despite warnings and fears that travel is unsafe, almost everyone is traveling everywhere anyway, and the terrorists be damned!” Ann and Gordon headed north in November, to Churchill, Manitoba—the “polar bear capital of the world. These handsome creatures congregate there, waiting for the Hudson Bay to freeze up.”

Kathleen Huwe Quinn recalls the “short and dapper” Austrian riding instructor at Skidmore who taught students how to ride without yanking on the harness or kicking the horse, as well as a method for slipping off the side of the animal while “avoiding the arrows.” Kathleen, the mother of four and grandmother of five, lives in Montpelier, VT.

Harriet Johnson Toadvine experienced a “wonderful” fall semester in Ireland, while husband Steve taught graduate students at University College in Dublin. Returning to the U.S. for Christmas on Cape Cod, they migrated to Naples, FL, where they stay until May.

Rosemary Phillips, Harriet Toadvine, and Mary-Carol Towe Miller held their own Skidmore minireunion in the midst of their 50th high-school reunion. Rosemary is still painting and “adding grandchildren.”

Last July Barbara Meltzer Rochman and husband took their two 10-year-old grandchildren to Europe for three weeks. They visited Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, where they met up with old friends. “It was an exciting experience for the children to see how Europeans live,” Barbara notes, “and the best present we ever gave ourselves.” During her 50th high-school reunion, she spent time with Janet Samuels Fishbone and Audrey Strauss. Janet and her husband visited Vietnam in winter. Barbara, who sees Ann Honig Seeb from time to time, reports that the Seebs have been spending more time in Florida.

To our great delight, Emily Blake visited me and my husband last summer. Emily attended not one but two 50th high-school reunions. She has been reintroducing herself to watercolor painting, primarily creating animal portraits. When not in the studio, she visits friends and cousins and takes advantage of NYC’s great theater, music, museums, and people.

“You know you’re getting older,” writes Barrie Lentz Sargent, “when you’ve taken your first Elderhostel vacation.” She and husband Ted participated in a Norfolk, VA, arts tour that included stops at the Chrysler Museum and the Norfolk Opera House. Barrie, who continues to sing, attended a musical workshop with the Long Island Philharmonic last summer. The Sargents cruised on their vessel, the Ragtime, venturing as far as Watch Hill, RI. She exclaims, “There’s never enough time for all we want to do.”

Gayle Stein Bishop sold her apartment in Houston and bought a house in West San Antonio last year. She also traveled to Mexico and Florida, journeyed to Deer Island, ME, and Nantucket, MA, vacationed in Roundhill, Jamaica, and attended her 50th high-school reunion in Williamsburg, VA. “It was a wonderful year with family and friends,” she concludes.

“Retired” in East Hampton, Long Island, I am historic preservation chair for a subcommittee working on a townwide comprehensive plan. Daughter Jeanne and family now live in Norfolk, VA. Last spring, we took care of the children while Jeanne went to Germany with her husband. In Virginia, I found a collie puppy, our newest member of the family. This winter we spent Christmas with Jeanne and New Year’s in Nashville, TN.

I hadn’t made any extended trips for a while because of ongoing treatments for macular degeneration. The good news is that my doctor says I am one of only five percent whose eyes have responded to the laser treatments—so I’m ready to start traveling again!

Nancy “Ace” Ryon Richartz died in February 2002 after a long illness. Her courage throughout, despite her disabilities, was never diminished, and she was present at our 45th reunion. Ace will be remembered as one of our class’s prestigious “Big Four,” holding an office that presaged her long career of public service and dedication to the arts and local history in southeastern Connecticut. Sandy Linen Halsey, Rosemary Gilman, Ann Moses Douglas, and I attended funeral services in Connecticut. A daffodil garden was planted in Ace’s memory in Stonington.

Sadly, we’ve also lost classmates Cindy Walrath Kiebitz, Lynn Schroeder, and Judy Magill Glashow.


Joan Page Hayes

The fall issue of Scope mentioned the late Ree Reilly Morton’s art exhibit traveling around the country. Betty Hartz Hewitt and Sara “Bunny” Sprague Monick contacted me about that report—they had shared a freshman dorm with Ree, and Sara was in her wedding. Sara’s daughter Jenny, a NYC artist who exhibits work at the Art in General gallery, knew all about Ree and loved her work. Perhaps Ree’s art may one day grace Skidmore’s Tang Museum.

Sara Monick continues leading tours to Europe and will be journeying to Portugal, Burgundy, France, and Venice this year. While returning home from a wedding in the Adirondacks, she enjoyed a minireunion with Betty Hewitt, Carol Higginbotham Healy, and Barbara Senderowitz Ross at Ditto Briwa Ball’s home in Hudson, NY. Ditto owns a dress shop in town, and Higgie lives in Scituate, MA. They all had a great time together.

Steffie Merber Lench and husband Myron attended son Mitchell’s wedding in Romania last September. Janel McKay Carlson joined them. Mitchell and his bride had been married earlier in a civil wedding in London but wanted a formal ceremony in her homeland. After the festivities, the whole party embarked on a three-day tour of the countryside. The Lenches visited the newlyweds in London over the Christmas holidays and then flew to Cuba in January.

Seattle resident Jean Kreger Carlson underwent two knee replacements last September. All went well, and she was up and walking 48 hours after surgery.

Also fighting physical woes was Joy Hamann Shaw, whose back was subjected to a major workout during an 1,100-mile bike trip from Louisiana to Yorktown, VA. The 400 miles in Mississippi were flat and prepared her for Tennessee and Virginia. She is presently nursing her back, writing her memoirs, making wooden jigsaw puzzles, and spending time with her three children and grandchildren.

Judy Fletcher Baker and husband Bruce went on a Williams College river-barge trip from Prague to Amsterdam last fall. In London they ran into Ginny Carter Lombardi, who was staying in a hotel a half block from theirs.

Even though Barbara Frankel Brown didn’t make it to Reunion, she is well informed about life at Skidmore. She spent time over the summer at her son’s home in Saratoga, attending the jazz festival at the Performing Arts Center as well as the opening of the Congress Park carousel. At the end of August the Browns moved into a new condo in Beachwood, OH. Winters find them on Longboat Key, where they enjoy visits from their children and grandchildren.

Alice Bemis Wiggin has taken on the challenge of designing another class banner for our 50th. (Can’t start too soon!) Her 14-year-old grandson has spent the last two summers at college-led math camps and is attending a governor’s school for special math and science students.

Louise Libby Clearfield’s daughter Andrea is an award-winning composer. Son Jonathan was married last August. Louise welcomed a new granddaughter in October. Louise had five solo art shows last year and is represented by galleries in NYC, Greenville, DE, and Birmingham, AL.

Anne Gabel Mair welcomed her first granddaughter in November.


Reunion ’03!
Jane Goodman Hunter

Libby Rumreich Mottur and husband Mott spent Christmas with their boys and three grandchildren in the snow-laden Boston area. In January Libby trekked to Oregon to visit her daughter.

Last fall I had a wonderful time at my high-school reunion with Ann Ferguson Connolly and Barbara Rees Loucks, who are both enjoying retired life. My husband, Randy, and I spotted Carolyn Hildebrand Regan and husband Bob on the beach last summer. They hosted our entire gang at their lovely home and farm on the Choptank River in Maryland. They are enjoying their four grandchildren, as well as travel, golf, and fishing.

Sid Wright Coursen sent news of the new, active Cape Cod Skidmore Club led by Mary Avery Gessner and Margi Bishop Maynard ’57. Their programs have included visits to a pottery studio and an auction/appraiser house, both owned by Skidmore grads. Mary was featured in the Cape Cod Times regarding a program she founded called Cape Kids’ Packs. These special care packages are prepared for children who are taken out of their homes abruptly by social services en route to foster care.

In February Esther Ann Solotaroff Asch co-chaired a benefit for NYC domestic violence agencies that featured a performance of The Vagina Monologues. Author Eve Ensler hosted the performance, held at Town Hall. Esther can be reached at EAsch@fegs.org.

Julie Greene is working for Stetson University’s golf Elderhostels in Palm Coast, FL; Mary Avery Gessner and husband Russ are signed up to play for a second year. Julie is still playing tournaments on the senior amateur tour. She lives in Plantation Bay, Ormond Beach, FL, and urges all to “visit with their sticks!”

It has been a banner year for Elsa Daspin Haft, who retired from practicing law in New York and produced her fifth Broadway play, Goodnight, Gracie, currently at the Helen Hayes Theater.

Linda Gross Singer enjoyed a family reunion at the Half Moon Club in Jamaica. All 13 family members were present, including six grandchildren. Linda, who’s co-chairing our 50th with Elsa Daspin Haft, insists that she now needs a vacation from her vacations.

Reunion is coming up, May 29–June 1. So please mark you calendars now, and urge your Skidmore friends to join the fun. We will have the best time ever! I look forward to seeing you all there!


Carolyn Brown Straker

In February Sandy Bendfeldt returned from a “People to People Ambassador” trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hong Kong, a venture she found “interesting, enlightening, and a mission of understanding.” Sandy, still cabaret singing, will perform in May at “Judy’s Chelsee” in NYC. Please contact me (Carolyn) if you would like to attend as an alumnae group.

Audrey Ades Reilly welcomed a seventh grandson this spring. Husband Bert, a radiologist, is newly retired and “loves it.” The couple has a home in Schenectady, NY, and another in Lake George. Audie, along with 80 other women, sings in a barbershop chorus under the direction of Kathy Mendenhall, who is theater management coordinator at Skidmore’s Bernhard Theater. The group captured a regional vocal competition and will travel to Phoenix, AZ, for an international competition in September.

Ginger Clark Keare says she “married an adventurer who keeps me on the go!” This spring, she and husband Doug visited an Incan settlement high up in the Andes Mountains of Peru as well as the Galapagos Islands, where they “kept company with iguanas, sea lions, giant turtles, and blue-footed boobies.” Ginger and Longmeadow, MA, resident Joey Haufler Rosenthal keep in touch.

Sue Gosch Martineau was a guest at the Florida home of Syl Smalley Chapman this spring. The two had a great time participating in a member/guest golf tournament. During a visit to Lake George, NY, last summer Sue visited Jan Beinetti Thurling and husband Bob.

Barbara Huge Homeier enjoyed a March holiday in Boca Grande, FL, where golf replaced the bowling she did over the winter while at home in St. Louis, MO. Barbara’s 93-year-old mother flew from Ohio to spend the holidays with Barbara and her family.

Last March Mary Heep Van Riper and husband Richard spent time with their daughter and her family—including three granddaughters—in Hawaii. Mary’s other daughter lives on a sheep and deer farm in New Zealand. The Van Ripers also visited their son and daughter-in-law in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As a member of the Roxbury, CT, Conservation Commission, Mary is “trying to manage development before it manages us.”

Gay Lawrence Woods and husband Brad are both retired and travel extensively. They took a Rhine River Cruise this past winter, visiting several Christmas markets in Germany. In February Gay and her prep-school roommate took their daughters to San Francisco and Cabo San Lucas, to “re-celebrate” a trip to Europe they took when their daughters turned 16.

During our junior year at Skidmore, we were joined by a student from Argentina named Susanna Salessi, now a professor of Spanish and Italian at Orange Coast College in California. Earlier this year, Susanna met Sally Decker Thompson in Santa Barbara, CA, for the first time in 45 years. “It was very emotional,” writes Susanna, adding that they spent four hours “exchanging news and memories.” Susanna welcomes e-mail from classmates at you.ssalessi@cccd.edu.

Evie Schawbel Rosenkrantz, who met husband Howie while he was at Union College, is busy with five grandchildren (four boys and a girl). One of the couple’s daughters lives a mile away, and the other lives in London. Still running her real estate business, Evie also stays active traveling, skiing, and playing golf. She and Howie had dinner with Beverly Weinstein Litman and husband Roger, who live in Needham Heights, MA.

Jean Taylor Brown, retired from a clinical practice in gynecology, is now president of a newly formed Opera Guild in Princeton, NJ—“a superb company that has produced a summer festival for 20 years.” She adds, “I’d love to hear from all opera lovers of New Jersey. We need you!”

“On New Year’s Day,” writes Marlene “Tucky” Nicholas, “I lost my dear friend of 33 years, Liz, to cancer.”

Anne-Marie Philippe DeTourbet and husband toured temples and palaces in India earlier this year. They also spent a lot of time cross-country skiing and hiking in the French Alps (Chamonix Valley). With five grandchildren and many hobbies, Anne-Marie keeps busy.

Sheila DeNadal Salvo’s granddaughter Lindsay Andretta, 10, played the role of Janice (daughter of parents played by actors Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid) in the film Far from Heaven. The real-life child of Sheila’s daughter Lauri, Lindsay remains “a typical 10-year-old,” according to Sheila.

My daughter Wendy’s first book will be published in May, just in time for the latest wave of new college grads. An exploration of exciting career options for “20-something females,” it contains interviews of successful, often high-profile women in TV, journalism, fashion, publicity, and public relations. Son David is in the second half of his third year as chief resident in psychiatry at the Long Island Jewish Hospital; he also heads up the interviewing of prospective students for Washington University in St Louis.

Class Webmaster Joan Cangelosi Kicska asks classmates to send photos or information you would like to share online. Type in www.skidmore.edu, and you will see lots of interesting Skidmore news and links to alumni Web pages. Or go directly to the Class of 1959 Web site at www.skidmore.edu/alumni/classes/1959/1959.html.

I am enjoying coordinating the Skidmore chapter of College Alumni in Public Schools (CAPS), a mentoring program that has so far paired 18 Skidmore NYC alumni with students from Norman Thomas High School in Manhattan. I also remain active in the NYC Alumni Club.


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