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On exhibit

Upcoming at Skidmore’s Tang Museum:

Twice Drawn, March 11–June 4. More than forty artists contributed two works each to this eccentric survey of modern and contemporary drawing. Participants range from legends like Philip Guston, Roy Lichtenstein, and Robert Rauschenberg (that’s his 1965 Decoder II at right) to younger artists like Ernesto Caivano, Kate Shepherd, Patrick Lee, and Yun-Fei Ji, and their works range from portraits and landscapes to surrealism and conceptual art. To complement the breadth of the show, the inclusion of more than one drawing by each artist adds a contextual depth that can otherwise be lost in large group exhibitions. Some pairings reflect differing stages in an artist’s career, while others are parts of a continuum or series. The second half of the show,
at the Tang this autumn, will feature selected works from the first installation and new works from other artists, this time organized thematically. Together, the two halves of Twice Drawn reveal how context influences our understandings of artworks.

And Therefore I Am, February 11–September 10. Reflecting Descartes’s “I think, therefore
I am,” contemporary artists in a range of media explore human consciousness, thought, perception, neuroscience, and other workings of mind and brain. Related movies and lectures are also scheduled.

GET UPDATES AND DETAILS. For museum hours and news of lectures or other programs, call 518-580-8080 or go to