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Bravo! Linguist wins teaching prize
Faustini wins Ciancio Award
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Idea marketplace Guest lectures touch on society and scholarship
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Sky command Using the wolrd's biggest radiotelescope
Shaping campus sustainablity Coordinator goes for the green
On exhibit Now at Skidmore's Schick Art Gallery and Tang Museum
Sportswrap Thoroughbred highlights


Joel Brown, music—with fellow trio members Chris Brubeck and Peter Madcat Ruth—soloed with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Brown has also performed around the US, including at Tanglewood and the Guitar Foundation of America Festival.

Corey Freeman-Gallant, biology, co-authored papers on agriculture and bird behavior in Molecular Ecology, how birds learn songs in Animal Behaviour, and (with Jon DeCoste ’05) plumage variation in the Journal of Avian Biology.

Kate Graney, government, published “Making Russia Multicultural: Kazan at its Millennium and Beyond” in Problems of Post-Communism, vol. 54, no. 6.

Ela Lepkowska-White, management and business, and Kristina Powell ’07 won the best-presenter award for “Marketing to Multiple Audiences: A Case of the Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College, NY,” at the Global Business and Economics Research Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, last summer. The article is in Business Review, vol. 8, no. 1.

Anita Miller, psychology, published an article on child and adolescent depression in Brain and Cognition, vol. 65, no. 1.

To accompany the DVD version of his Emmy-winning 1990s TV series The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, George Lucas has been producing documentaries about the world history addressed in the series. The films include interviews with Henry Kissinger, Gloria Steinem, Deepak Chopra, plus top academics—including Skidmore’s Chuck Joseph, music. An expert on Igor Stravinsky, Joseph (at right) appears in the film about early twentieth-century Russia, discussing Stravinsky’s role in bringing acclaim to the Ballets Russes with such groundbreaking compositions as The Firebird, Petrouchka, and The Rite of Spring. It’s contained in volume two of the DVDs, out last winter; the third volume is due this spring.

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