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Admissions sneak peak

The college application process can be daunting, but members of the Skidmore community get special help at the Junior Admissions Workshop held on campus each January. The event offers hints, dry runs, and insider information for college-minded high-school juniors whose families have alumni, student, or employee ties to Skidmore. This year’s workshop attracted eighty-nine participants to learn about financial aid, writing the personal essay, and how applications are read. There was also a panel of “veteran college searchers”—that is, current Skidmore students—as well as a mock interview session. At one point, the attendees split into small groups to evaluate an application as if they were admissions officers.

Katie Groves Alverson ’74 attended with her daughter Lily, who appreciated learning “exactly how important each part of the application is, and what helps an application and what doesn’t.” Katie herself appreciated the chance to revisit campus and socialize with other alumni in the workshop. She reports that “Skidmore looks wonderful, and seems even more interesting and relevant than
I remembered it.”

Giving that opportunity to parents of college-hunting kids is certainly one goal behind Junior Admissions Workshop. And regardless of whether the sessions entice any students to apply to Skidmore, the most important aim is to help parents and kids get a
leg up on the application and admission process for any college. —SR