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Club connection: West Palm Beach, Fla.

Schmoozing at a gallery makes for a fun evening in West Palm Beach, Fla. Alumni and friends gathered at Mulry Fine Art, owned by Fecia Mulry ’82, to enjoy a light reception, view works by Ronald Lusk ’83, and hear a lecture on portraiture by art history professor Katie Hauser. Attendees were asked to consider that a photographic portrait can distort reality as much as, or more than, a painted one. “Nothing like making us think about new concepts and ideas,” says Emily Jansen Kane ’62 (who enjoyed a sidetrip down memory lane when Hauser “asked about customs from our days at Skidmore” and Skiddies reveled momentarily in the days of Happy Pappy, Sophomore Hat Night, and freshman bibs). Kane’s friend Bev Fuhrmann Gregory ’64 found the talk of particular interest since her husband is a photographer. Plus, “Seeing other alum friends is always high on my priority list,” she says, “and meeting new ones is also neat.” To sum it up, Meg Nichols Carrothers ’67 offers two words: “Delightful, stimulating.” —MTS