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Kids of Survival on view

Tim Rollins and KOS: A History, now at Skidmore’s Tang Museum, traces 25 years of work created by re­nowned artist, activist, and educator Rollins together with Kids of Survival—students from his South Bronx classroom and also participants in wider workshops. In school the KOS group would typically read aloud from literary classics while painting and drawing on the pages being read. Rollins and his students would then cut out the book pages, paste them in a grid onto canvas, and paint images that connect the literary stories to their own lives. Some critics have called it vandalism; the New York Times has called it “far-reaching, politically aware art.”

Accompanying the show in March was the “Yes Symposium: The Persistence of Optimism,” including a documentary film about KOS and discussions with Rollins and others. The exhibition runs through August—check here, or call 518-580-8080, for details.