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Genevieve Oliver Littlefield
PO Box 105
Bristol, ME 04539

Elizabeth Flatow Kaufmann and Jim escaped part of the Vermont winter on a Mississippi paddle-wheeler trip out of New Orleans. Prior to that, the entire family came for her birthday, which she said was wonderful but exhausting, with four generations from 2 to 88 years in age.

Mary Heber Mathews had a bad bout of shingles in February but found great relief from an ointment dog owners use. A physician new to her was very interested, as she was more comfortable than most patients.

Lois Higgins Glock enjoys the warmth of Delray Beach, FL. Since husband Carl’s death in 1995, Lois has an aversion to flying but would welcome visitors to Florida.

Elisabeth Hull Lewis has four grandsons—one works for Citigroup, another is a doctor at Mass General, the third is at college, and the youngest is 16.

Larry and Peg Mackey Lawrence celebrated their 60th anniversary on the French Riviera. “Nice is nice,” quips Peg.

Helen Mahoney Cornish had a difficult winter of lung fungus problems. She enjoys her new home in McMinnville, OR, near her daughter and family.

Emme Moody Lowell became a great-grandmother in November 1999.

Margaret Schwem Sager enjoyed a warm Elderhostel program in Galveston and San Antonio, TX, and a restful cruise, which included a stay in Costa Rica.

Hilda Widmer Woodruff sends greetings from Racine, WI, “the Belle City of the Lake.” Hilda and husband Bob enjoy the summer pops concerts by Lake Michigan.


Miriam Ogden Cudmore
13041 W. Ohio Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80228

Pat Wakeley Mara attended Leadership Council on campus last spring, representing our class as president and fund chair. She received information to assist us in preparing for our 60th reunion, May 31–June 3, 2001. Meanwhile, husband Paul attended an alumni council meeting at his alma mater, Union College.

Phyllis Browne Anderson plays piano at her church near her home in Millbrook, NY. She has three children and 10 grandchildren.

Amy Bush Caldwell plays golf and bridge at home in San Diego, CA.

At last count, Lucia Dana Eastman had three children and six grandchildren. “They’re all wonderful,” says Lucia.

Cecile Hennessy Barnett tutors elementary school children in Richmond, VA. She loves to garden and attend the theater.

Kathryn Jones Thorp, who lives in Heritage Village in Southbury, CT, volunteers at the village library.

Frances Lee Fahy was this year’s chair of handmade crafts for the annual Dogwood Festival in Fairfield, CT.

Muriel Levine Traubner, of Great Neck, NY, loves to travel and often does so with sister Rosaline Levine Miller ’39. Muriel also plays bridge and golf. Her San Diego granddaughter, 11, recently visited.

Eleanor Miltimore Wolff, who had a stroke in February 1999, keeps in good condition by walking three miles daily. Husband John, 94, continues to serve as a professor at Georgetown University Law Center. Daughter Patricia is a psychotherapist, and daughter Margaret is a human-resources director at Motorola Corporation in Chicago. The Wolffs have one great-granddaughter and a great-grandson.

Residents of Sarasota for 11 years, Marshall and Eileen Mitchell Roberts enjoy the Florida weather. They have two children and two grandchildren. Eileen keeps in touch with former roommate Nancy Forester Padden, who lives on Fenwick Island, DE.

Ruth Mook Kerr enjoys the activities of the Schenectady alumni club. She keeps occupied visiting family members and going on Elderhostel trips.

A month in Rancho Mirage, CA, and three in Boca Raton, FL, made for a good winter for Gloria Moos Hatch. The added attraction was a party given by her family in February for that special birthday we all had this year. Elly Gunst Oppenheimer, Mary Gunst Barnet ’39, and Rita Figarsky Feigenbaum ’46 attended.

Patricia Moseley Trepagnier enjoys gardening at her home in Hockessin, DE. Her three grandchildren are involved in various sports.

Jeannette Partridge Harrison, in Carmel, CA, volunteers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Point Lobos state reserve.

Janet Rich Bradley has been busy in Democratic politics in Tulsa, OK, and helping her church publish a new directory. Husband John is retired.

Chas and Alma Steinen Jung spent a few winter months in Stuart, FL, where they saw Gordon and Dottie Rose Murphy.

Bill and Laura Swift Burbank made the trip from Tennessee to NYC to attend a granddaughter’s wedding. Last winter, they visited John and Tina Towne Moore at their winter home in Florida.

Lois Walker, who lives in Weymouth, MA, has been delving into her family geneology.

Ken and I are proud to report that granddaughter Lauren, a graduate of the University of Colorado in Denver, is interning at the Paris executive headquarters of an international fashion house.

Condolences to Barbara Bullinger Lord, whose husband, Ben, died in February, just four days short of his 82nd birthday. She has the support of six children and 13 grandchildren, who live near her in Norwich, CT. Barbara is active in her church and enjoys playing bridge.

Condolences to Dorothea Fortmann Moss, whose husband, Abner, died. Dorothea, who lives in Studio City, CA, has five children, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Condolences also to Eloise Goodspeed Spring, whose husband, David, died in January. Her two sons and four grandchildren live nearby. Gardening keeps her busy at her home in W. Hartford, CT.

Condolences to Merle Ingham Scott, whose husband, Charles, died in March.

The class extends sympathy to the families of Madeline Weigel and Jane Reid Strong.


Julianne Oppenheimer Lewis
171 Weyford Terr.
Garden City, NY 11530

Beverly Blickman Yunich is again involved with her artwork and is represented by Weber Fine Arts. She and David travel a great deal—Europe and Southeast Asia—and spend time in Saratoga during the racing season. Twin Gloria Blickman Horwitz is busy with community work and the Rochester Memorial Art Museum.

Jean Brickwood Slocum is on the board of Quinnipiac University. She has six grandchildren, four of whom have graduated from college with two to go.

In 1999, Nancy Jack Bell traveled to two islands—Molokai for an Elderhostel and Anguilla, where an ancestor was the first governor.

Aside from the usual aches and pains, Robert and Peggy Rose Kuhn still golf, and they stay alert playing bridge. They’re spending their seventh summer in Montana.

Dorothy Schanck Fehr is active in church activities, including Bible study and fundraising. After doing aerobics three days a week for many years, she gave it up and now walks.

Life is easy and fun for Marjorie Scott Ott with two of her family near her in Delray Beach, FL, and her oldest son as traveling companion. They went to Spain this spring. “Love to all who remember me,” she says.

“Still plugging along on the tennis court and golf course with no sign of improvement,” says Ellie Sloss Schatz. Husband Jim raises funds for needy students at City College of New York. Their children and grandchildren are well.

Cynthia Taft Lathrop skis and plays tennis but took no big trips this year. “Thirteen grandchildren keep us young,” says Taffy.

Marie VonLengerke Blaisdell spent a few days in California with Nathalie Barker Blais, who, Marie says, “looks 25, plays golf, and is married to a charming brigadier general, Jim Blais. Marie hears from Alathena Smith Miller, who lives in Los Angeles, and Eunice Edwards Tenney, in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.


Mary Sinon Sayer 58 Branch Tpk., #8
Concord, NH 03301

Richard and Barbara Andrews Olmsted are getting rusty out in Oregon but love it there. “I miss living in the East, though,” says Bobbie, “and being closer to Skidmore and Dartmouth friends.”

Janet Beyer Hayes became a great-grandmother in October 1999 with the arrival of Rachel Newman, daughter of granddaughter Stacy.

Jeanne Bradt Butts is happy at Hilltop, a retirement community in Johnson City, NY.

Frankie Childs still lives in the family homestead in Deerfield, MA.

After wintering in Florida, Deborah Cook Benedict headed north in the spring and hoped to visit alumni in the Rochester, NY, area.

Jerry and Phoebe Fern Greenfield spend summers in their New Jersey home of 50 years and winter in Palm Beach, FL. They have three grandchildren.

In March, Jan Hough Field had lunch in Stuart, FL, with Ray Bennett Bloomfield. Jan says that Ray is fine and loves living in a condo on the ocean.

In November, Gloria May Sessions will show paintings of Bristol, CT, “a nice, old-fashioned city that’s good to paint,” she says. Glo and husband Joe enjoy dancing.

All is well with Marion Posner Glickman, who keeps busy with golf, piano, and granddaughters.

Bud and Doris Sands Eisner became great-grandparents on Valentine’s Day. Doris was voted woman of the year by the San Diego chapter of the Brandeis University National Women’s Committee. Bob and Betty Mann Margison ’44, who live in Tucson, visited the Eisners in San Diego.

Marnie Scarlet Miner is doing well since her stroke in 1992. A granddaughter helps with her care, which allows her time with two great-grandsons.


Barbara Conlon Bulger
1160 Thomas Rd.
Wayne, PA 19087-1410

Wally and Barbara Douglas Macmillan live in Heatherwood, a community in Yarmouth Port, MA. Bee-Jay Huber Billings’s cousin lives there, too.

Margaret Hume Hickson spends summers in Piercefield, NY, and the rest of the year in Centreville, VA.

Bob and Martha Larkin Noonan recently moved to a new condominium, all on one floor, which Martha says is delightful.

Nancy MacGilpin Garrison and George visited son Peter and family in San Diego in January, then journeyed to Scottsdale, AZ, to see daughter Susan Garrison Liming ’75 and family. While there, Nancy and Priscilla Comins Craig had lunch together with their daughters and grandchildren. As class agent, Nancy has chatted with several classmates, including Elizabeth Cone Gardner, who had just returned from the Caribbean; Sue Liss, who was recuperating from an illness; and Lynn Vanderveer Woythaler, who reported that Nora Knox Graham had a hip operation.

Dana and Janet Morse Westcott spent three winter months at their condo in Citrus Hills, FL, where Janet enjoyed swimming in the heated pool. Back in Saratoga in the spring, she attended Skidmore’s liberal studies lecture series for mature adults at Prestwick Chase.

Marjorie Wendell Keenoy loves living in her high rise in Naples, FL.

Condolences to Peggy Rose Shedrick, whose husband, Carl, died in February.

We extend sympathy to the family of Donna Losie Diebolt, who died in December 1999.


Janice Sharp Adkins
417 N. Hemlock Lane
Williamstown, MA 01267

Jean Annett Hochuli is pleased that granddaughter Diane Wallman ’03 chose Skidmore. Jinkie traveled a lot last year, only in the States, but she made seven trips, making her a frequent flyer. “One of my best trips was to Riverside, CA, to see my first great-grandchild!” she says.

Jean Birnbaum Perlmutter has done a lot of travel, including a cruise to Greece and Turkey, an Elderhostel in Costa Rica, and a trip to South America. She thinks Machu Picchu is marvelous. Jean does arts and crafts shows in the East, known as Creations by Jean. She has four grandchildren.

Winter travels took Sally Bogan Jenkins to California, Massachusetts, Florida, and Spain.

Margie Curle Hill went to London in November for the opening of Blast. She also visited the Panama Canal and surrounding ports in Aruba, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

Carolyn Dangler was unable to attend Reunion because she was recovering from back surgery and could not make the long plane trip from San Diego.

Kitty Guinther Brown, who missed Reunion, writes, “My, how it’s all changed. I can hardly keep up with what I read in Scope. Can it really be 55 years since we were there?”

Jinny Lintern Sneve was unable to attend Reunion because of knee replacement surgery.

Phil and Jeanne Lockrow Bliss took a trip by rail through part of Canada and planned to return with Budd and Lynn Matthews Mohr to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Sue Rabinowitz Malloy is busy with painting, skiing, and taking in concerts and theater in NYC.

Carolyn Slayton Stuart enjoyed lunch with Bob and senior-year roommate Janet Kenyon Gilliland, when they visited Sarasota, FL, last winter.

Condolences to Nancy Stall Howard, whose husband, Damon, died in August 1999.

Bill and I went to Bermuda for the last week in March, as we have done for many years. Our visit this year was made unusually pleasant as Susan Malloy came at the same time to visit friends who are native Bermudians and boyhood acquaintances of Susan’s late husband, Edwin. They are delightful people, and we were happy to meet them and learn more about Bermuda.


Miriam Blechman Grimes
2166 Pleasant Ave.
Glenside, PA 19038
Fax: 215-886-2877

Gladys Benfield Watkinson enjoys life on the farm and “driving horse.” Her cart, harness, and horse are all from different Amish farms.

After wintering at Marco Island, FL, Joyce Furrey Sloan returned home to Ringwood, NJ.

In October, Ginny Given Gregory had a great vacation to Morocco and Senegal with a grandson, visiting his college roommates in Casablanca and Dakar. “We rode on camels in Marrakech,” says Ginny. “It was an exciting adventure.”

Betty McAllister Brown and Charlie took a do-it-yourself barge trip in southern France last fall. “We developed lots of new muscles with 64 locks to navigate!” says Betty. The Browns have 12 grandchildren.


Jane Geibel Morton
3 Springwood Path
Syosset, NY 11791
Fax: 516-424-5455

I took a hard-hat tour of the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery during Leadership Council in April. It seems like there’s space to spare inside, but as our guide told us, that’s the way it was planned—with lots of glass and sliding walls for special exhibits. You’ll all get to see the finished product at our next reunion.

The Class of 1947 received this year’s award at Leadership Council for the class with the highest participation (67 percent) in the Annual Fund. Remember, it’s not how much you give that matters but that everyone gives something.

Dick and Bette Avery Applegate are the proud grandparents of twins—a girl and a boy—born in December 1999. They live nearby, so the Applegates see them often.

In October, Doug and Dorothy Dutton Donahue spent three weeks in China with a Dartmouth alumni group. “We had a great time and climbed the Great Wall like a couple of chicks!” says Dorothy.

Gabrielle Gottlieb Miller keeps in touch with Skidmore through Sarasota, FL, alumni club events. With eight grandchildren, she’s busy with bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, and visits, and she is active at her temple.

David and Ginnie Herzog Hein moved to smaller quarters in Atlanta, and their oldest daughter was recently married. I always think of Ginnie and all the songs she knew when we were on campus.

Dick and Jean McNulty McCurdy visited Lisbon, then took a cruise to Barcelona.

Beverly Neckritz Young live in Delray Beach, FL. Her twin daughters are in nearby Boynton Beach, and her oldest daughter lives in Cincinnati, OH. Beverly has five grandchildren—three are in college.

Betty Noyes McMath keeps shuttling back and forth between Michigan and Schenectady, NY. Friend Gil has a greenhouse, where he starts thousands of seedlings. Betty helped transplant 5,000 of the baby plants Gil grows for Union College and friends. They take some back to Michigan for Betty’s garden, so they must travel the long way through Cleveland instead of via Canada—no plants allowed across the border.

Last summer, Bill and Barbara Pierce Taylor visited the Adirondacks. They stopped in Brantingham to attend a 50th anniversary party for Bruce and Lea Hart McLean. “It was just grand being with them and their wonderful family and friends,” says Bobby. They Taylors also enjoyed a trip to the Southwest last fall.

Jane Pollard Kelley’s grandson, Trevor, who will enter second grade in the fall, now lives with her. Polly has joined the PTA and says, “Being a parent again is a blast.” Trevor, her wedding chapel, and her duties with the New Hampshire legislature keep Polly very busy. She is also involved with a benefit for the Hampton historical society. “I’m on the garden tour this summer and am getting giraffe and wildebeest manure from the Franklin Park Zoo in Massachusetts,” she says. “I’m going to get some of those pretentious metal stakes with labels on the top where you’re supposed to inscribe the Latin names of the plants (which I don’t know anyway), and instead I’ll indicate which type of manure—elephant, hippo, snake, etc.—made the flowers so beautiful.”

Sam and Sally Wirt Garrasi have 14 grandchildren between them.

A class luncheon in Punta Gorda, FL, included Barbara Sidd Behan, Cilla Wheeler Vickery, Marilyn Twiss Sumner, Mary Jane Ullman Getty, Lea McLean, Jane Gould Allen, Joan Schimpf Root, Bobbie Fitch Beckett, and Sylvia Watkins Allen. Bobbie Behan was staying at Cilla’s in Sarasota for a week, then returning to the real world. Cilla’s daughter is having health problems, so Cilla planned to be with her in New York this spring. Twiss’s health is great, and she’s frisky and full of beans; she drove the farthest for the luncheon, then was headed for Maine. Mary Jane and husband spent seven months of the year in Naples and the rest in Schenectady, visiting Saratoga for the races in August. Lea splits the year between Englewood, FL, and the Adirondacks; she plays golf in both places and enjoys needlework. Jane summers at Brantingham Lake in the Adirondacks and winters in Palm Harbor, FL. Schimpfy and Stan took the entire family to the Dominican Republic in June for golf, tennis, and R&R; they also winter in Florida. Bobbie Beckett and George are moving to a beautiful new retirement home in Venice, FL, called Woodmere at Jacaranda but will summer on Cape Cod. Sepp is doing lots of painting these days.

Condolences to Bobbie Behan, whose husband, Budd, died in October. While Bobbie was visiting Cilla Vickery, she ran into Jacie Streeter Jones, who had a heart valve replacement in December and is doing well.


Esther Anderson Lacey
116 Murray St.
Binghamton, NY 13905

Barbara Bettelheim Routh enjoyed President Studley’s visit to Vero Beach in March. “She and her husband were delightful.”

Harold and Evelyn Burns Stewart enjoyed a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru, where they scrambled up and down Incan ruins at 16-19,000 feet. They then went on to the Galapagos Islands, where they scrambled up and down lava rocks. “A birder’s paradise,” says Evy, “and a whole new world.”

Ann Crooks Seitzer enjoyed a visit with Nancy D’Wolf, who was on her way home from Antarctica. “Leggie is the primary world traveler of the Class of ’48!” says Ann.

Sue Davis Sutton flipped her almost-new convertible Mazda Miata on her way to Tucson to visit Martha Dunkel Chilcott and miraculously survived with only a broken shoulder and wrist and a hand in need of skin patching. “Thanks, truly, to the seat belt,” says Sue.

Jean Domin Knapp and Marty Blomberg Beery planned a summer trip to Santa Fe to visit museums and the music scene.

Herb and Deane Feder Pinsley love living in Boca Raton, FL. They see Jeanne Herrup Elman and Muriel Grossman Kaufer.

Virginia Joseph Saba went to New Zealand for the International Nursing Informatics Conference, where she assumed the chair for the next three years. Ginger is a recognized leader in nursing informatics and has served on numerous committees, conducted workshops, lectured, presented papers, and published numerous articles on the use of computer technology in nursing.

Paul and Maryanne Meyer Kaemmerlen enjoyed getting together with Bernice Warr Williams for a Pittsburgh Pirates spring training baseball game in Bradenton, FL. Their three daughters gave the Kaemmerlens a surprise 50th anniversary party in February. They visited Phil and Shorty Crouze Chase on the trip north from Florida to Vermont. The Kaemmerlens are heading to Hawaii for an anniversary trip.

Agnes Miller Smith and Joan Kirwan Schroeder spent a week with Jessica Waldron Spacil at St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. While there, they had dinner with Phyllis Pountney Gillette and husband Lee, who also live on the island as do Beverly Hodge Baar and husband Jim.

Though she suffered a stroke in 1994, Elizabeth Rich Ferguson is able to live in her Hanover, NH, home with assistance. “I appreciate all of the good wishes, prayers, and letters,” she says. “Keep them coming!” You can write to Gil at 7 Ripley Rd., Hanover, NH 03755.

Barbara Tolley Woebe’s husband, John, is in a nursing home. Barbara lives in Saint Charles, IL.

Sandy Vinick Shapiro has been tutoring a woman from Haiti as part of a literacy program. Her student has progressed well, and she plans to take on another.


Edith Armend Holterman
319 Clarke Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10306

Helen Buch Thorpe’s February trip to Florida was great. She traveled around to museums, parks, and quaint towns. Her trip to China in the fall was fascinating and gave her a different insight into Chinese culture. She looked forward to going to the New Jersey shore and all the work to do on her beach house.

Edith Celley enjoyed an Elderhostel in Normandy.

Kay Christie Shaw boasts of her newest grandchild (No. 7), a little girl from China adopted by daughter Jan. Kay is still in the art business, displaying her work at the New Coop Gallery in Scituate, MA, where she is a director. She attended an Elderhostel in Hamilton, NY—Five Days-Five Scholars—conducted by five professors from five colleges.

Dottie Cole Singer and Donald celebrated their 50th anniversary in February in a big way in France. The trip included Nice, Paris, Provence, and good French food. On the day, her children surprised her with roses, champagne, and caviar.

Leah Cunningham Wood enjoyed a get-together with Skiddies at Toujours Provence Bistro in Delray Beach, FL, with Carolyn Dobbins Lange, Claire Schreiber Pittman, Priscilla Lerch Hardiman, Beverly Cox Smith, and Dori Higgons Popenoe. Leah’s life-care community, St. Andrews South, is having an Evening in Paris at which residents exhibit their own creations. Bob and Lee Horsfall Pihlcrantz live at St. Andrews North, and Leah invited them to dine and show two of Lee’s paintings. Dori is president of the American Pen Women’s Club there.

Betti Detrick Williams showed her art at two shows in Saratoga in April and will show this fall in Manchester, VT. She sold her gallery at the Cape but still sells out of it and at three galleries in New Hampshire. She paints 40 hours a week and does 17 outdoor shows in Naples. She and Donald have a summer cottage on Bow Lake in Strafford, NH, and would like visitors. Betti enjoys her two little grandchildren now that all the others are grown.

Martha Doucett Ellis moved to a nursing home in Iowa. Daughter Christine says Marty would love to hear from classmates. “My mom has shared some of her old Skidmore photos with me, and even with her limited abilities now, I can tell she still has wonderful memories of times spent at Skidmore,” says Christine. You can write to Marty at: Grandview Heights, 910 Olive St., Marshalltown, IA 50158.

Martha Dunkel Chilcott met with President Jamie Studley and Gary Smith in Tucson over a little libation. Martha visited Ann Lilley Smith in April on her way to Leadership Council at Skidmore. Evie Mitchell Blackhall was there, too. Martha wonders if we really have to wait four more years for another reunion. Evie and Mary Lou Woodruff Thompson met at the U.S. women’s senior curling competition in Philadelphia and saw Jo Whiting Lenci’s sister, Marion Whiting Brandon ’44. The weekend theme was hats, so Evie wore her red chapeau and told about our parade and read a poem. Mary Lou’s team was runner -up in the competition. She spent the month of March in Florida, where she enjoyed sunshine and golf. Ann Smith, Dunk, and Reb had a Florida beach gab fest back in November and even wore their purple shirts. Ann was off skiing with her grandkids in February; she is the chief cook and bottle washer as her skiing days are over.

Bil and Madeline Flood Peel love living on Seabrook Island, SC, and travel north about four times a year to visit their children and nine grandchildren. For their 50th anniversary, the Peels took a cruise to Bermuda.

Dick and Phyllis Harder Reininger took a trip to Australia and New Zealand. “Sixty-six hundred miles by bus!” says Phyl. They went from Melbourne to Alice Springs and Darwin, then flew to Cairns, just missing cyclone Steven. They saw the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney. They then flew to Auckland and joined another bus tour, which circumnavigated the North Island. They crossed via Cook Strait to the Southern Island, circumnavigated that, and arrived back in Auckland on Phyl’s birthday.

Mary Hazzard spent six weeks at the MacDowell Colony revising her 1961 mystery novel for a paperback reprint. Her first two books will be reissued soon under the Authors Guild on-demand Internet program The names are Close His Eyes, written under the pseudonym Olivia Dwight, and Sheltered Lives.

Adelaide Hodgman Marx takes care of her active granddaughter, 3. She and Chris took the American Orient Express train through the West last October and then headed for Europe in the spring to travel the Rhine and Danube rivers. Addie reports that Avis Day moved to Fairview Nursing Home, 203 Lowell Rd., Hudson, NH 03051. “I’m sure she would appreciate mail from classmates,” says Addie.

Marjorie Litz Burgess and Dick entertained President Jamie Studley and Gary Smith at their home on Marco Island, FL.

Jean Parmelee Sodaro is a congressional aide to Illinois Congressman Henry Hyde. After 26 years, she plans to retire when he does in 2002. She works chiefly with Medicare problems, Social Security, and veterans. Her four children live out of state—Sheri and Holly in Virginia, Jon in Florida, and Jeff in Connecticut. Her six grandchildren range in age from 27 years to 3 months. Jean was widowed in ’91 and travels a lot on holidays. She lives in Downers Grove, IL.

Joan Paxton Jameson will travel West this year—daughter Susan and family moved to Westlake Village, CA, and son Thomas left West Point for staff and command college at Fort Leavenworth.

Audrey Platt Jacobson went to Sicily in November and plans to spend a month there next February. She took some time to go to NYC and enjoy all it has to offer. Son Ben will move back East from Boulder, CO.

Rita Robenstein Vandergrift is busy traveling all over the world visiting her family for graduations, anniversaries, etc. She thanks God she is healthy and can still do it.

In Annandale, VA, Jane Robertson Kalish teaches English as a second language in a volunteer program. She and husband Bob visited NYC in April and in June visited their son and daughter-in-law in California while on their way to Hawaii.

Sally Thompson Fernald says nothing but dieting seems to occupy her thoughts.

Ellen Turner Odegaard took a Caribbean cruise with her disabled son. Ellen is overcoming her sciatica and bone damage and expected to be on the courts this summer.

Al and I have been running up to Sharon, MA, to see our No. 12 grandchild, Harry, born in April. His sister Katie, 2, is on the go all the time. We spent a day at Sturbridge, joining our friends at their hands-on Elderhostel there. We opened the country house in Damascus with no water leaks. I missed Leadership Council as I went to California to visit daughter Penny in Ventura and attend an Elderhostel there on the Internet. In May, we visited England to see Dawn’s in-laws. On June 17, I had a big informal party, at Cedar Grove Beach Club, our summer hangout, to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

We are sorry to hear of the death of Bertram Martin of Sarasota, FL, last October.

Correction: In the last issue, I re-elected Evie as class president instead of Dunk. Sorry.


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