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Peri Snyderman
121 The Crescent
Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Dorothy Forte Rotolo, husband Robert, and their children—Alexander, 14, and Christa, 11—live in Ridgefield, CT, where Dorothy substitute teaches in the public schools. Robert is CFO of a specialty chemicals company with responsibility for North and South America.

Kim Greene was unable to attend Reunion because it coincided with the end of her school year. She teaches middle school in Boulder, CO. She and husband John spent part of May in South Africa.

Lisa Kott Massirman was unable to attend Reunion because she took her mother to the French Open tennis tournament in Paris for a very special birthday present. Lisa and her mom left their husbands and Lisa’s children, Jordie and Drew, at home.

Ron and Jodi Rubinowitz Peikes announce the birth of Jonathan on July 8, 1999. He joins Katie, 6, and Samantha, 3.

Barbara Sabia and Andreas Angera announce the birth of Connor Joseph on April 19.


Elizabeth Deckenbach Felder
42 Epping Rd.
Exeter, NH 03833

In Sacramento, CA, Janet Alford Eltorai is a nurse practitioner in a substance abuse clinic. She enjoys balancing a career and family; she and husband Mahmoud have three active sons, 13, 11, and 9.

Bill and Susan Cronin Burchard live in Weston, MA, with Joe, 8, who wants to be a professional baseball player, and Molly, 6, who played DeeDee in Kathy McCrohon Kasper’s Dance Center production of Grease. Kathy has directed 15 annual spring productions.

In 1999, Donna Cutler Jones and family visited Peter ’79 and Jennifer Hills MacDonald and their two sons in Santa Fe, NM. Donna is wellness program director at Fall Mt. Regional school district in Charlestown, NH. “Lots of work,” she says, “but lots of fun doing rafting, ski, and bike trips.”

Deidre Diesing Schiela is a partner in the professional, technical, and risk and quality group of PriceWaterhouse Coopers in Stamford, CT. She is also a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s derivatives implementation group, addressing implementation issues related to the new accounting standard.

Polly Harding Dombroski is loving every minute of being unemployed. She volunteers at a charity shop, keeps busy with a quilters’ guild, and teaches bible study with a fellowship group.

John and Elizabeth Hix Colby look forward to son Cole’s second birthday in August. “He keeps us very busy and enjoys reading (looking at the pictures in) car company annual reports.

This is a busy year for Michele Kirschner Rosenbaum. Son Adam, 13, will celebrate his bar mitzvah and son Johnathan turns 10.

Melissa Milstein Jacobsen is a part-time financial consultant for her husband’s company and manages their real-estate partnership. Son Christopher, 12, and daughter Rachel, 11, keep active in theater, music, and sports.

Kitchen designer Laura Overton Gardner lives in Mystic, CT, with her children—Leigh, 12, and Andrew, 9.

Sara Whitaker purchased her first home in June 1999, “all by myself!” she says. In May, she graduated from the National Holistic Institute in the San Francisco Bay area, is now a licensed massage therapist, and loves it.

Christiane Wiese Wyckoff enjoys seeing classmates Laurie Zola Gendell and Mimi Gifford McFall. Their daughters—Carden, Erica, and Cammann—are all 7 years old and are all friends, too. The family resides in Marietta, GA.

John and Sally Zildjian Teague announce the birth of Walter Robert on Feb. 18. He joins siblings Bess, Harry, and Mina. They live in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada, where John works in Sally’s family’s business, Sabian Cymbals Ltd.


Angela Foss
371 Harvard Street, #3B
Cambridge, MA 02138

This spring, Lesa Stramondo, Judy Goldstein Landman, and I attended Leadership Council to begin planning for our 20th reunion. On Saturday, April 7, the temperature was in the mid-70s, and students were in shorts. Overnight everything changed, and we awoke on Sunday to seven inches of snow. Some things do not change. Fortunately, Skidmore too has maintained the traditions we remember while keeping pace with a changing environment. Start thinking Reunion 2002!

After 16 years of marriage, Michael and Heidi Abber Berman announce the birth of Sophie Mae in January. This year, they traded in their 300-year-old home for a new home on Marblehead Harbor. “We have a super guest room,” says Heidi, “and welcome Skidmore visitors anytime!”

Trinity Barbuto is a virtual employee for Lockheed Martin. She lives in western Massachusetts, and her employer is in New Hampshire. It was more than a year before she met any of her co-workers face to face, but her fears of not having personal contact evaporated as she got used to phone and e-mail relationships. She is currently contemplating a move to Connecticut, an easy transition when there is no job search involved.

Beth Bennington married Mark Bodenheimer on May 20. The planned a two-week honeymoon, golfing throughout Scotland in July.

William and Carolyn Cornelia Bennett live in Sandwich, MA, with their three children—Charles, Adrienne, and William.

Business major Laura Dougan Valdez earned a second bachelor’s degree, this one in child development from California State University Northridge at Channel Islands. She received a special award for community service involvement.

Lisa Fairchild Heist enjoyed being a class agent for the Annual Fund. “I was able to catch up with Bethany Novak, Liz Morell Edel, and C.C. Ryan Shay. It was so good to talk and catch up on almost 20 years. I’d love to hear from other classmates:”

Jim and Linda Friedman Lippman and their three children live in Los Angeles. “We were just completing construction of a home when it tragically burned to the ground,” says Linda. “Fortunately, our family is fine, we are counting our blessings, and will begin to rebuild sometime soon.”

Ellen Genco married Jamie Berger on July 17, 1999, in Buffalo, NY. Classmates Gail Osgood, Karen Weise Thurston, and Sally Byrnes Tanner attended. Ellen’s mother, Ann Collard Genco ’56, and aunt, Susan Collard Fanning ’59, rounded out the Skidmore crowd.

Rob and Victoria Pas Ross have three daughters—twins Kathryn and Christine, 10, and Cara, 7. Victoria is a wine consultant, selling to hotels, clubs, and restaurants. She sees Laura Knoll Roberts, who has her own public relations firm.

Lance and Cathy Schwab Prichard love coastal Maine, where they work hard to improve the local children’s museum. They have two children—Hunter, 10, and Chadwick, 8—who bring them great joy. The family enjoys travel during school vacations.

Before they turn 40 in November, Elizabeth Sweet Dowling and Ivy Becker Schaeffler plan to go to Canyon Ranch to ease the pain with a few beauty treatments.

Chris Wurster reports that he is “still fighting it out in the trenches of Wall Street during the week.” However, his weekends sound pretty exciting: he is a skydiving instructor at Blue Sky Ranch in Gardiner, NY. He claims to enjoy “remaining out on the fringe and living a quiet life.”


Jennifer Orvis Jordan
3220 Nan Pablo Drive
Melbourne, FL 32934

Samuel Friedlander married Amy Perez on May 13. Sam is associate counsel of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in Manhattan, an organization of state insurance regulators. Amy is vice president at Chase Manhattan Bank, where she manages, which provides overnight delivery of foreign currency to travelers.

Peter and Jamie Lebovitz Applefield have two daughters—Lily, 5, and Caroline, 2. Jamie owns three stores with her sister and brother-in-law—a children’s store and surf shop in Palm Beach, FL, and another in West Palm.

Sara Mines Fusco lives in San Francisco, where she manages husband Brian’s contracting business. They have two kids—a daughter, 10, and son, 6.

Wendy Pollack Isaacs lives in Allentown, PA with husband Carl and daughters Shayna, 8, and Kayla, 6. After a few years as a full-time mom, Wendy started a children’s gift and party favor business. She hand-paints and personalizes the gifts, putting her art education to good use. “After a successful four years of working and mothering,” says Wendy, “I put my store online ( Now that my children are in school all day, juggling work and parenting (oops, I mean chauffeuring) is easier!”

Vladimir and Barbara Sokol Rtishchev announce the birth of Nathan Maxwell on May 24, 1999.


Catey Heller Terry
806 Again St.
Columbia, MO 65203

Ted Bernson owns three Gold’s Gyms in New Hampshire. Son Jared, 4, already pumps iron.

Gregory and Katherine Johnson Vanderhorst announce the birth of Jack Parker on Feb. 10. He joins Samantha, 2, and Gregory, 3. Katherine is director of sales for Staff Builders Home Health TLC Inc. in Buffalo, NY.

Jeffery Maron is vice president of content and business development for MoneyLine, a leading provider of electronic trading applications and financial content.

Robert and Catie McCormack Totman announce the birth of Blanche Elizabeth on Aug. 24, 1999. She joins sister Grace, 3.

Deborah Stein Norden and family enjoy suburban living in Alpine, NJ. Nicholas, 9, is on traveling soccer and baseball teams, and Erik, 6, attends school with Carolyn Riecker Haarklou’s twins, Peter and Matthew. Carolyn also has two daughters—Hannah, 10, and Micah, 8.

Anne Zebrowski Davison is vice president and group accounting supervisor at Integrated Communications, an advertising agency in Parsippany, NJ. Husband Glenn is a podiatrist in Union. Son Isaac is 1.


Anne Gunnarson Hampton
6994 Meadowpoint Terr.
New Market, MD 21774

Kirk and Martha Christy Shimcall announce the birth of Clark on March 21, 1999. Martha works in the field of mediation and facilitation.

Jamie Clare is an attorney in New Jersey. He sends greetings to Keith Jenkins.

Check out the artwork of Norwood Creech at

Tibbie Dunbar and husband John Falls announce the birth of Lillyanna Robertson on Aug. 28, 1999.

Dan Englander moved from the Berkshires to Boston, where he is a Web-site architect at, a technology event company which puts on trade shows like Comdex, Seybold, and NetWorld+Interop. He enjoys what he does, and it is the realization of a complete career change he started in 1994. Dan can be e-mailed at or through the Web site

Joan and Michael Galkin announce the birth of Andrew Brett on Dec. 14, 1999.

Nelle Hotchkiss is senior vice president of corporate relations at North Carolina Electric Membership Corp. in Raleigh, NC. She says it’s a great job, and she loves Raleigh. Nelle saw Carrie Grady while in Richmond, VA.

Betsy Laux Folkerth and husband Andrew have two children—Lindsey, 10, and Connor, 8—one dog, two cats, and one horse. In April, Betsy began Star Physical Therapy.

Missy Miller divides her time between two passions—art (painting and freelance design) and horses (a thoroughbred and a warmblood).

Marianne Morgan married Greg Paolini on Jan. 9, 1999. In December, they bought a home in Norwalk, CT, and in February got a puppy. Greg is an electrical engineer, who graduated from Rensselaer in 1983.

Susan Mroczynski Valentino and Liz Cowey LaCause had a mini-reunion at Sue’s house in Westfield, NJ. With husbands Carl and John and children Carl Jr. and Olivia and Sarah and Michael, they had fun reminiscing and looking over old photo albums together.

Susan Mueller Arrowsmith is senior vice president at Lowe Enterprises Mid-Atlantic Inc., a national commercial real-estate pension fund advisory firm. She lives in Bethesda, MD.

Nick Stuccio turned the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and Shut Up & Dance into fixtures of the city’s cultural landscape. He is credited with solving the many financial and organizational challenges of these annual events.

In April, Tara Swinchatt became an EMS administrator in western Massachusetts. “Another move,” says Tara, “after I just found the perfect apartment in December.”

After 12 years of practicing psychotherapy, Geoff Zeger put his clinical work on hold to return to an original passion—he attends NYU’s Actors’ Studio M.F.A. program.


Anne Chorske Stuzin
206 Ridgewood Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21210

Michelle Covello married Dan Moran on Sept. 11, 1999. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at a friend’s 130-acre horse farm near Rhinebeck, NY. Skidmore guests included Kevin and Jane Zoidis Quinn with three-week-old Thomas (how sweet of him to come a little early so Jane could make the wedding), Mark Baumgarten and wife Annie, Marc Travis, Doug MacKinnon, Stephen Spodick and wife Kathy, Ted West and wife Sarah Watson, Barb Short ’87 (who also read at the ceremony), and Jackie Delaney Gaylord ’87. After their honeymoon in Ireland, Michelle decided it was time for a job change. In January, she became the project manager for medical publishing products at Kaplan Educational Center’s corporate office. She really enjoys the job, especially the travel perks. A business trip to Washington, DC, enabled her to visit the Wests and MacKinnons. More importantly, she met Doug’s new daughter, Lauren, who was born around Thanksgiving.

Deborah Foulke Waldbillig is a general partner for Hodgson Russ Andrews Woods and Goodyear in Boca Raton, LA.

In May, Steve and Karen Kells Corby moved from Washingtonville, NY, to a new home in Cornwall. Karen enjoys staying at home with Sam, 4, and William, 2.

In 1999, Paula Kurata earned an M.B.A. in international marketing from Loyola Marymount University.

John and Kathy Dick Nye live in South Orange, NJ, with their children Tupper and Hannah. John is director of American furniture and decorative arts at Sotheby’s in NYC.

In April, Will Pouch, owner of Esperanto, a Caroline Street restaurant, visited campus to participate in the Real World Program, a conference sponsored by the Student Alumni Society, at which alumni speak to students preparing to make the transition from campus to real life.

Sandra Rogers’s dissertation was on repetitive strain injury and its relation to pianists. She earned an Ed.D. in music education from Teachers College in February 1999. Sandra teaches piano on the Upper West Side and is executive director of the Adamant Music School, a summer piano school in Vermont.

Brad and Christina Angelides Zola ’87 and children Austin, 4, and Isabelle, 3, recently had dinner with Pam and Robert Spellman and children Mary 5, Anna, 3. They all look forward to more reunions.


Jennifer Weisberg Millner
45 W. Long Dr.
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Brian and Anika Brand Hastings announce the birth of Ani Sky on March 2.

Artist Elise Church lives in Brooklyn.

Jim Doern’s law practice continues to grow and do well. He enjoys being city court judge in Saratoga Springs.

Karen Fritz, assistant professor of history at Victoria College in Texas, visited Skidmore to speak at the induction of current history students into Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honor society. She earned a Ph.D. from Louisiana State.

Christina Green married Lloyd Gerry on April 29. She is a partner in Dauphin, a jewelry design concern in NYC; he is an associate at the Sonenblick-Goldman, a real-estate investment bank.

Stephen and Stephanie Neveleff Rockmacher announce the birth of Jacob Bradley on March 13. He joins Jeremy and Abigail.

Robert and Laura Shippee Hart have three children—Emma, 5, Eva, 4, and Robert, 2.

Dana Tashnick is a designer for Dehn’s Flowers in Saratoga Springs.

Elizabeth and Robert Vetromile announce the birth of Alison last fall. She joins brother Samuel, 4.

Michael and Laura Werden Keller announce the birth of Ava Pryor on Oct. 20, 1999. They live in San Francisco, where Laura has a Web boutique called, and Michael is vice president of marketing for Jamba Juice.

Sally Whitman married David Coleman on June 3. Sally received a Fulbright grant to live in Belgium during the 2000-01 academic year to work on her dissertation, which is on 15th-century Flemish artist Hans Memling. She is working toward a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Texas at Austin. David, also a Ph.D. student at UT, will travel to Belgium with her.


Beth Skudder
40 Jones Park Dr.
Riverside, CT 06878

Caroline Baltzer lives in Boston and loves being a private-practice psychologist in Harvard Square.

Eric Bergman married Andrea Harren-Dechenne ’90 on May 26, 1999, in Portland, OR. Eric is a software development manager at Information Builders in NYC. The couple lives in Princeton, NJ.

Anita Cococcia Stoeppelwerth lives in Manasquan, NJ, and teaches Spanish at an elementary school in Spring Lake. Anita attends Monmouth University for a master’s in Spanish literature. Daughter Pilar, 4, keeps her busy, too.

Leslie Costello Skae enjoys being home with son Ryan, 2, and being back in the classroom as she completes a master’s in art education at New York University. Husband Peter created a new company, Skae Power Solutions, which keeps them busy.

Miriam Davis-Doern continues to provide therapy for emotionally disabled high-school students in a special BOCES school in Saratoga. Daughter Lily fell in love with the NYC Ballet last summer and even visited the Dance Museum!

Phil and Leah Devlin DeCaro have three children—Carson, 5, Callie, 4, and Molly, 2. They live in Rye, NY.

Josh Dorman had a solo show at the Allen Sheppard Gallery in Piermont, NY, this spring. “After years of applying for grants and such, I had some luck,” says Josh. “I painted a lifesize reclining fiberglass cow in my studio. She’ll was then placed in NYC in June for a month or so, then auctioned for charity.”

Kitty Douglas and Mark Sargent announce the birth of Owen Douglas on Feb. 29.

Anne Marie Gallerani Lattanzio had her knee reconstructed, the one she damaged while playing soccer her junior year at Skidmore. “This isn’t the best way to take a vacation,” says Anne.

Jonathan Gat is active in the Los Angeles Venture Association and Venice Interactive Community on two dot-com advisory boards, and a board member of the California Venture Forum and of the New World Symphony Orchestra.

Jennifer Hill Thorne is head of the accounting office at Signs Now Inc. Husband Greg is a building engineer for USBank. They live in Gresham, OR, where son Nathan will enter first grade and Nicky, 4, loves camping and hiking.

Carl and Robin Hopfner Watson announce the arrival of their best Christmas present ever: Carl John, born Dec. 22, 1999.

Amylou Porter is director of operations for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra.

Emily Stulman left her extremely lucrative (and stressful) glamour job selling high-end boutique wine to restaurants to build a holistic health counselor and wellness coach practice. Emily lives in the Chelsea area of Manhattan and offers free one-hour consultations. Her e-mail address is Emily keeps in touch with Zack Salino ’86, Diana Degnan Thorson ’87, and Rob Kelly ’87.

Mary Alice and Thomas Trbovich announce the birth of Mary Patricia on Jan. 27, 1999. Thomas is an assistant district attorney in Erie County, NY.


Cynthia Urick Stickles
282 Brookline Street
Hawthorne, NY 10532

Noah and Robin Forester Kauff announce the birth of Alexander Landon on Sept. 11, 1999. Robin left her job as a development officer at Columbia University Health Sciences in February to be a full-time mom. Noah is looking for a new job in obstetrics and gynecology, and they hope to stay in the tri-state area. They Kauffs visited Boston and saw Leslie Burt Bell and son Christopher.

After living abroad for 11 years in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Warsaw, Poland, Rachel Freeman is happy to be back in NYC. She lives in “a shoebox” in the West Village and writes dialogue for linguistic robots for an Internet and software company.

Alix Kruger will attend the University of Vermont-Middlebury for a master’s in physical therapy.

Jennifer Legge Barroll is an interior designer in Baltimore. Daughter Selden, 5, and son Bobby, 2, keep life “crazily busy, but wonderful,” says Jennifer.

Garry and Angela Mata Simpson announce the birth of Katherine Jean on Oct. 19, 1999. She joins brother Nicholas, 3. The family lives in Westport, CT.

In June, Diana Perry completed a fellowship at the Harvard program in newborn medicine. “Finally,” says Diana, “medical training is over!” In July, she became associate director of the special-care nursery at the Salem (MA) Hospital and is the attending neonatologist at Massachusetts General and Brigham Women’s hospitals in Boston.

After moving to Rhode Island in 1997, Julie Racette married Rick Lepore and gained “two stepsons, a great dog, and a new house,” says Julie. She is a reading specialist for K-3 students in Warwick.

Karen Soltys Quinn enjoys being a stay-at-home mom with son Jack, 2. Karen stays in touch with Jody Breneman Sprankle, who has a daughter, Zoe, 2.

Jesse Stovin is development executive for Gullane Pictures in Santa Monica, CA, an international TV and film production company, which specializes in family and children’s programming. “We have a feature film, Thomas and the Magic Railroad, being released this summer and starring Alec Baldwin, Peter Fonda, and Mara Wilson. It is based on our biggest property, the Thomas the Tank Engine stories. We expect it to be a huge success (fingers crossed),” says Jesse.

Sam Turner and wife Anne Cassidy announce the birth of Grace Crawford on Nov. 19, 1999. The family lives in Sonoma, CA.

Ed and I announce the birth of Shannon Rose on April 9.


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