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Summer 2001

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Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

At Commencement this spring, Amy Wachenheim ’01 became the third Skidmore grandchild of the late Betty Lewis Wachenheim. Amy, Lance Wachenheim ’85, and Kim Wachenheim Wagman ’88 are the children of Betty’s son, Edgar, a trustee of the college.


Helen Cole Netter

Condolences to the family of Barbara Dantzler, who died in June 2000.


Marjorie Yetter Walls

Janet MacFarlane Cooley is living in Friendship Village, a retirement community in Tempe, AZ.

Arlene Magaw schedules docents for a museum and historic site near her home. Arlene, who has been researching her ancestry, traces her lineage back to Irish immigrants who arrived in America in 1630.

Peg McKim Young has moved to a nursing home in Petersboro, NH. Although physically quite well, Peg requires more care than family members are able to provide.

Alice Hand Kelly, who celebrated her 90th birthday in October 2000, says that her only complaint is that “arthritis is cramping my style.” She enjoyed a visit from her grandson and his family in July.

Condolences to the family of Beatrice Millar Schneider, who passed away in June 2000.

We also extend our sympathies to the family of Edna Birtwistle Turner, who died in December 2000.

Condolences to the family of Janet Miller Robinson, who died in April. Daughter Heather Robinson Thorp ’60 writes that her mother “was pleased that President Moore was there when her daughter entered Skidmore, and was thrilled to be on campus last May to witness the graduation of her granddaughter, Caitlin Robinson ’00. ”


Sarah Miller Curtin

Our sympathies to the family of Margaret Phillips Kellerman, who died in 1994.

Condolences, also, to the family of Elizabeth Goodrich Fry, who died in March.


Elizabeth Norlander Newell

I received these wonderful observations from classmates concerning our octogenarian status: “I feel more like my own grandmother every day” and “I move to the music of Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.” Anyone have other comments?

Jessie Rathbone Froemke suffered a broken hip in early December. Although recovering slowly, she is in very good spirits.

Nancy Snow LaFrance has acquired two new hips and while no longer a world traveler, she continues to enjoy short trips throughout the U.S.

Alice Furbish Kerr stays fit by walking and swimming. She sends greetings to all.

Beth Twiggar Goff had a minor cardiac procedure in February and is feeling better.

Sadly, we note the death of Esther Ferguson Edelen on September 27, 2000. We remember Fergie’s quiet poise seasoned with a delightfully dry humor and her warm and friendly greeting whenever our paths crossed. Our sympathy goes out to her husband, Montague, daughter Ruth, and son John.

Anne Haggerty Eagar died on October 3, 2000. Anne always had seemingly boundless energy, a quick and friendly smile, and was ever helpful to those around her. We send our condolences to her daughter, Ellen, and her son, John.


Enid Kay Schiff

Dot Whipple Burger was thrilled that so many “chicks of ’36” made it to their 65th reunion.

Condolences to Jane Kellogg Willey, whose husband, Clarence, died in April.


Agnes Dunn Mackenzie

Kathrine Russell ’01 is the second Skidmore grandchild of the late Ruth Schneider Russell. Kathrine’s brother is Benjamin Russell ’98.

Connie Messler Sharman is interested in corresponding with classmates via the Internet. You can contact her at sharman@clara.co.uk.


Betty Hale Hale

Our sympathies to the family of Dorothea Outt Calkins, who died in 1990, and also to the family of Babette Judson Egger, who died in January.


Betty Jones Stern

“Beware of the brown recluse spider!” exhorts Irma Newman Golden, who had a traumatic reaction from the bites of two of them. She was hospitalized in October 1999 with infections and other severe problems associated with the venom, for which there is no antidote. After 12 days in the hospital, she came home with the infections under control. She continues to have some residual weakness and lack of appetite but expects full recovery in due time. Irma’s condo complex, located in Burlingame, CA, has now initiated periodic spider control measures, after a member of the condo’s board endured a similar experience.

Over the past year, Inda Hughes Smith visited friends and relatives in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including a stop to see her brother and his family on Cape Cod. She also spent 10 days over last Thanksgiving in Palm Springs, CA.

Bob and Libby Webster Simmons continue to spend summers in their vacation home on Cape Cod. Daughter Susan is a lawyer and her husband is professor of archeology at Harvard. Daughter Jenifer, a Harvard graduate, is studying for an M.A. at Oxford. Son Christopher lives and works a short distance from their home in Radnor, PA.

The class extends condolences to the families of Jane Trumbull Friedrich, who died April 12, 2000, and Ruth Olson Coltman, who died December 31, 2000.


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