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Genevieve Oliver Littlefield

The fourth-worst winter on record in Maine was followed by a late but lovely spring. My old house was surrounded by piles of snow and daffodils trying to bloom in spite of the white stuff.

Jane VanAlst Bonnert has been out of touch over the winter due to a nasty spinal injury which resulted in herniated discs. Epidural shots have proven unsuccessful and her doctor now suggests surgery.

Recent Skidmore graduate Deborah Siegel ’01 is the granddaughter of Nancy Mergentime Silverman.

Miss Charlotte had a new hip installed in January. She was able to travel to Chapel Hill, NC, where her son and his family live. She happily returned to Baton Rouge in March, where she is as involved as ever. She says that she is now agreeable to having the other hip done!

Louise Beinetti Wise spent February in Captiva, FL, and had “the best time ever” there. Bennie is the proud mother of Tony Wise, offensive line coach for the Miami Dolphins. Bennie joined Betsey Low ’03, great-niece of the late Verginia Robinson, and Betsey’s parents for lunch in April. We are sure that Jinny would have been very pleased.


Miriam Ogden Cudmore

There are times when, as they say, “No news is good news.” Look for a report on our 60th reunion in the next issue.


Julianne Oppenheimer Lewis

Ellie Sloss Schatz celebrated her 80th birthday with a cruise to Alaska, accompanied by daughter Adrian and her husband and Ellie’s four grandchildren.

Rose Greenblatt’s grandson graduated from the University of Michigan in May.

Condolences to Nancy Jack Bell, whose husband of 56 years, Robert, died on January 18.


Mary Sinon Sayer

After many months in Florida, Debby Cook Benedict is happy to be with family again in Rochester, NY. She sends greetings to “Muzzy, Jackie, Sine, and Mary Lib.”

Condolences to the family of Grace Rosen Magill, who died on February 21.


Barbara Conlon Bulger

Marguerite Bugbee Fisher encourages all ’44ers to “stay in tip-top shape, be well, and keep smiling.”

Edie DeMott Hutchison and husband Duy met Charlie and Patsy Speer in NYC last fall for dinner and a show. Edie and Duy also traveled to Portugal via Spain earlier this year, which Edie describes as “a wonderful experience.”

Peggy Fiero Stone is still happily married to her husband of 57 years, Charles, and lives in Plant City, FL, where the couple has been enjoying retirement for over 20 years. Peggy plays lots of golf and is active in community affairs.

Nancy MacGilpin Garrison and husband George hosted a family reunion last November to celebrate George’s 80th birthday, attended by over 26 family members, many of whom had not seen each other in five years. The couple later visited Scottsdale, AZ, to spend time with daughter Susan Garrison Liming ’75 and family, continuing on to San Diego to visit son Peter.

Gertrude Osterhouldt Cooke, who left Skidmore after her freshman year to follow her family west, earned a B.F.A. at the University of Illinois and married Bob Cooke, a petroleum engineer, with whom she made homes in Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Surrey, England. They now spend time with family and play golf. Buff has fond memories of her year living on Spring Street and sends greetings to classmates De De Boles Crowley, Saudi Spooner Walker, Hebbie Hebden Avery, Molly Riemer Lacey, Betty Dornheim, and Bobbie Van Radte. Buff’s address is 2519 Humble Street, Midland, TX 79705-8407.

Kyle Gardner Morrison ’01, grandson of a proud Elizabeth Cone Gardner, graduated in May, with Libby, Clint, and other family members in attendance.

Elaine Sugarman Winnett continues to play music and teaches adult music-listening classes in Highland Park, NJ. She rounds out her schedule with a weekly reading group and frequent contact with daughter Susan and grandson Noah, who live in Germany, and with son Steve and grandson Isaiah, who reside in Concord, NH.


Olga Massimiano Gigante

Jean Kalter Maguire moved off a barrier island to mainland Sarasota two years ago. She loves the old-style single family homes in her neighborhood and the proximity of attractions like the University of South Florida and the Asolo Theater Center. In May, Jean toured Ireland with her youngest daughter.

Barbara Mirsky Baker’s husband, Bernie, has been living with Parkinson’s disease for the past two years. With Barbara’s help, he has formed a 200-member chapter of a Parkinson’ s support group in South Palm Beach, FL.

Gladys Bradshaw Dainko continues to volunteer at the Brookfield Zoo near her home in Riverside, IL, and is delighted with its addition of a baby gorilla and polar bear this year. This summer she attended Skidmore’s Judaic Studies Program for the third consecutive year.

Our sympathies go out to Janet Kenyon Gilliland, who husband, Robert, died in December 2000.

Condolences to Ruth Nutt Lamb, whose husband of 53 years, Peter, died on January 18.

We also extend condolences to the families of Priscilla St. Clair Green and Kathryn Fehr Martin, both of whom died on March 8.


Miriam Blechman Grimes

Peg Wenzelberger Robeson and husband Harold traveled to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands in the spring.

Faith Hope Barnard spent a few weeks in Key West “sitting” for her 1-year-old granddaughter. She has 11 grandchildren, 10 of whom live in Chicago. She and Dave spent April and May in New Orleans in pursuit of jazz music. Dave volunteers as a proxy grandfather to a five-year-old boy and enjoys the challenge.

Faith stays in touch with Andrea Flynn McCarthy. Pete’s husband, John, laughed when Faith called and asked to speak to “Pete” —she is “Andrea” these days. They have two sons, one of whom resides in California and the other nearby in Florida. Pete teaches stained-glass making at a local church.

Joy Miller Brown’s 17-year-old grandson, Timothy, who attends a boarding school in Alexandria, VA, was one of 40 students to staff metal detectors at the opening inaugural ceremonies for President George W. Bush at the Lincoln Memorial, where he was able to get a glimpse of the new president.

Ellen Hinds McGrath hopes that she will have more grandchildren before she is “too old to rock them.” Ellen, who has been caring for her handicapped husband for the past 16 years, is grateful that all three of her children and two grandchildren live nearby.

Reflecting on her Skidmore years, Lois Lunsford Corbin writes, “My debt to Skidmore is incalculable. Truly, I think I’m more grateful to Skidmore now than I was then. The faculty, including Kitty Reid, Julie Hysham, Nina Pierce, Grace Cockroft, and Alice Warren, to name but a few, gave me the tools to satisfy my curiosity—indeed, they gave me the curiosity! ”

Jinnie Copithorne Pollin joined husband Jack in celebrating a 55th jubilee commemorating his graduation from West Point by sailing along the southern coast of South America, around Cape Horn from Valpariso, Chile, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, last year.

Betty Bryan Rosenbaum does heart rehab exercises for a past problem. Daughter Paula, who “finally tired of back-to-schooling,” works for a drug company as an epidemiologist.

Dorothy VanLiew Ognibene reminisces, “I think of Skidmore often. Those were the years during World War II when we girls would walk into the drugstore and order a round of ginger ale! Yes, the men were in the Service. That meant that Mr. Bullard, who had a fruit and vegetable farm nearby, went to the Dean and asked if she could announce that those girls who would stay part of the summer could help with the farm.” Dorothy has vivid memories of the bunk house Mr. Bullard built for them and the pickup truck he would drive to pick them up each morning.

Rae Eno Werner finds it hard to believe that she has lived in Savannah, GA, for nine years. She volunteers making flower arrangements in a local hospital shop. She is also active in her church and enjoys golf and bridge. She takes an annual August trip to Wrightsville Beach, NC, with her three children and grandkids.

Louise Bossler Cervon was delighted by the birth of her first grandchild, Matthew Paul, to son Larry and wife Kathleen, in Wellsley, MA, last April. Louise has a new winter address: 3700 S. Ocean Blvd., Apt. 608, Highland Beach, Florida 33487.

Joan Case Fabian and her husband have elected to move into a low-maintenance ranch style home, and spend their winters in a condo in Boynton Beach, FL. She has a variety of health problems but is enjoying their 11 grandchildren immensely. Their youngest daughter has moved to Chicago, where her husband is a doctor. She and Dick have found it a wonderful city to visit.

Rita Figarsky Feigenbaum volunteers in the Judaica collection of the Florida Atlantic University library in Boca Raton, where she is assisting the staff in recording and sorting objects in the collection.

Selma Blank Hacker lost her husband last July. We send her our deepest sympathy. Her son, Mark, is a senior partner in a NYC law firm. Daughter Wendy has long been living in Canada. Wendy’s son is working on a Ph.D. in art history at the University of Chicago.

Margaret Dolan Bultman’s granddaughter Sari Bultman ’01 graduated in May. Marge’s other Skidmore connections are daughter Carol Bultman Hadden ’78 and son-in-law Robert Hadden ’80.


Jane Geibel Morton

Although several back surgeries have put a damper on the activities of Chris Aronson, she is still enjoying her children and grandchildren.

Our sympathies to Dorothy Dutton Donahue and her husband, Douglas, on the death of their oldest daughter, Darby Ann, on January 24.

Condolences to Mary Ann Murphy, whose husband died in December 1999.


Esther Anderson Lacey

Gladys Gillman Taylor completed her 13th year as local coordinator for a free tax preparation service sponsored by AARP. An IRS-certified volunteer, she supervises volunteers at 13 sites. Gladys says, “It is the most challenging and rewarding volunteer work that I have ever done.” She celebrated the end of tax season by flying to Spain to spend two weeks with son John and his family, who were vacationing in Europe.

Although Billie Stein Tisch’s husband Larry has passed on the Loews’s mantle to the next generation, Larry still goes to the office every day. They take pride in having reared children who are productive, community-minded, and good parents. She and Larry have 14 grandchildren, including one who is out of college and working, four presently in college, and the rest scattered in age from 3 to 16. Billie continues her service as a Skidmore trustee.

Jean Schnabel Bailey and her husband have moved to Alpine, TX, about 100 miles north of the Big Bend National Park and 25 miles from Fort Davis National Historic Site. Jean welcomes visits from classmates traveling through the area. She can be contacted at dougbaileyus@yahoo.com.

Bernice Warr Williams traveled to Bolivia with local birders to observe bird species in the Andes. Of special interest to Bernie was sighting totora reed boats on Lake Titicaca, a vessel that was the prototype for Thor Hyerdal’s Kon Tiki. Prior to her departure, Bernie joined Donna Hornsby Montgomery and husband Tom for lunch in Naples, FL, along with Margaret Hotaling Miller and Don and Jeanne Herrup Elman and Marshall. The group had a great time, filled with good conversation about Skidmore days.

Anita Crawford Thomas insists that she feels better at 75 than she did at 40. She is having a wonderful time participating in community theater and is surprised that she “can remember all those lines.” Anita also busies herself with swimming, strength training, reading to second graders, and singing in a choral group that gives concerts in nursing homes.

Elizabeth VanNess Reid continues to direct several choral groups in the Boston area, including the New Sound Assembly Chorus, a barbershop group consisting of 25 men. The chorus, under Tibby’s direction, was chosen to perform the national anthem at the Boston Celtics game on March 7!

Jill Burnside Zeno remains a staunch volunteer for the Art Institute of Chicago, where she has given her time for the past 20 years. Son Doug lives in Denver, CO, and his brother Jeff resides in Southern California. Besides visiting family, Jill traveled to England for two weeks last year to visit good friends in Shropshire, a part of England she especially loves. Jill also enjoyed her annual two-week retreat to Grand Cayman for sea, sun, and sand.

Phyllis Mittag Hall sends greetings from the foothills of the Sierras, where she and her husband were house-bound for two days this winter due to an unusually heavy snowfall. The couple met Regina DiPirro Colantuono in San Jose, CA, this spring, and spent four fun-filled days in Carmel together.

Marjorie West Bahlke attended a Skidmore luncheon in Boca Raton hosted by President Studley. Marjorie had a wonderful time catching up with Susanne Lutz Dean and Bernice vonLenz Lochridge. Bernie has been a Florida resident since last November, when she moved to Palm Beach Gardens from Chicago. She loves her new community.

Evy Burns Stewart ran into Bernie Lochridge when Evy and husband Harold were en route to a cruise in January. When they returned to Florida, the couple played in a member-guest golf tournament with Grace Brill Wheeler ’47 and her husband, Jim.

Scottie Scott Waples and her husband became permanent residents of Rehoboth Beach, DE, last September, where they live just one block from the ocean. The Wapleses cruised the Aegean and Mediterranean seas this spring, stopping in Istanbul, the Greek islands, and Rome.

Carol Lipman Ackerman and husband Marshall rebuilt their mountain top home in Santa Barbara, CA, which had been virtually destroyed by fire last year. Despite that setback, Carol still “glories in the challenges and rewards of the area.” She is involved with the Santa Barbara Symphony, the American Institute of Wine and Food (along with neighbor Julia Child), and UC-Santa Barbara.

Sally Cheney Buell and husband Art took a two-week tour of the southern U.S. in early spring, making a stop in Amelia Island, GA, where they visited Sally Wickstrom Poole and Ed.

Dee Dion Hardie and Tom took their two granddaughters, Meriwether, 14, and Charlotte, 12, to Europe this summer, spending a week on the QE2, a week in London, and a week in Paris.

Suzanne Davis Sutton spent a weekend with her 1944 Spring Street roommate, Betty Fountain, at Suzanne’s Coldwater Canyon home outside Beverly Hills, CA.

Marion Miner Heddy’s son was married for the first time at the age of 50 to his high school sweetheart in Seal Beach, CA, in April. Marion and her husband subsequently went to New Jersey for a senior golf event, lingering on the East Coast to attend another wedding and visit family.

Patricia Devault Vickers spent months recovering from surgery and undergoing physical therapy after tearing her rotator cuff while walking her daughter’s 100-pound dog. The dog bolted ahead suddenly, pulling Pat and causing the injury. Pat will travel to Germany in October for two months to visit her daughter—she plans on leaving the dog at home under the care of her granddaughter!

Martha Blomberg Beery took a spring break cruise with her daughter, granddaughter, and a college friend. She took the opportunity to visit old school friends along the way.

Kay Smith Parkhurst visited Northwestern University, where her granddaughter is doing an internship with the Chicago Lyric Opera. Kay was treated to a tour of the magnificent edifice and even got to take a bow from the enormous stage.

Mary Freudenheim Hodes and husband Donald have moved from Lake Worth to Boynton Beach, FL, where they operate an import consulting business from their home.

Muriel Keema Flood and the “Libby House gang” convened for a mini-reunion over Mother’s Day weekend in Avalon, NJ, where they rented a huge eight-bedroom house two blocks from the ocean. Alumnae in attendance, accompanied by their husbands, were Muriel, Mary Jane Baker Macartney, Natalie Marks Emil, Marie Ryder Riley, Margaret Hotaling Miller, Elouise Kenworthy Spelbrink, Patricia Malmar Almond, and Donna Hornsby Montgomery.

Joan Theobald Mitchell and husband Bill went on “spring break” at Hilton Head, SC. While there, they were joined by Marjorie West Bahlke and her husband, Bill, for a few days. Joan appreciates the many thoughts and condolences from her classmates after the death of their daughter last November.


Betty Jones Stern

Nancy Hosking, who was married on January 13 to Alan Junkins, lives in York, ME. Her e-mail is nanjunkins@aol.com. The newlyweds, who honeymooned on the Spanish Riviera, returned home to the task of combining two households. Nancy and Alan welcome visitors.

Margery Heilbronner Becker connected with Nancy Hare Dunn and Beulah Schwarcz Edwards and their husbands while in Florida.

Mary Hazzard Swiggart’s son, Bill, has three children, lives in Cambridge, and shares a Boston law firm with a partner. Daughter Catherine has a Ph.D. in English, teaches at Willamette College in Oregon, is a published poet, and edits the online Electronic Poetry Review. Mary’s four novels can be purchased online at Amazon.com and Universe.com.

Florence Steinberg Ackerman welcomed twin grandsons, born to younger son Roger and his wife, Denise, last June. The fraternal twins attended the seder that Denise hosted for the family this spring.

Carol Thomas Morgan is pleased with the new look of Scope. She and Leah Cunningham Wood and Chuck spent time together on Oneida Lake for lunch and reminiscing. She has eight grandchildren who visit her often at the lake. Son John lives in Warren, NJ, and daughter Cindy lives in West Gilgo Beach, Long Island.

Mary Mitchell Durland has been visiting the East and West Coasts seeing her children. We were sorry to hear that her husband, Jim, passed away this past November. We will miss him at our reunions.

Sadly, we have lost Donna Bazelon Miller, Barbara Couch Rupnow, and Betty Ann Malloy Molter over the past year. Carol Morgan notes that she is glad that Betty Ann was able to attend her 50th reunion earlier in the year that she passed away. Our condolences to all of the families.

Al and I are plodding along. We went to California to visit our daughter Penny and her boys. Dylan graduated from UC-Santa Barbara and is working in Boulder, CO, for Xylinx. Our most recent excursion was a tour of the Mississippi River in May.


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