Scope Quiz: Who, what, where?

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            From last time: Spring Quiz 2001
Barbara Cushing Schultz ’70 and John Cunningham, Skidmore’s Davidson Professor, instantly recognized themselves in this shot. Schultz says, “In 1969-70, Skidmore had a dozen or so male art students from Dartmouth, Colgate, and/or Hamilton. One night they built this meandering archway [in front of the old campus’s Clark Street Studio, says Cunningham], using principles of a geodesic dome.” Jessica Wexler Tomb ’70 adds that Cunningham’s classes “encouraged students to examine modular structures and repetitive sequences.” Schultz also remembers the response to the project: “Some of the faculty pointed out that it was refreshing to have something big and bold done by students. Generalizations followed: men’s artwork tended to be big and crude but bold, while women’s tended to pay attention to craft and beauty….”

In her 3D design class with Cunningham, Joan Halpert ’73 built ministructures from Peerless Applicator sticks. She says, “I had to buy so many boxes of them that I still have one left!”—which recently came in handy for her daughter’s seventh-grade project.