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Summer 2002

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Adele Altenburg Mardirosian

In February Jean Rowe Tourt was named Artist of the Month by the Artists Guild of Anna Maria Island in Holmes Beach, FL. A retired public health nurse, she enjoys capturing local marine vistas in watercolor.


Patricia Bryant Koedding

While traveling in London this spring, Barbara Freedman Wolfson visited with Londoner Dorothy McKevitt Leason. Bobbi, who can’t locate her 1951 copy of Eromdiks, wonders if anyone might have accidentally picked it up during a reunion planning session held at the Surrey in September 2000.

Boston residents Camille Christian Malamud and husband William are on a trip to northern Italy with an Elderhostel group this summer and attending their daughter’s wedding in England.

Joyce Hansel Housman enjoyed a lovely spring evening with President Jamienne S. Studley and the Bandersnatchers, Skidmore’s all-male a cappella group, in Vero Beach, FL. With the recent influx of so many “Skiddies” to the area, notes Joyce, “an alumni club may be in the works.”

Charlotte Heavens Bruins has given up on New England weather and moved to Port St. Lucie, FL, where she is adjusting to “life in the sun.” She too saw President Studley and the Bandersnatchers, in Sarasota.

New homeowners Carl DeSantis and wife Barbara Ettinger ’75 love their digs at the Sea Oaks development in Vero Beach, FL, and invite classmates to “come down and see us.”

Murray Barlett Douglas is on the lecture circuit, talking to interior designers in San Francisco, Chicago, and Philadelphia for the Royal Oak Foundation, which presented her with its “Timeless Design” award.

Our own superwoman Ann Hammel Kahl captured first place in the Orlando Grand Prix runners series, coming in first for her age division in eight separate races. Ann, an accomplished calligrapher, does special lettering for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Inge Jensen Brown and Ethel “Eddie” Leete Rabin enjoyed a mini-reunion last summer. Earlier this year, Eddie’s youngest daughter, Julie, was married and honeymooned in Ireland.

With six children and 13 grandchildren, life is never dull for Sally Quincy Hartshorn. Although husband Stan required triple-bypass surgery and an aortic valve replacement this year, he is doing well.

Marylyn Taylor Mooney and husband Ed spent a weekend with Joan Kreuser Noone and husband Roger in Venice, FL, this spring. The foursome was also on hand to meet President Studley at the Sarasota alumni event and discovered that the lead Bandersnatcher has skied with Lyn’s grandson. Joan and Lyn enjoyed some time sketching together during the visit.

Joan O’Neill Grady was sorry to have missed our reunion last May; she enjoys wearing the Skidmore golf shirt sent to her by Joan Kreuser Noone!

Anne Hardman Allen lives near four grandchildren, ages 7 to 12, who are “great fun.” Hardie is chair of the Rhode Island Council on the Arts, gives museum tours, and travels around the world. Her husband, who still practices law, came in seventh in the International Triathlon in Canada last year.

When President Jamienne S. Studley flew to Honolulu this spring, Alice Newman Fink was there to greet her. Allie was impressed with Jamie’s update on the college and “pleased that she included our little corner of the world in her travels.”

Jacquelyn White Parmele joined the Citizen Corps, a community-based emergency response and volunteer organization that was advocated by President Bush in the wake of September 11. She and her family were deeply affected by the tragedy, having lost many friends and sons of friends in the WTC attacks. Jacqueline points to “the amazing results achieved when many of our mothers came together and pitched in during WW II.”

Pat Bryant Koedding, Anne Longacre, and Sally Sloan Teaf ’50 met for lunch. The chatter was naturally about kids, grandkids, and—for Pat—retirement. Loni and Sally are still working part-time.

Liz Phillips Brisson and husband Bob took a trip to Mexico with two granddaughters this spring.

Anne Wexler, chair of Wexler & Walker Public Policy Associates— a firm that lobbies for and advises corporate clients—was profiled in the March 28 Washington Post. Asked to identify the person with whom she would most like to have lunch, Anne selected author J.K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter.


Doris Harbach Patten

Jewelry designer Arline Fisch received an honorary degree from Skidmore in May. Having pioneered the international movement embracing jewelry as an art form, she has received Fulbright and National Endowment for the Arts grants and earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Her work, sought after by distinguished 20th-century and decorative art collectors, is included in collections housed at the San Diego Historical Society, American Craft Museum in NYC, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, as well as in major museums in London, Kyoto, and the Vatican.


Elizabeth Hauser

Norma Morse Edelman’s wedding planning business is flourishing. Last year, she served as consultant for 50 weddings in the San Diego area. Norma loves to plan, decorate, and supply all the “fixings.” She frequently runs into twins Gabe Fuchs and Gerda Fuchs Rypins, who live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gabe is an accomplished artist in Benicia; Gerda teaches in a small preschool in Berkeley.

When Norma comes east to her hometown in Vermont, she often visits Nancy Angel DuBois in nearby Randolph. Nancy is very involved with her church and travels regularly to Minnesota to visit her children.

I received news that Mary Ten Broeck Stickney passed away on December 26. She was a vibrant, thoughtful member of our class.


Joanna Davenport

Despite living half a world away in China, Jill Shelling Remy keeps up with classmates by reading Scope. Jill enjoyed “an educational, inspirational, hassle-free, and just plain wonderful” trip to Thailand and Laos, where she saw temples, ruins, hill-tribe people, opium fields, the Golden Triangle, scores of monks, and thousands of tourists. In Thailand, she took an all-day boat trip to the Ang Thong national park.


Mardi Duggan Drebing

Dottie Benedict Foley enjoyed seeing 36 classmates at her 50th high-school reunion in Spencerport, NY. Dottie, who has six grandchildren aged 2 to 7 years, is still doing her artwork and “waiting to be discovered.”

Phyl Bartlett Towle retired in May; she has four children and four grandchildren.

Diane Davis Noble, who lives in Savannah Lakes Village, SC, with partner Jim, would love to see any classmates traveling that way.

Dora Gisiger McWhite and Carol Stewart Schneidewind met on Amelia Island in Florida and had fun flying a kite and convincing perplexed onlookers that the kite worked better wet. Carol is busily fundraising to preserve the 150-year-old church she attends in Brunswick, ME.

Glenna Green Citrin and husband Hal celebrated their 45th anniversary with three children, their spouses, and nine grandchildren at a resort in Jackson Hole, WY.

On Easter, Tracy Guthrie went to the annual rattlesnake roundup in Lometa, TX, where she got a good look at a 67-inch specimen with several broken rattles.

B.A. Kalteux Callanan attended a musical presentation with friends from Hampton, NH, and met with Al and Carol Claflin Kurtz ’53. They had fun reminiscing about their Skidmore years in the Fabulous Fifties. She and John recently returned from a trip to Myrtle Beach and enjoyed a visit to the Gettysburg Battlefield.

The class sends sympathy to Barbara Clark Hudson on the death of her husband, Frederic, in November.


Averill Geus

Nancy Ryon Richartz died in February. Known as “Ace” and one of the “Big Four” in our class, she was a dear friend to many of us. Despite her illness, she attended our 45th reunion last May.


Joan Page Hayes


Jane Goodman Hunter

Mary Avery Gessner spotted an article in the Providence Journal about Julie Green, who was inducted into the Rhode Island Golf Association Hall of Fame in December for winning more amateur championships than any man or woman in the state. She also won New England and Eastern Division amateur golf championships. Julie won her first Rhode Island Women’s Golf Association title in 1963 and repeated that victory a decade later.

Linda Gross Singer’s husband, Stephen, passed away last fall. Elsa Daspin Haft, Marion Rosenberg Estess, and Mia Vehida Vyenda recently joined Linda for a 65th birthday weekend in Las Vegas.

Since 1980 Joyce Gilbert Hood-Jelliff has been principal owner of a recruiting and research firm in Westport, CT, which specializes in engineering, IT, supply chain, and human resources. Joyce lives in East Norwalk, CT, has five children and eight grandchildren, and is married for a second time.

Marianne Maskey Oberlin credits a mutual friend for arranging for her to have “a breakfast date” with Anne Bachman Walmsley in Florida this spring.

Jane VanSchoick Warren lives on the third floor of her 95-year-old mother’s home in Cobleskill, NY. Jane welcomed a grandson last March.

After a career in teaching, Maggie Holahan Bilek is planning to join husband Bob in retirement this year. She stays connected with Betty Zoller Kneen of Bloomfield Hills, MI, and Phyllis Walsh of Wilbraham, MA.

Judith Podlesney is working full-time “to support her dance habit.” She belongs to Happy Feet, a tap and clogging performance group that performs at festivals, parades, and retirement homes. Judith is a Montessori teacher and nurse at a corporate child-care center.

Charlotte Curry Partin retired from the Nut Hut, a local gift-basket shop. Over the last two decades, she has published poetry in magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, and games. Charlotte and husband Julian have eight grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 21, and a 6-month-old great-grandchild.

Jackie Bush Collopy made contact last year with Caryl Storrs Castellion, discovering that they share a love of quilting; they now exchange ideas and news regularly. Jackie, who chaired the 20th annual quilt show at the home of Teddy Roosevelt’s mother in Roswell, GA, plans to retire from her job in public relations and travel with husband Bob.

Nancy Hoagland Steidl and husband Dan sold their home in Greenwich, CT, two years ago, and are renting until Dan, a patent attorney, retires. The Steidls have four children and four grandchildren and plan to settle into their home in Rainbow Lake, NY.

A move last December took Barbara Hayman Schwartz and husband Stan from Albany, NY, to Arizona, where they are delighted with their new neighbors: Barbara “Oz” Osborne Vulkof and husband Craig.


Carolyn Brown Straker

Last March, when my two unmarried kids joined my husband and me for a ski holiday in Vail, CO, daughter Wendy, 27, took a bad fall and had emergency knee surgery. The experience was physically and emotionally exhausting, but it demonstrated to us how strong we are as a caring, supportive family. A freelance writer, Wendy was able to complete assignments while recuperating at home. Our son David, a psychiatry resident, has been asked to return as chief resident next year.

I have been involved in the NYC Skidmore club and was delighted to host a party in honor of President Jamienne S. Studley this past winter.

Sally Gray Perry writes from Cape Cod, “This year I discovered how important communication is. When our infant granddaughter, Kimberly, had to have a liver transplant, organ donation awareness saved her life!”

Retired and sounding very happy is Barbara Brownell, who recently lunched with Maryann Bruno McCrea and Janet Rosencrans. Barbara still tutors part-time and enjoys travel and time with friends and family—especially her daughter and grandson.

Lynn Morrison Dallesandro is a special-education teaching assistant in a high school and loves it. During Easter she and husband Bob visited son Mathew, who lives outside Prague, in the Czech Republic, and enjoyed a whirlwind trip through Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and Prague.

Linda Amerling Scull retired from real estate to become a full-time grandmother to seven boys, all under the age of 10 and living nearby. Linda feels blessed that neither of the two sons-in-law working near the World Trade Center were injured on September 11. Linda expresses what so many of us feel when she writes, “More than ever, friends and family are so important.”

Marlene “Tucky” Nicholas is enjoying retirement in the winter months on Sanibel Island, FL. She volunteers at the Yale Center for British Arts in Connecticut and at the Big Arts Center in Florida.

Jane Haddad Evans spent Easter with her grandchildren, who live nearby in Seattle.

Ann Hubbard Delaney sings in her church choir; her husband, who is recovering from a heart attack, plays guitar. In May, Ann became a grandma for the 10th time.

Roe Schainman Halper is still painting and teaching gifted high-school students. The “most rewarding teaching experience she ever had” transpired last fall, when she helped a former student through mourning the loss of his 25-year-old sister, who perished in the World Trade Center attacks. Roe and her husband celebrated her 65th birthday with a trip to the Netherlands, taking away images of tulips to inspire the artwork. We all remember the beautiful scarf Roe designed for our 40th reunion; tulips for the 45th?

Doris Helen Von Conta of Connecticut visited with Anna Wakefield Milano, Emily Cross Farnsworth, and Anne Sawyer Manners—all in Massachusetts.

Helen Halpern Lerner sees Paula Wachtel and Bernice Snyder fairly regularly. Helen is a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Evy Zoda Shippee left for Italy in April. This year’s milestones for her included the wedding of daughter Maria ’92 and the birth of a second child to son Scott ’90. Daughter Laura Shippee Hart ’87 has four children and assists Evy as manager of their store and bridal consultant. Son Bob ’85 is a bank consultant in Pennsylvania. Son John and wife (whose sister is Skidmore ’90) have three children. To quote Evy, “Life is good! Hope it’s the same for you!”


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