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Tammy Blake

Dave Abroms and wife Margaret announce the birth of son Nathaniel Benjamin in February. They are doing well, living in Santa Monica, CA, and enjoying all that parenthood offers.

Brady Boehm Ailsworth and husband Mark welcomed daughter Anya Elizabeth in March; she joins sister Caitlin. The family lives in Naperville, IL.

Andy Kossowicz married Bobbi Shannon Boyle in Summit Hill, PA, last September. Those attending the festivities included Scott Higuera, David Cruso, Todd O’Brien, and Steve Wineburgh ’89. Andy and Bobbi live in Metchen, NJ.

Bonnie VanCampen-Benware opened an upscale men’s clothing store, Broadway Clothier, in downtown Saratoga Springs. Daughter Alexa was born in 2000 and joins brother Charles, 10. Business, family, and serving as vice president of the Saratoga Downtown Business Association keep Bonnie busy.

Mary Wendroff Petto and husband Paul welcomed daughter Tali Lorna, who joins sister Tova, 2.

Jeanine Miller, who earned a master’s in 1993 and a Ph.D. in 1998, is a faculty member of a Bible college in Nashville, TN, where she is also director of the psychology and counseling department.


Kimberly Robertson Tsimbinos

In Dallas, TX, Carla DiGiorgio is a knowledge manager for the information technology solutions area at Price Waterhouse Coopers Consulting. Prior to moving to Texas in 1998, she spent a short time in California with Ann Fitzpatrick and then spent six years in Boston, where she worked at Mass Financial Services and earned a master’s in education at Cambridge College. She recently vacationed in St. John with her fiancé.

Max Andrew was born last October to Susan Goolden Cole and husband Doug in Boise, ID. Max joins brother Sam, 3.

NYC resident Karey Hintermeister, who teaches fifth grade in Roslyn, NY, reports the births of a son to Julie Issokson Perlow in October and a daughter to Tricia DeAngelis Taylor in December.

Matt Fotter and wife Roberta announce the birth of their second son, Thomas Miguel, in February.

Megan Slater Cooper and husband Sean bought a house about two years ago and spend lots of time redecorating and gardening. Megan, who has worked at the same jewelry company for three years, is working toward her graduate degree from the Gemological Institute of America.

Tiphany Yokas moved to London a year ago to work for a consumer research company. She often sees Alex Griffin Tyrie and Corina Lu, who also live there. In February Amy Quatromoni spent a week visiting, which Tiphany says “was great fun.”

Jessica Sawyer O’Conner and husband Rory ’89 announce the birth of daughter Ava last December.

Bridget Burke married David Kevorkian. Skiddies in attendance included Sarah and Michael Glickman, Martha Gruppe Cunningham, Erica Levy, Becky Head Risch, and Stacy Diekman Uliano. Stacy recently had her third child, Ethan, who joins brothers Nicky and Cooper.

Bill Halsey ’89 and Rebecca Shimkin Halsey have two children: Hannah, 3, and Pete, 1. They moved to Essex, CT, this past spring, and would love to hear from any Skiddies in the area.

Natalia Fox Hogan teaches English in the Saratoga Springs school district. She and her husband own and operate the Newberry Dance Club on weekends.

Stuart Keller and Michelle Dubrow have three boys: Izzy, 4, Harry, 2, and Simon, 9 months. No longer practicing law, except for family and friends, Stuart and Michelle work in the family furniture business in Morgantown, PA.

Roni Casser married Aaron Jernstrom in 1999; they live in Sunrise, FL. Roni is director of occupational therapy in a pediatric rehabilitation facility in Miami. She gets together with Laura Hill Turner on a regular basis.

Denise Guszkowski Thompson and her husband welcomed daughter Emily Grace in January. Denise has been “calling lots of Skiddie parents for baby tips.”

For Kristy Jacobs Maslin, 2001 was a banner year: she was married in March and gave birth to son Jake in October. Kristy edited her first feature film, Kissing Jessica Stein, which won last year’s LA film festival and was released nationwide in March. She credits her internship with Our Town TV Productions and an introduction by T.K Knowles ’89 for helping get her started as a TV commercial editor 10 years ago.

Jennifer Acerbi married Chad Gauerke in Evergreen, CO, last October. Lauren Beaumont attended the bride, and Beth Atkins ’92 did a reading. Other guests were Julianne Kelly Jordan, Scott Brodsky ’92, Gerald Rhodes, Todd Wardlaw, and Linda Cramer Laurenz. Linda and her husband have three daughters: Claire, 3, Ellen, 2, and Annie, 9 months; Linda left her job teaching fourth grade to stay home with them.

Mary DeFesi Delman and husband Marc welcomed daughter Sydney Mary in March. They live in Rockville Centre, NY.

Christopher Combs responded to the attack on the Pentagon on September 11 as a member of the FBI National Capital Response Squad counter-terrorism team. He acted as the FBI rep at the command post for the duration of the Pentagon crime scene. In October, he responded to the U.S. Capitol building for the anthrax attacks and served as the FBI rep at the command post through December. Sadly, two of Christopher’s cousins, both NYC firemen, were killed at the World Trade Center.

Missy DeFiore Warner and husband Glenn announce the birth of son Grant Fulton in March. Grant joins brother Maccall, 3.

Todd Pantezzi married Laurie Johnson in Sewickley, PA, in October. Attending alumni were groomsman Kevin Mattson, Pete Bizzozero, Mike “Mac” MacNamara, Vandana Bali, Mike O’Conner ’89, and Shane Diekman ’93. Astrid Pilla Tisseront contributed bridal accessories. Bill and Karen McAllister Keane were unable to attend due to the recent birth of their son William. Laurie persuaded Todd to sell his bachelor pad in DC, and they bought a home in a Maryland suburb where Chris Combs has come for dinner. Todd has heard from Stephanie Jones, who lives in Boston and is enjoying married life.

Kim Schnyder DeHaven and husband Michael welcomed the birth of son Colin Graham in June 2000. Colin joins brother Christopher, 4. Kim stays home with the boys in Downingtown, PA, while Michael works as a CPA. They get to see Elmira, NY, resident Tina Schweizer Cadwallader, her husband, and son Cole about once a year.

Shane East married Lisa Marie Schiefer in October 2000. Karen Baumgartner was in attendance. Shane is a commercial photographer in San Diego and Los Angeles. He and Lisa took a three-week tour of Europe including Prague, Budapest, and skiing in Austria. “Yes,” says Shane, “the camera came along.”

Michael Vagell and wife Sharon welcomed son James in September.

Nick MacShane and wife Heather welcomed Grace Elizabeth in March; she joins brother Benjamin, 6, and sister Quincy, 4. Nick and Heather started a family business called Hunky Dory Toys, which sells wooden replicas of 19th-century New England fishing dories. These boats are a time-honored tradition that Heather recalls from growing up on the beaches of Cape Ann, MA. The boats, which are sold in over 75 stores from Maine to New Jersey, are available online at www.hunkydorytoys.com.

Barbara Bergmans Rucci lives in New Canaan, CT, with husband David and daughter Grace, 2. She started a stationery business a few years back, and has continued to work while being a mom. “Not easy,” she admits, “but I would never give up my work, which I love, and I love being with Grace; therefore I do it all (hardly).” Barbara recently launched her Web site: www.mercidesigns.com.

Laura Hill Turner and husband Aaron are busy expanding their Northern Maine potato farm. “Think of us when you bite into a Cape Cod potato chip!” says Laura. She continues to work part-time as a hospital social worker. The Turner boys, 3 and 7, are “perpetually in motion, and we love it!”


Amity Lenahan Fowler

Jay Dixon and wife Ann Maynard celebrated the birth of their second daughter, Allison—known as “Ally”—in December.

Rachel Malinow Bergman, who completed a Ph.D. in music theory from Yale University last spring, is teaching at Southern Connecticut State University’s Education Center for the Arts in New Haven. She is also employed at Yale’s music technology lab.

Elizabeth Baker Scheff welcomed a second child, Chloe Frances, in December.

Last July, Newport News, VA, resident Julia Varbalow participated in a three-day, 60-mile walk from Bear Mountain to Manhattan to raise funds for AIDS research. Julia welcomes e-mail from classmates at jvarbalow92@alumni.skidmore.edu.


Joanna Flynn

Anna Marie “Ree” Francello-Rothkopf and husband Avi Rothkopf welcomed the arrival of daughter Emma Eve in December.

Kelly Davidson Knapp and husband Stephen announce the birth of son William John in May.

Maria Maxymillian Boone and husband Bill celebrated the birth of son Maxymillian Hutton in October.

Michael Judd completed a four-year residency in ob-gyn at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in June. He has accepted a position at Medica Shore Women’s Health in Easton, MD.

Juniper Berolzheimer started a small wholesale bakery business in Brooklyn called Lazy Susan. She is planning to open a café/restaurant within the year. With one foot still in the theatre world, Juniper is excited about the upcoming screening of her first short film, What Was It About Me?

Andrea Bastiani Archibald and husband David announce the birth of Avery Vincent in March. Brother Ethan, 3, is thrilled to have a future playmate. The family lives in Bronxville, NY, where Andrea is a part-time research scientist and director of the Center for Children and Families Teachers College at Columbia University. David works in real estate investment in NYC.

Geoff Hunt is teaching history in NYC at the Beacon School, an alternative public school on the Upper West Side. He would love to hear from any Skidmore contemporaries in the NYC area.


Chanel Greene

Corrie Kennedy lives in Morristown, NJ, and teaches junior-high English in Berkeley Heights.

Anu Pingali Bliss and husband Chance announce the birth of son Krishna Pingali in March.

Jason Michael DuMouchel married Mignon Mouledoux Couret in New Orleans in April.

Tyler Colman, who received an MS from the London School of Economics in 1995, earned a Ph.D. in political science from Northwestern University, having successfully defended his dissertation on the politics of the French wine sector.


Keirnan Conroy Klosek

Baret Pinyoun
married David Perham last October in Brant Lake, NY. Skidmore friends in attendance were Jennifer Kefer, Stefanie Slade, Ellen Casey, Nicole Testa Boruchin, Jennifer Livingston, Julie Bunce Solomon ’94, Curt Solomon, and Susan Geary ’99.

Mark Purdy was identified as one of five “rising stars” in the culinary world by the San Francisco Chronicle in an April 14 article entitled “Five Young Chefs Who Are Changing the Way the Bay Area Tastes.” Purdy is the chef and owner of the Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, CA, which specializes in progressive American cuisine.

Lynda Rivers returned from traveling in Central America and is performing in The Merchant of Venice at the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles. She recently met up with Janet Reardon ’92 and Alison Hoffman.


Allison Lacorazza

After singing some backing vocals on Jewel’s latest album, Michael Brooks signed a two-album contract with Virgin Records UK. He is currently in Stockholm, recording with famed producer Brady Blade. European-based alumni will be able to find his CD in stores in late September. A stateside release is possible early next year.

Zack Morrissette moved to Los Angeles where he published his own comic book; you can check it out online at www.badguyproductions.com.

Susan Gordon and Michael Levine ’92 were married in November in Avon, CT. The wedding party included Ali Zammarano Carrabba ’92 and Sal Carrabba ’92, best man; Jolie Tuozzolo ’97, bridesmaid; and Eric Karofsky ’93, groomsman. Guests included Gina Scudiery, Josh Slater ’93, Erika Daneman Slater ’92, Lisa Braunstein Cohen ’88, David Cohen ’91, Zander Byers ’93, and Lauren Abrams. The couple moved from Manhattan to Providence, RI, where he works in the executive search field, and she is a clinical social worker with an international employee assistance program.

Tamara Gorovatskaya is teaching eighth-grade math and living in Manhattan. Her new number is 212-539-9949.

Georgette Blau, founder of On Location Tours in NYC, was featured in the May 13 edition of People magazine. (See profile.)

Cassandra Barry married Joel Stein in March. In attendance were Karla Capers ’95, Steve Ensdorf ’95, Ascha Drake ’95, Daniel Federman, Lauren Roth Hargreaves, Casper Hargreaves ’95, Steve Hyde ’94, Creston Lea ’94, Eric Mast, Betsy Schiffman ’95, Lissa Skitol, and John Shumaker ’94.


Allison Gray Costa

Fritz Musser
was incorrectly identified as a member of the Class of 1998 in a previous issue of Scope—apologies for the error.

Tracie Danforth Witte and husband Michael recently moved to Scotch Plains, NJ, where they purchased a house. Tracie is in her second year of a doctoral program in sociology at Rutgers University.

Prof. Terence Diggory spotted Hillary Frey’s byline in an April 14 New York Times Book Review. Hillary is assistant literary editor of The Nation. She concluded her review of short stories by Kevin Brockmeier by observing: “Brockmeier’s small, carefully made worlds are like [Skidmore Prof.] Steven Millhauser’s; they are definitely fantastic and, miraculously, utterly human.”

In NYC, Jonathan Hills started the graphic design company Domani Studios with Bill Fletcher ’96. He says, “We have been producing print and interactive work for clients such as Gucci, Estée Lauder, and Veuve Clicquot and have also been the Whitney Museum’s recent agency of choice.”

In March Hillary Palm Twigg-Smith and husband Kina welcomed their second child, Purlin Moon, who joins Kaeli Sara, 3. Hillary loves being a mom, and Kina owns his own auto restoration business, dealing mostly with old Toyota Land Cruisers. Two years ago they moved from Nederland, Colorado, to Madison, New Hampshire, where they enjoy fixing up their 200-year-old farm house and living in the country on 135 acres.

Leah Tomaszewski loves teaching European history at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. She and her fiancé spent three weeks in Bolivia, Chile, and Peru last summer and plan to go to China next.


Michele Rothstein

Robert Benjamin and Lauren Mirsky were married last August in NYC. In attendance were Andrea Leifer, Dana Warren, Laura Iacuessa, Jared Dokovna, Sarah Mackin, Lisa Elisofen ’97, Matt Bonaguide ’97, Melissa Compeau Bonaguide ’97, Skidmore librarian Ruth Copans, and Prof. John Anzalone. Lauren is teaching first grade in NYC, and Robert, a 2L at St. John’s Law School, is putting the finishing touches on a major article on corporate bankruptcy to be published this year. Lauren and Robert enjoyed a send-off dinner for Andrea Leifer in NYC before her firm “deported” her to London for a nine-month work assignment.

Julie Bachrach loves teaching first grade in Spanish Harlem, although it is a challenge. In Boston she saw Emily Donnis ’99 and ran into Aidan McCann ’99. She often sees Erin Strong ’00, who lives in Madison, NJ.

Madeline Fairbanks received a master of fine art degree in photography from the Minneapolis College of Art Design in 2000. After teaching college courses for a semester, she moved to Washington, DC, where she is a photographer and graphic designer for a direct marketing company. Ever the French enthusiast, Madeline is an active participant in French language and cultural activities of the Alliances Française.

In Colorado Lina Senzer works for Alternative Youth Adventures, a wilderness program for adjudicated adolescents. She is spending part of the summer as an instructor for Women’s Wilderness Institute in Boulder.

Alex Adell was interviewed in the San Antonio Express News (March 23) regarding his computer graphics work in Ice Age, the latest animated film from Blue Sky Studios, an arm of Twentieth Century Fox. He attended the film’s premiere in NYC with his mom and dad and is now working for Charlex, an advertising post-production house in Manhattan.

Margaret Gavian works for a nonprofit holistic health center in Washington, DC, and is working on her Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She traveled to Kosovo in May to work with people traumatized by war. She is also training to run the Marine Corps Marathon in October, to raise money for AIDS research.

Billy Internicola and Annie Dwyer were married in June 2001 at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs. Marty Zentz and Allison Mattera were ushers. Also attending were Timothy Fannon, Josh Chambers, Sue Kessler, Jens Ohlin ’96, and Prof. Richard Speers. Billy proposed to Annie on the Brooklyn Bridge just before they went to Paris, where he finished his grad degree. He got a master’s in secondary English education from NYU last spring. Billy now teaches eighth-grade English at Arlington High School in Poughkeepsie. He continues to write and spends weekends fly-fishing on the Esopus Creek.


Nancy Carew Magnus

Having received a master’s in integrated marketing from Emerson College, Heather McDonald is now an advertising account executive with WBIX, Business Radio 1060 AM in Boston. She lives in Cambridge, MA.

Christina Amato lives in Aspen, CO, and works for its Historic Preservation Commission and Community Development Agency.

Tiffany Cavanaugh is pursuing a master’s in landscape architecture in Christchurch, New Zealand. After a year abroad, Tiffany will resume her studies in the U.S. Before her travels, Tiffany met up with some pals at Skidmore and was surprised by all the changes to Case Center.

Juhli Law Greene, formally known as Anoosh Law, recently settled into a new house in Tampa, FL, where she is a freelance graphic and Web designer. She continues to paint in her spare time.

Sarah Fraunfelder continues to live in NYC, where she graduated from an acting program in April.

After two years as a counselor at Saratoga Planned Parenthood, Alana Madden moved to Boston, where she is pursuing a graduate degree in social work at Boston College.

Brooke Miller, in graduate school at Northwestern, coauthored a major paper in Cell, a leading biology journal. The paper is a collaboration between Northwestern, Novartis Genomics Institute, Scripps Research Institute, the University of Virginia, and the Howard Hughes Foundation.

Matthew Wind is teaching and coaching baseball at his former high school, Northern Valley Regional in Demarest, NJ. He earned a master of arts in teaching last May.

Daryl Somma won the Bioethics Interest Group’s student paper contest for “The Ethical Implications of Clinical Trials on Vertical HIV/AIDS Transmission: A Feminist Perspective.” Her paper explored whether researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health in 1994 clinical trials breached human rights by exploiting impoverished women of less-developed countries.


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