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Summer 2002

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Extra! Extra! Strategic plan adopted

     The college’s board of trustees has formally approved “The Plan for Skidmore: Excellence and Community.” The document is the result of some three years of opinion-gathering, consultation, drafting, and revising, with input from faculty, students, staff, and alumni and with leadership from the Institutional Planning Committee and Skidmore President Jamienne S. Studley.
     Looking ahead into Skidmore’s next decade, the strategic plan articulates the college’s strengths, challenges, and ambitions, and enumerates three key goals for preserving and strengthening its essential character and values. In a nutshell, the plan aims to

  • enhance academic quality
  • build a stronger and morediverse student body
  • enhance the sense of community among all college constituencies

     Specific actions to achieve these goals include adding new faculty positions, constructing a new music facility, and increasing student financial aid.
     Watch for further reports on the strategic plan and its implementation in coming issues of Scope. —SR


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