Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?
A bathtub derby?
When did this happen, and what was the occasion? What body of water are these Skidmore sailors trying to cross? Did you ever paddle one of these sinking ships?
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            From last time: Fall Quiz 2001
Rat lab:
Barbara Gettens Morrissey ’54, pictured with the late Carol “Kiki” Peabody Greenaway ’54, explains: “We are weighing the rat to see which food—bread or a special formula—is helping the rat to gain the most weight. We were two of the three home economics majors studying nutrition at that time. This was in the old science building, and we had to feed the rats in the cellar. It was not a pleasant task.” But it was the start of something big: Morrissey went on to become a dietician, earn a master’s in nutrition, teach at Skidmore’s New York City nursing school and others, and author a book on therapeutic nutrition. She also raised three kids, including John ’85 and Sharon ’85.