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Summer 2003

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Giving still strong in weak economy

Despite national economic downturns, Skidmore’s donors rallied to the cause in 2002–03. Participation in the annual fund held steady at 42 percent, while total annual-fund dollars jumped to a new record of over $5 million—almost $1 million more than last year.

Class volunteers from ’53 present their award-winning fiftieth-reunion gift.

     Reunion giving accounted for more than $1 million of the overall annual fund in 2002–03, and several record-setting classes won accolades at Reunion’s class-gift presentations. Continuing a strong fiftieth-reunion tradition, the class of ’53 smashed all previous records. A stunning 88 percent of the class joined the effort, for a total annual-fund gift of $218,472—more than quadrupling last year’s amount. (Along with winning participation and dollar awards, the ’53ers earned the coveted Spittoon Award for the highest attendance rate at Reunion; in return, they regaled the audience with a song composed especially for their fiftieth reunion.) Other reunion record breakers were 1943 and ’48, while ’58, ’63, ’73, ’78, ’83, ’88, and ’93 all set new class records for dollars and/or participation.
     Amidst so many giving highights, perhaps one event most captured everyone’s attention: the dedication ceremony to rename Skidmore Hall in honor of Kathryn Wiecking ’53 and her $8 million bequest to her alma mater (see related story on p. 34).
     For more on this year’s giving, including goals and results for every class, see www.skidmore.edu/class-giving. —SR

2002–03 giving
Total giving to Skidmore $12.1 million
Annual fund total $5,007,714
Annual fund participation rate 42 percent
Reunion-class gifts to annual fund $1,059,320
Parent gifts to annual fund $872,367
Senior parents’ gift $280,000
Senior-class gift participation rate 84 percent
Total alumni classes 78
Classes celebrating five-year reunions 15
Classes that set new giving records 22 (’28–’01)
Classes with participation rates over 50% 24 (’39–’03)
Highest class participation rate 88 percent (’53)
Largest class gift to annual fund $218,472 (’53)
Largest class gift total $724,495 (’63)


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