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Always a part of Skimore
by Beverly Harrison Miller ’67, Alumni Association President

While Skidmore students are focusing on their educations, they are also alumni in training. In fact, we all spent a mere four years on campus, but we’re alums for the rest of our lives.

The alumni assocation’s board of directors has been working to help students realize that there is indeed life after Skidmore. For example, we give new students a phone-calling card when they first arrive, welcoming them and telling them we know how important it is to stay connected to their family and friends back home. We also sponsor informational events such as panel discussions on careers. This year we gave the seniors a book—the humorous Life After School Explained—with important Skidmore phone numbers on the inside front cover. The book addresses lots of postcollege mysteries, from how to order wine to how to invest savings for retirement. (My son, who graduated from another school, looked through it and asked plaintively why he didn’t get one.)

The alumni board also connects with students through the Student Alumni Society; its president, Suzanne Murphy ’04 this past year, sits on the alumni board, which also includes a representative from the Student Government Association—this year Bobby Koeth ’04. This year Bobby and Suzanne, with the alumni board and alumni affairs office, sponsored a contest during Founders Week. The board was looking for variations on Skidmore’s “Alma Mater”—not a new song (God forbid), but some new arrangements—and we offered prize money at a Skidmore Traditions Jam Session (see page 6). The entrants were outstanding. Seniors Evan Flath and Tim Peck did a variation in the style of Bob Dylan, while first-years Dave Roush and Jonathan Green played a stunning jazz instrumental. All four then played their variations for the whole alumni board. (Neither was adopted as an official new version, but it’s nice to have a few variants available.)

Keep the Skidmore decal on your car. Wear your Skidmore T-shirt.Use a Skidmore mug. Carry Skidmore with you wherever you go.

As the alumni board’s president,I get the last word at each Commencement, and this is what I always say:

As you have become alums, you have not ended your relationship with Skidmore; it has simply changed—because from the moment you set foot on campus as a student, you began a lifelong relationship with this extended community. And just as we told you as entering first-years that it is important to stay connected to friends and family, I say the same thing now: Stay connected to your friends and your professors, and the new Skidmore friends you will make over the coming years. Keep the Skidmore decal on your car. Wear your Skidmore T-shirt. Use a Skidmore mug at work. And especially remember this: you will always be a part of Skidmore, and Skidmore will always be a part of you. Carry Skidmore with you in your heart wherever you go.