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One foot out the door

Periclean Scholar Award
winners Erik Gundel, Dyani Johns, and Caitlin Woolsey (below) were happy to kick back after presenting their senior projects for their classmates and families the day before Commencement. Gundel’s project entailed writing a new score for the 1929 surrealist film classic Un Chien Andalou; he even conducted student musicians in a live performance, synchronized to the 16-minute short film. Johns studied exiled writers, describing how two Czech novelists and a Slovak poet manage to keep their art alive in exile. Woolsey explored links between philosophy and poetry, applying Jacques Derrida’s literary theory to poems, including her own. A fourth winner, Allison Stafford, was already at Colorado State University but provided a videotaped report of the differing precipitation patterns she charted at two seemingly similar locations in the Saratoga watershed. —BAM, SR