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On the cover: Reunion-goers take turns in an old-fashioned photo booth, capturing their friendship, giddy nostalgia, and just plain joy. (Photos courtesy of Saratoga Photobooth)


Saratoga's love of horses and art takes shape in a community project involving more than thirty artists–including Ashley Halsey '07– and the local banks, restaurants, and other businesses that bought the 6-by-7-foot blank figures for them to paint. The horses are now on view at street corners and commercial properties around town. (Photo by Stock Studios Photography)


Writing well
Student tutors help their peers in record numbers

Better living through chemistry
Curators trace top ten culture-shaping molecules

Photo gallery: Alumni artists share works and

Faction and family
Theater project brings Israeli-Palestinian conflict
into personal focus

Skidmore quiz:
Who, what, when?


Rethinking sports: Lately Skidmore has been ratcheting up athletics and fitness. More staff have been hired and new facilities built, and people are talking about the role of sports in campus life. It’s not just a game -- get the score, and color commentary, in the fall Scope.

From New York City's Battery to Saratoga’s racetrack, not to mention food banks and arts agencies, Skidmore student interns are doing “service learning.” This summer an education major is developing lessons for the Battery Conservancy, and social-work students are helping stablehands and horse-walkers through the Backstretch Employee Service Team. Watch for more on service learning in future Scopes.

Disoriented? Weren’t you, as new freshman? Arrival at college is still pretty mind-blowing, even when orientation is organized like clockwork -- just take a peek at what the Class of 2011 faces in its first few days.