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Alumni Association applauds ten New award adds creative twist
Club connection Bandersnatchers hit Naples, Fla.
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Club connection: Naples, Fla.

The Bandersnatchers croon for alumni and guests at the Port Royal Club. Among the crowd of forty they impressed were Martha Upton Theroux ’71, who says the a cappella singers “are a credit to Skidmore—we just love them,” and Jan Gregory Frazer ’52, who adds, “We Skidmore types are so much alike, we can talk in shorthand. And when we sing our Alma Mater I always cry, even as I struggle to remember the words.” Banders musical director Luke Santy ’09 says for this year’s annual tour of Florida the group prepared “one of the old school songs, ‘Way Down Among the New York Hills.’ There were people there who hadn’t heard it in years and really seemed to enjoy it!” Dave Baker ’08 agrees that “singing for alumni is a blast.” And in pre-performance banter, he learned about some Skidmore traditions and what the college was like before it went co-ed. (“One alum told me that first-year students had to wear red bibs to their meals. After six weeks they held a burning of the bibs!”) Not least, the event provided alums with a “welcome break, whether an escape from work or from the work of having relatives and guests coming and going all season,” says Valerie Burns Winebrenner ’74. “Add in the magnificent backdrop of the Gulf, and you can see why the luncheon was a hit.” —MTS