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On the cover: Skidmore's watchword "Creative Thought Matters" really does translate across language lines. Click here for the story. (Calligraphy by Benard Maisner)


Commencement, Skidmore style.
(Photo by Emma Dodge Hanson '93)

Going global
Skidmore aims to expand the international perspectives of every student

Students with backgrounds in other countries give, and get, new insights

Brief encounters
Even short travel seminars can transform learning

Dispatch from Baghdad
CNN reporter counts the human costs of war

Foreign correspondents
Expat alumni share tips and tales

Skidmore quiz:
Who, what, when?

Check out the “Scopedish” blog.

Facebook? RSS feeds? B2B on the Web? Digital technology has permeated business, news, social life, art -- and certainly education. Skidmore is right in the mix. Read more about it -- in print and online -- in the upcoming fall issue of Scope Quarterly.

Skidmore’s virtual campus tour is not just informative (and nostalgic), it’s a genuine good time. Play with it now.

All freshmen read music. Skidmore’s summer “reading” for all incoming freshmen is a jazz CD: Terence Blanchard’s post-Katrina requiem for New Orleans. This first-year experience, always an interdisciplinary program, includes text, movies, and other media along with the music. Here’s the plan.