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Winter 2000

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Reunion ’00!

Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Pauline Lutz Hopkins and Phyllis Taylor Wofford enjoyed a get together in October and would love to hear news from other classmates.

Please call us at 518-580-5600 if you have an address for a "lost" classmate:

Lydia Flint
Doris Jackson
Marion Lembcke Harmon
Cecelia Mutchler Harrison
Dorothy Pope Hall
Julia Porter Peek
Henrietta Sautter Baird
Freda Silver
Dorothy Smith Berry


Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866


Helen Cole Netter
PO Box 784
Pine Plains, NY 12567

Helen Reinhard Illingworth still lives in her home in Harwich, MA. She saw Barbara Wells Bennett last summer, when Barbara visited Cape Cod. Health problems prevented Marion Shipp VanNest from attending the mini-reunion.

Condolences to Vernette Johnson Baird, whose husband, Richard, died in August.


Marjorie Yetter Walls
11 Denton Rd.
Binghamton, NY 13903

After trying in vain to contact Laura Allen by telephone, I wrote her a note and received a letter from her sister, Mary, who reports that Laura still lives at home with the help of a caregiver.

Apologies to Alice Hand Kelly, who was reported in the fall Scope to have 21 great-granchildren. In fact, she has four – three girls and a boy.

My job would be very simple if everyone had a daughter like Janet Miller Robinson’s. Heather Robinson Thorp ’60 got her mother to send news. Janet made her annual trip north to visit son John in Amherst and Heather at her summer home in Winthrop, ME. While at John’s, Janet saw granddaughter Caitlin Robinson ’00, who had returned home from an environmental project in Australia. Heather and Janet had a delightful lunch with Gini Parker Lewis, who spent part of the summer at her home in Goose Rocks.

Condolences to Dorethea Wagenseil Hussennetter, whose husband, George, died in October 1999 following a lengthy illness.

Condolences to the family of Marian Miner Warner, who died in May 1999. Her daughter, Judy, wrote in August to inform me that Marian had been well and living in an assisted-living facility in Rochester, NY. While staying with her daughter for a few days, Marian had a severe heart attack and died four days later.


Sally Miller Curtin
31 Saunders Dr.
Niantic, CT 06357

In October, Betsey Sawin Kiel journeyed to Spain and Portugal for 16 days.


Reunion ’00!

Elizabeth Norlander Newell
15 Deane Avenue
Holden, MA 01520

Dorothy Binner Connor welcomed a great-grandson in June and is looking forward to the marriage of her younger grandson in April. Dottie is still in her home in Paoli, PA, does aqua aerobics twice a week at the Y, and still drives measured distances. Daughter Jane and son-in-law Joe spend weekends on their boat in Delaware Bay.

Betty Boeve Schoonover has given up many of her activities but still enjoys her church involvement. Last June, she and daughter Betsy spent a holiday at the family summer home in Northfield, MA.

Molly Bull Sharp and daughter Louise, a former naval officer, keep up the family "farm." Molly oversees the care of the three buildings on the property while Louise takes responsibility for the land and their small flock of sheep. Molly keeps in touch with Emily MacLachlin Carl and Winnie Mittag Beasley. She says Winnie has not been well and has moved to an assisted-living facility.

The class extends belated sympathy to Mildred Grove Nanz, whose husband died in August 1996. Mildred keeps up their home in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and enjoys her three children and 12 grandchildren. The latter range in age from one to 30 years! Last February, Mildred visited Mexico City, where she had lived after college when her father was working for the Mexican government. Of the city, Mildred writes, "It is truly a fascinating megalopolis."

Muriel Scribner Rice keeps her New London, NH, home and visits daily with husband George, whose Parkinson involvement keeps him confined to a nearby extended care facility. Muriel has other family members nearby and enjoys frequent visits from children and grandchildren farther afield.

Charlotte Smith King enjoyed a late spring trip to Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana but came home to a bout of pneumonia, which kept her hospitalized for some days. She spent the summer recuperating and has resumed teaching aqua aerobics. In October, she attended the wedding of her older grandson in Sudbury, MA.

Nancy Snow LaFrance took a Rhine River trip to Switzerland in May. Still active, Nancy aquacizes twice a week and walks daily along the Connecticut shore near her home. She deplores the over-development of hometown Westport but keeps a small portion of her property in woodland which, she says, is inhabited by deer and one woodchuck.

California resident Frances Turner Diefenbach came East to Philadelphia in July for her grandson’s wedding. She is presently involved in redesigning and overseeing changes to her patio plantings.

As for me, after a summer bout of the virus, which causes repeated attacks of vertigo, I’m back in the swing of teaching piano to 14 young students and two adults. I have been developing new finger exercises, which will easily identify those fingers which need strengthening – an extension of the work I did with my last teacher. The students seem to enjoy the exercises, for they can use them as a basis for tailoring exercises to their own needs.

Please call us at 518-580-5600 if you have an address for a "lost" classmate:

Catherine Getman Goodrich
Marjorie Herne Crystal
Winifred Lister Milne
Jessie Savage Hurlburt
Jane Voelker


Enid Kay Schiff
81 Bryant Ave.
White Plains, NY 10605

Eva-Mae Ball Woodbridge moved to a beautiful retirement home, Bay Village, in Sarasota, FL, only five minutes away from her previous residence of 20 years. Bounce and Ross are grateful for good health and plan to celebrate 62 years of marriage in April.

Condolences to Lois Ann Delahanty Moll, whose husband, Bill, died in June 1999, after 10 years of illness. After 59 years together, Lois Ann expects the separation "to take a bit of doing."


Agnes Dunn Mackenzie
304 Stoughton Ave.
Cranford, NJ 07016

Last summer, Doris Lehman Achterkirchen visited Paris with family. She loves living in Santa Barbara, CA.


Betty Hale
317 S. Valley Hill Rd.
Woodstock, IL 60098

In the fall, Betty Baker Spohr was back in Sun City, AZ – fully recovered from a broken leg–getting Thanksgiving fruitcakes, Christmas cards, and presents ready before taking off in December for a Caribbean cruise with the Illinois and Alaskan parts of her family.

Elizabeth Bonney Stratton and Lee enjoyed a relaxing cruise to Mexico and the Keys last summer and attended a family wedding and reunion in Virginia in September. Granddaughter Bonney Kapp is with CBS news and can be seen working behind Dan Rather’s shoulder on the 6:30 evening broadcasts. Bonney’s six children visit frequently and all lead busy and interesting lives.

In July, Clyde and Marion Carlson Marshall had a wonderful family reunion at their grandson’s wedding on a boat in Baltimore Harbor. At the end of August, they cruised on a cargo ship to the North Cape, Norway. The Marshalls recently celebrated their first great-grandson’s first birthday. "One of our better years," says Marny.

Agnes Compton Stierwald visited Ginger Daniels Wall at Ginger’s lovely home filled with needlepoint, crewel, and paintings–an art experience in itself. Compie also visited Elinor Anderberg at a gourmet dinner party followed by a much enjoyed George Gershwin concert. Compie and George vacationed in Jamaica last March, and the end of summer saw her freezing and cooking the vast amount of produce from George’s garden. That, plus her environmental concerns, church work, art classes, and Jubilee 2000 keep her young and more than active.

Anne DeBeaux Mitchell’s husband, Mitch, had successful eye surgery and now enjoys all the things he had missed over the past years. Anne is proud of their new pup, Sir Lancelot, who graduated with honors from obedience school.

Mary Farmer Woolley is recovering from eye surgery.

Shirley Ives Ripsom and Bleecker moved to a retirement condominium in Wilmington, DE, nearer to their children and grandchildren.

Tody Leroy Shartzer keeps busy creating tiny pressed and dried flowers on greeting cards.

Ellie Lowe White keeps active with bridge, garden club, and church work. Summers are busily spent in New Hampshire, and at home in Connecticut she continues those activities plus a book group. Like many of us, she is learning to master a computer.

I spent two weeks in California with youngest daughter Jamie in the midst of all those northern California forest fires. We were ordered to evacuate when one came within a half mile of the house; fortunately, the order was rescinded before the move had to be made.


Betty Jones Stern
211 Benicia Rd.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

A postcard from Charlotte Appelbaum Lanzit postmarked from Chautauqua, NY, says that she and husband Bob are enjoying "six weeks absorbing lectures and music in an atmosphere of serenity and spirituality." Apple also writes that they were joined for a long weekend by Bill and Mary Gunst Barnet, with Mary adding that they had "a super time together."

Katharine Averill Foley also was glad to get pictures and was sorry to miss Reunion. She and husband Don had a busy summer with grandchildren – "a treat since during the school year we see little of them," says Taddy.

Following Reunion, Hilda Bashevkin Betten says, "The ’39ers have kept up their entertainment skills. What a group." Hilda, who volunteers as a recruiter for Skidmore, also notes that few Florida students go north to private colleges; therefore, she was particularly pleased that a student from Ft. Myers was accepted on the early-decision plan.

Betty Brown Vigour was sorry to miss Reunion because of illness, but reports she is feeling much better now.

Betty Eastman Peyton and Marjorie Mapes Boulware received a bonus on Reunion Sunday when they were in the dining hall having brunch following the Alumni Memorial Service. Along with their trays came new president Jamie Studley and husband Gary Smith, joining them at their table, where they had a delightful conversation.

Margaret Filson Sheehan, who enjoyed the post-reunion newsletter as well as the class history booklet, was sorry to miss Reunion and thanks Edie Cosgrove, who, says Peg, "has done so much for our class over the years."

Agnes Gregson enjoyed news and pictures of Reunion and remarked that the Class of ’39 seemed to be "holding up well."

Bessie Isenberg Reiner missed Reunion because of previous plans, which included a trip to Holland and Germany; however, she liked reading news of the great time others enjoyed.

Dorothy Lamb Brown continues to reminisce about Reunion weekend. She, her daughter, and granddaughter (both of whom spent part of the weekend at Reunion) remarked that they had never been with such "an interesting group of women with such a great sense of humor."

Ruth Jones Lindsay regrets that a family visit prevented her from attending Reunion.

Dorothy Lippman Bobrow enjoyed the class history booklet, as did Connie Zinn Szego, who phoned Dotty. They plan to meet for a mini-reunion.

In writing about Reunion, Barbara Lord Richmond exclaims, "Wasn’t it a wow? What a hoot! So glad I went." She adds that oldest grandchild Carrie is in Gabon with the Peace Corps. Barb’s new address: 950 N. San Antonio, #15A, Los Altos, CA 94022.

A catch-up phone call from Jane Meagher Donovan relayed that she attended a family event in Baltimore in June for a granddaughter’s high-school graduation, where she received numerous high honors. It was the same weekend as Reunion, which Janie regretted she had to miss.

Irma Newman Golden is impressed with the new president’s background and with the expansion of the college curriculum, adding, "Scope does a fine job keeping us abreast of all the new doings."

Esther Robinson Johnston and husband Al attended a Colgate football weekend last fall.

Condolences to Norma Trabold Kerr, whose husband, Harper, died on Oct. 28, 1999. Norma missed Reunion because of his illness. I had sent her pictures of classmates who attended, which she enjoyed seeing.

Thanks to those of you who wrote me that you enjoyed last summer’s class newsletter about our 60th reunion. I appreciated the complimentary remarks expressed on the yellow postcards or in notes sent to other classmates and forwarded to me. If any classmates still have a yellow return card lurking around, please send it in. Your news is always welcome.


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