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Reunion ’00!

Carol Siccardi Roberts
80 Front St.
Exeter, NH 03833

News flooded in after Prudy Georgia’s Reunion letter. We are hoping to have a record turnout this time to celebrate "Skidmore1960Hooray40Y2K," June 1—4.

Sue Alvis Simonds found her calling at age 54. She is making lampwork glass beads in her home studio. She and Jim travel to bead shows around the country in their diesel pusher. She has turned a hobby into a full-time business.

Gail Bendix Jaffee says sharing news of grandchildren with Judy Lowe Plourde, Barbara Block Zwick, Suzanne Denby Pelton, Suzanne Elsesser, and Barbara Brownell ’59 has added rich and exciting news to their long histories since Skidmore days.

Betsy Bromfield Woodard and her husband of two years, Chuck, have nine children and 13 grandchildren between them. They travel in the U.S. and Europe and are active in their church and other organizations. Let’s hope that Betsy finally makes a reunion in 2000.

Betsy Dunnet Lindfors and Ken enjoy their family, especially granddaughter Maya, and work with a teenage exchange program. They plan to visit Bosnia, Albania, and Moldova this year to select students for scholarships to independent schools. Betsy looks forward to Reunion.

Carol Gleason Caldwell’s husband of two years, Bill Hollingshead, has been retired for six years and keeps busy with golf and woodworking. He recently obtained his real estate license and is now full time in Carol’s office. They do quite a bit of boating in a quiet bay on their local lake with romantic moonlit picnics on the boat. Her youngest daughter, Sarah, has a son, Ethan. The Caldwells spent a week in New England last summer and would love to live there in August. Anyone passing through Hot Springs, AR, would be very welcome.

Thetis Group sends her regards to the class and especially her fellow nursing graduates. After serving as dean of the college of nursing at Syracuse University for many years, she retired and moved to Scottsdale, AZ. She keeps busy writing textbooks on feminism and nursing, the medical monopoly, and gender issues related to doctor-nurse relationships. She has a summer home in Salt Lake City and will spend the winter there in 2002 so as not to miss the Olympics.

In 1998, Peggy Hiller Harris retired from teaching learning disabled children in the Savannah, GA, public schools, but tutors children who are no longer in the LD program but who need assistance. She and Stanley sold their home of 30 years and moved to the country on an island. Son Charles is a retinal surgeon in Atlanta, and daughter Carolyn lives in DC, where she is project manager for the Smithsonian Museum.

Anya Hubbard Murray is establishing her fourth and last holistic health practice entitled Wellness First in Longmont, CO. She has a Web site at Her purpose is to empower others to heal themselves through her healing work and presence. For fun she hikes, gardens, rafts, kayaks, cross country and downhill skis, bikes, and swims.

Leslie Knight Abbott is really looking forward to Reunion. Last fall, she hosted a New Trier group at her place on Cape Cod.

Karen Kramm Meyer, a resident of Blacklick, OH, spends winters just around the corner from our first Florida home in Vero Beach.

Susan Laird Robinson is in her sixth year on the volunteer council of the American Symphony Orchestra League in Oklahoma City. She accompanies her husband on business trips, most recently to Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Greece, and all over the Middle East. She is also on various committees locally for Arts in Education for Oklahoma public schools. The May tornado missed them by only three miles.

Jean Lowes Dignazio is retired from many occupations, the last as office manager of a dental practice. Daughter Lisa is married, living and working in Japan for two years. Son John is in a Ph.D. program in California. Jean hopes to make Reunion.

Jean Manimon Gallagher and husband Ray have enjoyed Florida for the last 20 years. They live at Pelican Bay in Daytona Beach, where they keep busy with golf and visitors from the North. Jean has two children–Jeff, 38, and Nancy, 35–and four granddaughters; Ray has three sons in Masschusetts. Jean and Ray volunteer at their local hospital. Jean’s parents, 92 and 87, are still in Naples, so they see them frequently, as well as her two sisters who also live in Florida.

"The brain is tired, so I’ve retired from anything that requires a watch," says Caryn Outcalt Foltz. Instead, she takes her granddaughter to "book babies" at the library, reads several books at one time, plays bridge, and travels from Shaker Heights, OH, to Chautauqua, NY, in the summer and to Delray Beach, FL, in the winter.

Class FOP chair Hadley Sillick Robertson spends her time reading, goofing off, and squeezing money out of the poor souls who answer her phone calls. She designs greeting cards, and I buy them at the car wash, much to her chagrin. As she is so active with Skidmore causes, I suggest she move "buy computer" from the bottom of her to-do list to the top.

Bonnie Vare Smith is vice president of the board of trustees for Lemoyne-Owen College, a 125-year-old United Negro College Fund school, and will become board president in June. She continues in outreach ministry at her church. Bonnie has four granddaughters. She looks forward to Reunion.

Jill Ayers Gilbert and Ellen VanDusen Guthrie are co-chairs of our 40th reunion, June 1—4, 2000. They urge everyone to make plans now to attend. If any of you artists wish to display your creations or perform your talent, we can arrange that. If anyone can give some thought provoking interest to the weekend, please volunteer. Ellen is at 502-245-9237, fax 502-245-7919; and Jill is at 718-858-8812.

In June, as I was standing on a dock amid the Norwegian fjords, I started chatting with a young man who was finishing his semester abroad and was about to return to his college in upstate New York – yup, Skidmore. Then in August, I started chatting with a young bartender in Stockbridge, MA. Eventually, we got to his college and sure enough, the same school. I feel like a traveling Middle Ages relic, proving to these young people that the school has been there a while.

Please call us at 518-580-5600 if you have an address for a "lost" classmate:

Suzanne Besunder Stier
Mary Bishop Ross
Beverly Bristol Davis
Kay Carmel
Nancy Coxon Olson
Glenda Danziger Reingold
Diane De’Angelis Hoffman
Patricia W Edwards
Karen Fischer Smith
Nancy Flatow Schoenrock
Miriam Gerson Dubner
Lana Larson Thompson
Judith Margolin Goodman
Marcia McCormick Scanlan
Ofelia Menendez Ergin
Janice Rowley
Carol Santry Gamet
Dori Weisberg
Joan Weiss Knox
Caryl White Heid
Marlene Yannessa Fox


Sandra Weisman Sheppard
PO Box 2047, Canterbury Rd.
Manchester Center, VT 05255

In Colorado it is not necessary to be married by an official or anyone with a special license, so Kristin Tang ’92, Oscar and Frankie Young Tang’s daughter, asked Marian Rapoport Thier to officiate at her July wedding in Vail to Mike Marston. "I was honored, of course," says Marian. "The event was just perfect, exactly like a Frankie occasion. There were 230 people from all over the world. The actual ceremony was held on the Frankie Tang stage at the Gerald Ford amphitheater. In the ceremony, I made mention of the fact that Frankie would rejoice at the wedding of one of her four beloved children. Even though I had sad moments when I recalled planning for her wedding, most of the weekend was extremely happy, full of life and love, and lots of fun. The wedding party went white water rafting the day before the wedding, some folks played golf, some hiked, some biked – lots of activity." Those events were sandwiched between trips to Poland and the UK for Marian’s work as a mangement consultant.

In June I attended a Longmeadow High School reunion (four classes together because we were so small). I had a great time and saw Patty Paige Johnson there. I also traveled to London and Paris in June, seeing the sights by myself since my husband was sick with what I call "airplane flu." In August, we took an Intergolf trip to the Canadian Rockies. I would put this area very high on a priority list for those who like to travel, golfer or nongolfer. My daughter, Alyssa, has finally gotten a small break out in Hollywood, and appeared in a Nuveen commercial during the Superbowl. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a career which she has worked so hard at for so long.

Condolences to Carole Sussman Heller, whose sister, Ellen Sussman Kovak ’66, died on Sept. 25, 1999, of cancer.


Emily Jansen Kane
19101 SE Sea Turtle Ct., #B101
Tequesta, FL 33469

Twila Fleckten Wolfe spent three weeks in Prague and Vienna singing with the Robert Page Festival Chorus and Czech Radio Philharmonic. She also played Mother Abbess in a community theater production of The Sound of Music.

Barbara Koweek Phillips is first vice president and director of human resources at People’s Bank in Bridgeport, CT. She was recently elected to the board of directors of the Danbury Regional Commission on Child Care, Rights and Abuse Inc., which serves Newtown and surrounding communities to prevent child abuse through empowering families. She and husband Arthur, an endodontist, have three children and three grandchildren.


Jane Snowdon Jones
60 Elmcrest Dr.
Dallas, PA 18612
fax: 717-283-6099

It was exciting to attend the inauguration of President Jamie Studley. Judy Petingell, fresh from a fabulous trip to China, and Ronnie Zolondek Bramesco, and I spent the weekend at Ronnie’s wonderful place in the Berkshires. We spent the morning debating if we should make the hour-plus drive to Saratoga or enjoy the day where we were. With no time to spare, we dashed off to Saratoga, and are we ever glad we did! We arrived at the same time as Hillary Clinton! People were running around trying to get a glimpse of her. There were Secret Service guys everywhere (you can tell them by the ear wires). There was even one in academic regalia in the procession behind Hillary and on the stage. Because of security, all tickets had been stopped early that morning. Fortunately, our Ronnie knew the guy at the entrance, and we were in! The Class of 1963 was well represented. We saw Judy Baldwin Martin, who could not stay for the festivities afterward; Connie Talcott Smith, who was up from Florida to visit with her look-alike daughter who is attending law school in New York; and board chair Joanie Layng Dayton. Penny Dammann Johnston, a trustee, was also there. It was very impressive, filled with pomp and ceremony, but also with gaiety and fun. President Studley made sure to include the students in every facet of the day. At the reception under several huge white tents, she even sang with some of the a cappella groups and danced, too.

In May, Joanie and Bob Dayton welcomed their third grandchild, the first girl born to Bob’s family in several generations. "Very exciting!" says Joanie.

Barbie Ades Bond and husband Ed recently attended youngest son Brian’s wedding at a mountain inn in Tennessee. Brian is on staff at the University of Tennessee, having earned his Ph.D. at Virginia Tech. Husband Ed has retired from the railroad and keeps very busy with hobbies and consultant work. Barbie still directs the church choir and has a few piano pupils. They love the several days each month they spend at their cabin near the Great Smokey Mountains.

Owner, designer, and builder. Ruth Adler Ruder and husband Phillip fit the description of all three in that they designed and built their dream house in Reno, NV. "It took a year," says Ruth, "but we are finally in. Now I look forward to the landscaping!" Ruth has enjoyed volunteer mediation work in past years. She is a class liaison for her high school in New Orleans and was recognized for her leadership for her 40th class reunion in March ’99.

With the same husband since 1964 and the same house since 1972, Sue Lynn Auld Pattison also still has the same children – two daughters, 31 and 28 – and two new sons-in-law. She claims she is the same person, but better and younger! She has been very busy selling the Worth Collection for eight years, and the business is growing.

Susan Blum Loukedis practices law from a home office (professional name: Susan Littman), specializing in communications and computer law. Second daughter Jennifer Littman was married in June.

Since retiring from Syracuse University three years ago, Nancy Clarke Polachek has been doing consultant work but mostly just pursuing the things she never had time for, including golf. She and husband Dick have three grandchildren who live in Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey. They travel to see them often and also to see sights at home and abroad. Loyal fans, they still try to attend most of the Syracuse football and basketball games. "For a small city, Syracuse has a lot to offer in the way of arts and sports." She claims the winters aren’t too bad, especially if you don’t have to drive to work at 7:30 every day. There is practically no traffic and there are lots of great restaurants.

Nancy Crook Rhodes has seven grandchildren and runs ambulance duty as a first responder. "Never a dull moment," she says. Husband Dusty plans to retire this year from Delta Airlines.

Calista Crosby Bookout attended a fabulous Svend Bayer pottery workshop at Hood College. Bayers pots are large enough in which to plant trees. Although claiming hers were somewhat smaller, her largest had 50 pounds of clay in it! Meanwhile, husband Henry went off on a genealogical journey, exploring Frederick, MD; Gettysburg, PA; and Leesburg, VA, looking for ancestors.

In July, Joyce DiBona sold her share of her advertising firm and will remain active on special projects for the next three years. She and husband Robert Weiss travel and keep busy with seven grandchildren.

Diane Doan Colvin and husband Gary are well, happily retired, and enjoying the good life!

Jackie Fernald Montgomery has a 14-year-old ninth-grade son (taller than she) and a booming real estate business in Jackson Hole, WY. She has some more gray hairs and is working on losing 40 pounds, but she gets to travel occasionally and generally finds that life is good.

Mobile, AL, is home to Judy Fuller Aronson and husband Nick. Judy is a graduate of the Class of ’99 Leadership Mobile, a year-long citywide leadership program. Daughter Molly married Tyler Stevens in July in New London, NH.

Holly Gardiner Cohen and husband Barry celebrated 35 years together. Their younger daughter, Dana, was married in June to a man she met her freshman year at Lehigh, where both were computer science majors. She is with a Web development company, and he is a consultant. The Cohens have an older daughter living at home and working in child care. Holly has been working at Reader’s Digest for 12 years. She does direct mail production design, working with art directors and copywriters and marketing in house, and then following the whole process outside with printers, developers, and lettershops.

Judy Pettingell heard from Toni Geis Oliver after our reunion history had been printed, so here’s what Toni is up to: After leaving Skidmore, Toni completed her degrees in English and Spanish at Finch College. She married Norwood Oliver, something, she says, she "got right the first time around." They live on Park Ave. in NYC, have a home in Mantoloking, NJ, and can be found seasonally at Pelican Bay, Naples, FL. After a multifaceted career in her own right, Toni now enjoys "selective participation" in her husband’s business, Norwood Oliver Design Associates Inc (NODA), specializing in commercial interior design. They have traveled to Kenya and Tanzania, Italy, Egypt, and Switzerland (and by now a few more, I’m sure).

Having downsized on home maintenance after 30 years and moving from Montclair, NJ, to a townhouse in Parsippany, Naomi Gotkis Rotter and husband George do not sound like they have downsized anywhere else! Naomi is a professor in the school of management at New Jersey Institute of Technology with activities split between teaching undergraduates and graduates and research in the areas of telecommuting and tele-learning. Daughter Mora and son-in-law Seth reside in Cambridge, MA. Daughter Valerie and son-in-law Miles live in Pittsburgh. Son Ephraim lives in Atlantic City. Daughter Rebecca’s September wedding to Robert Buzas took place at John and Debbie Frankel Reese’s beautiful Vermont farm. Rebecca, like her dad and brother, works in the New York world of advertising. Now that a summer of planning a home wedding is over, Debbie plans to begin painting in her studio in earnest.

Judy Grebin obtained a master’s in science education at NYU and has been a high-school biology teacher and assistant principal of science in NYC schools. She finds work satisfying but also enjoys play, which includes international travel and taking full advantage of the great cultural events in Manhattan.

Judy Hestwood Feagin continues to paint portraits with excursions into other topics for herself. Husband Tom is in what they assume is his slowing down phase of medical practice. He is medical director of the hospice program at a Memphis, TN, city hospital and combines it with a house-call practice in which he sees patients who are unable to get to a doctor’s office. Other than that, they admire their latest addition of character lines and gray hairs, walk the dog, and look forward to cool weather. "Anne Luetkmeyer Stone and I stay in touch, and we’re still crazy after all these years," says Judy. Anne went to Wood Boat School in Maine and built a canoe. "I’m thoroughly enjoying all the midlife crises I can muster," says Anne.

Mildred Krips Boyce raises race horses and loves it.

Ken and June Manley Blohm both retired in August ’98. They abandoned the snows of Rochester for warmer weather in Aiken, SC, a place Ken found from a Money magazine article on the 10 best places to retire. The big move came in March ’99, and though still getting settled, they enjoy year-round outside living. They often see Jean Johnson Monk and Doug, as their home in Greensboro, NC, is now a lot closer.

Last summer, Gwyn Palmer hosted a mini-reunion at her home in Brunswick, ME. Beanie Chun Wong came in from Los Angeles, and they were joined by Marsha McGeorge Hardy from Jefferson, PA; Betsy Devine Ousey and husband Gordon from Valhalla, NY; Shirley Fleming Woodward and husband Jack from Guilford, NH; and Jeanette Chase Fagone and husband Connie from Arlington, MA. The group had a great time cooking lobsters in Gwen’s kitchen, and Betsy made a carrot cake from an old Skidmore cookbook.

Jeanne Robinson Schwartz lives in Haworth, NJ, where she is chair of the department of radiology and chief of section interventional radiology at Morristown (NJ) Memorial Hospital. Husband Jeffrey has his own software company. Son Alec, 33, is a urology resident at New York Medical College and Joshua, 28, is a Columbia M.B.A. graduate with his own value-investment business. Neither son is married, and Jeannie asks, "Any Skiddies out there?"

Nancy Ruch Stevenson and Ben saw the last of three children married in August in Saratoga, CA. Following the wedding, they spent three weeks seeing some of the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and Banff). "Now that all three kids are married," says Nancy, "we’re shopping for a place to retire. Hilton Head Island, SC, seems to be at the top of our list."

In June, Lois Sommer Goglia will have a one-person exhibition called Galapagos Island Fantasy: A Natural Selection at the University of New Haven.

Sandy Wilbert Flesichman has enjoyed her Skidmore connections this year. She played golf twice in Bridgehampton, NY, with Ronnie (I taught her all the golf she knows! ) Bramesco and is looking forward to a trip to Rome with Barbie Nichols Kirwood, where they plan to visit with Dottie Skripak Penner. Sandy’s relationship is still going well, and they planned to spend two months in Summerfield, FL, this winter. She loves retirement and is learning to play golf, bake bread, and weave.

If you ever considered attending the Summer Exploration at Skidmore, hesitate no more! Ronnie and Judy had a most enjoyable time last August. While Judy did art, Ronnie studied psychology with exciting Professor Sheldon Solomon. The week included many activities, such as the Philadelphia Orchestra at SPAC and a day at the races (where I understand Judy won the trifecta!). However, I understand Ronnie is making a contribution to the College for new mattresses!


Bonnie Allen Shertenlieb
6212 Castle Haven Rd.
Cambridge, MD 21613

Jane Denaburg Leavey is the founding director of Atlanta’s William Brennan Jewish Heritage Museum, the largest Jewish museum in the Southeast. Jane has three sons – David, an architect in St. Louis, Jonathan, an entrepreneur in NYC, and Michael, a pre-law student in Atlanta.

Carol Little Weg, who lives in Princeton, NJ, has twin granddaughters, born January 1999. Daughter Audrey lives in Greenwich, CT, with son-in-law Michael and the girls, so Carol gets to see them all fairly often.


Reunion ’00!

Carole Walter Maeder
9 Driftwood Lane
Burlington, VT 05401

Donna Campbell Zuckerman’s daughter, Liz, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in June and is now a reporter for the Union News in Springfield, MA. Son Ethan and his wife live in Williamstown, MA, and after leaving his job from an Internet company, Ethan is relaxing and deciding what to do next. Donna is a paralegal in a matrimonial law firm in White Plains, NY, and husband Don is with the NYS Attorney General’s office in NYC.

Condolences to Tina Garber, whose parents died last year, both age 90. Tina is a creative-arts therapist at South Beach Psychiatric Center on Staten Island. Daughter Sara was married in June. Tina has one granddaughter. She is currently writing her life story.

Pamela Joy Brown owns a document-preparation firm in Phoenix, with branches in Tucson, Flagstaff, and Tempe. She prepares divorces and bankruptcies for her clients throughout Arizona. During Summer Exploration 1998, she gathered seeds from the abundant marigolds growing around the Skidmore campus and shared them with friends around the country who now grow Skidmore marigolds in their own gardens.

Sarah Knight Erlij and Dave became grandparents to twins born in Hong Kong last year. Their daughter and son-in-law have since moved to Columbus, OH – a lot closer. Son Daniel is a talent agent dealing with scriptwriters in LA. Sarah and Dave live in New York and summer on Fire Island and welcome visitors.

Katie McDowell hopes to see many classmates at Reunion.

After conducting animal research for several years, Jane Novak Milberg-Rubenstein decided she would rather work with people. Now she is a pediatric nurse practitioner at Yale Health Plan, and though she specializes in pediatrics, she believes strongly in taking care of the medical, social, and psychological needs of the entire family, not just the child coming in for an office visit.

Bruce and Martha Oakman Clinton are busy building their dream house on top of a mountain in Colorado. They’ve added two horses and two grandchildren to the family.

Ann Schaumburger’s recent work was shown last fall at the Amos Eno Gallery in NYC.

Nashville, TN, resident Linda Schilling Martine recently participated in the 26-mile Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN. Formerly a competitive runner, she became a paraplegic after a 1993 car accident. She trained for several months prior to the marathon to increase her upper body strength and endurance. Linda completed the course by pushing her specially-designed titanium racing wheelchair for three hours and 11 minutes. "I saw the backs of a lot of people," she says. Linda was the oldest wheelchair participant and came in last, but that took nothing away from her victory.

Sarah Smith Munley had two graduates last year – son Silas earned a master’s in clinical evaluative sciences and outcomes research from Dartmouth, while daughter Lissa received a bachelor’s degree from Emory University. Silas now works at the PRI division of Johnson and Johnson, while Lissa works on an 87-foot sailboat teaching scuba diving.

Please call us at 518-580-5600 if you have an address for a "lost" classmate:

Louise Arenson Garrell
Mary Attonito Wilson
Ruth Bishop
Kathleen Bradley Cotton
Mary Calvert Forcellon
Mary Dantino Ayala
Marilina Dieterle
Betsy Eliason Houlihan
Rita Field
Judith Friedman VanVlandren
Mary Gail
Marjorie Gamso
Susan Graham Kadison
Helen Hawkins Green
Judith Hawley Heydt
Cynthia Jones Carleton
Anne Kalemjian Maierfeldt
Kathryn Ketchum Weeman
Karen Kline
Alice Mullarky
Brenda Pond Brandt
Carolyn Pratt Neeley
Barbara Quackenbos
Gail Raymond Webster
Meredith Roop Roose
Deanne Shapiro Canar
Caroline Shepard Nangle
Katherine Shevelson Neuhoff
Rosemary Shevlin
Paula Slowick Francese
Dymetria Smith
Masko Taniguchi Nakanishi
Elsie Thayer
Josena VanTassel Turner
Susan Williams
Nancy Wise Spencer
Ann Yacavone Jameson


Ann LoDolce
1350 Belmont St., Ste. 104
Brockton, MA 02301

In July 1997, Pamela Carson was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer and has spent the past two years doing conventional and alternative therapies. She has become an advocate for cancer survivors, speaking to groups on "Living Fully with a Terminal Illness." Her booklet, Joyful Healing, is distributed at cancer centers. Anyone desiring a copy, please contact her at 111 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, NY 14850 or by e-mail at When Pam was diagnosed, she resigned as director of Educate the Children, the nonprofit organization she founded in 1990, which educates and trains impoverished women and children in rural Nepal. She is deeply gratified that the wonderful work of ETC continues to blossom and flourish under the direction of a new director and active board of directors. Pam loves being retired and feels the preciousness and joy of each day.

Susan Sturges Spagnola is alumna trustee of the Dickinson School of Law of Pennsylvania State University.


Elizabeth Maccracken Winn
421 Alan-A-Dale Hill
Sherwood Forest, MD 21405

Margaret Baker Rennels was named to the national advisory committee on vaccines to CDC, Armer Academy of Pediatrics, and special consultant to the FDA. Husband Marshall works part time and spends the rest of his time taking care of their Eastern Shore property. Susan Merrick Bacon visited and all had a great time.

Betsey Chandler Sutton is the part-time director of promotion and development at the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation. She coordinates fundraisers and volunteers and is in charge of media relations.

In the spring, Dedree Drees will have an online computer-illustration course from Baltimore County Community College, where she is professor of art and computer graphics. In the meantime, check out her Web site at

Mark and Susan Gottlieb Beckerman re-met at their high school’s 100th birthday reunion. Although they had dated each other as seniors in high school, neither had gone to the senior prom. According to Susan, this reunion made up for that! Susan’s daughter Ruth, 16, has enrolled at Simon’s Rock College, leaving the newlyweds with an empty nest. The new Mrs. Beckerman says, "We’ll have to figure out what to do now." Sue, Betsey Sutton, Laura Lee Linder, Nancy Mersfelder Mann, Corky Corcoran DeMarco attended the inauguration of President Jamie Studley. Beverly Harrison Miller, alumni association president, says, "What an event! Hillary Clinton spoke, and I did too! There must have been 150 representatives from other colleges, and the procession was long and colorful." Nancy ’s younger son is at the College of Wooster and her older son is beginning a medical technician program.

As of December 1998, Chris Leader Hoffmeister is a grandmother, thanks to daughter Erica and son-in-law Dave. Delaney Christine’s emergency premature birth and the months following were a challenging time for the entire family. The baby is making good progress now, and Chris writes, "How satisfying to see your own daughter become a loving and capable parent!" Chris’s son, Greg, and his wife recently bought a house in Needham, MA, just two miles from Chris and George. Greg is the fifth generation of the family to live in Needham.

Logan Parry Hottle says that if anyone is thinking of taking a trip to the Vail, Copper, Keystone areas, summer or winter, give her a call. She’d love to show you the sights. After getting her M.B.A. at Wharton in 1977 and spending 19 years at Johnson and Johnson, she took an early out at age 50. Logan and husband Will now keep their primary residence in Leadville, CO, where Will continues his architectural practice and she teaches downhill skiing. Spring and fall they live on their 36-foot sailboat and cruise the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic coast.

Lorraine Rorke Bader’s daughter, Linden, is at UC-Berkeley. Son Tony is in eighth grade at San Francisco Day School. Lorraine joined seven other women for an Outward Bound expedition of canoeing and backpacking in the Cascade Mountains of Washington. She says it was an amazing physical and mental challenge and a very rewarding experience.

Last spring, Sudee Sanders, who teaches at Barton and Johnson School in Cherry Hill, NJ, participated in the Art Educators’ Forum at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Sudee serves on the University of Pennsylvania Education Alumni Association.

Chris Wilsey Goodwin is chair of Skidmore’s Friends of the Presidents Committee. She reminds us that for Y2K and beyond, Friends of the Presidents society includes donors who give $2,000 or more. She would love to have as many of us as possible on the growing list of FOP donors.

Stay in touch and tell us what is important in your life these days. E-mail is especially great!


Molly Meyer
496 Whitney Ave., #1C
New Haven, CT 06511

Letty Derman Thall is director of a 50-member organization of child welfare agencies in Philadelphia – Children, Youth, and Family Council.

Louise Diracles has an empty nest! Son John, a student at Long Beach State, will join Louise and Kramer on a visit and trek in Nepal, where daughter Katherine has been studying Tibet.

Suzanne Phillips sells real estate with Coldwell Banker in Atlanta, where the market, she says, is hot. She invites classmates to visit.

Alicia Scheichet Oberstein teaches French and Spanish at Ransom Everglades School in Coconut Grove, FL. Husband Sam, an ob/gyn, retired from private practice and now does research. Daughter Elana is in her third year of medical school, and son Ari is a licensed funeral director.


Elizabeth McKinley Loomis
8 Leather Lane
Beverly Farms, MA 01915

Jan Babson Anderson still has dogs! After 26 years with St. Bernards, "We now have one Old English sheepdog and are about to adopt a red-haired standard poodle," she says. Jan teaches scrapbooking and photo preservation out of her home and in community and continuing education classes in Dallas, TX. "I love what I do and share and the people I help document their stories. Life has been good – we are well and feel very lucky."

Susan Broadbin Thomas’s son Christopher ’02, is a sophomore at Skidmore, and daughter Caitlin is a junior at Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore and beginning the college hunt. The family enjoyed a trip to Switzerland and the chance to all be together on one of those rare occasions we are all familiar with. Susan welcomes a visit from any ’69er; her e-mail address is She and husband Bill are in Lutherville, MD.

Jeanine Caltagirone Jacobson’s daughter, Katie, grade nine, wore her mother’s yellow Skidmore 69 T-shirt to school one day. "I was afraid to ask what comments she received on this near-antique piece of clothing!" says Jeanine.

After five years in London and Rome thanks to husband Josh’s job with Mobil Oil, Cathy Cordova Reinitz is in Potomac, MD. She’s a teaching assistant at a local private school. Daughters Julie and Amy are at the University of Rochester, and Karen, a 1997 graduate of Brandeis University, is pursuing her passion for fashion.

Ann-Linn Diamond Glaser keeps in close touch with former roommate Margery Libin Serkin. Their parallel lives include children, work, volunteering, and community involvement. "We are still an integral part of each other’s lives," says Ann-Lin. She saw Melinda Reach at the fabulous restaurant Jean-Paul’s Bistro, which Melinda’s husband runs in Blue Hill, ME.

I have seen Gretchen Dorn Anderson several times recently since her brother is married to my sister-in-law. She married Tom Anderson in 1997 and resides in Bloomfield Hills, MI. With six children between them, life is busy.

Nancy Holmes Shumaker and Tom are still in Pennsylvania, and she would love to hear from classmates.

Betsy Judge Lowe left Skidmore in ’67 and graduated from NYU in ’69. She lives in Phoenix, MD, where she studies Reiki and distributes Nikken magnets. She is in a writers’ group, takes classes in painting and Judaism, and studies Shambhala and meditation. Her family includes husband George, an internist, daughters Hannah and Mariel, two rabbits, and three ponds stocked with goldfish. They particularly enjoy traveling to New Mexico and collecting Asian and African art.

Heather Knickerbocker Chace is nursing supervisor at a nonprofit longterm- care facility in Watertown, CT. Husband Roger is an audit manager with DeLeo and Co. Son Christian graduated from Widener University in 1998 with an electrical engineering degree and is now a patent examiner for the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, DC. Son Jeffrey is finishing a degree in hospital management at Widener and works for Marriott Corp. in Philadelphia.

Christine Noel Schulte welcomes classmates visiting Florida. She and husband Bernd live between Boca Raton and Palm Beach, FL. Son Peter attends the school of engineering at Cornell University. His passion is commercial aviation; he has been flying since age 16.

Victoria Prescott Brown moved to Palm Harbor, FL, where she enjoys "fun in the sun." She had a long career in human resources and is now consulting. "My career in HR was extremely rewarding and satisfying," she says. "For the first time, I am considering speaking at colleges and universities regarding this career path. In summary, life is good. I’m enjoying every minute of it."

Sara Ritz Kaplowitz missed Reunion for her daughter’s high-school graduation, but she enjoyed the 25th and looks forward to the 35th. She lives in Livingston, NJ.

Business journalist and author Liz Roman Gallese was recently named vice president for news and information at Inc. She directs content development for the leading provider of individualized news and information for business professionals on the Web.

Alex Schilling Friedman was sorry to miss Reunion but looks forward to seeing the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery one of these days. She’s still in England and earned an M.A. in heritage management from the University of Greenwich and is now helping a new, innovative museum in Surrey prepare to open. One son graduated from Colgate in May and is a paralegal for a NYC firm, another son will graduate from Dartmouth in 2000, and her daughter is a junior at Vermont Academy.

My Skidmore roommate, Chris Steffens Roe, moved to Frisco, CO, and is still a part-time nurse. Daughter Shirley, married, is in Spain for a year. Sons Gates and Peter are in California and Colorado, respectively.

Peggy Vinal Mosher regrets missing Reunion and all her nursing friends. She is enrolled in a master’s program, which met that weekend. She resides in Hingham, MA, with husband Bob, whom she married in 1996, and teaches first grade in Duxbury, MA – her 29th year. Son Kris, a ’97 graduate of Middlebury, is at the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard, and daughter Laren is a senior at the University of Arizona.

Following up on Phyllis Fradkin Boynton’s suggestion of mini-reunions, six of us met in August on Nantucket at the home of Brownie Eaton Roe in Greenwich, CT. Enthusiastic attendees were Diana Clark Crookes, Anne Harvey Grote, Carol Curran Lyall, Dithy Black Richards, and me. Most of Nantucket could hear our laughter and the bat chase will be long remembered at future gatherings. After 17 years of classroom teaching, Dithy is now teaching gifted students in Bedford, NH; Brownie is a first-grade teaching assistant in Greenwich, CT; and Nannie is teaching at L’Ecole Bilangue in Cambridge, MA.

As a transplant back to New England after 20 years on the West Coast, it has been especially gratifying for me to renew my Skidmore connections and rediscover how important they are. It is not too soon to be thinking about 2004 and our fabulous 35th reunion!


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