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Reunion ’00!

Margery Mellman
255 Sixth Ave.
New York, NY 10014

In September 1999, Elaine Allen was appointed professor of mathematics and statistics at Babson College in Wellesley, CA. She continues to consult in the biotech and healthcare areas through her consulting company, MetaWorks.

Marsha Bayly Schoene teaches elementary special education in Seattle. Son Tyson, 23, is in Seattle; son Blair, 21, graduated Phi Beta Kappa with high honors in geology from Colorado College in May 1999 and now teaches geology there; Peter, 16, is a high-school junior, who plays soccer year round, as does daughter Katie, 13, a high-school freshman.

Fredie Bishoff Halvorsen completed a master’s in education from the University of Colorado in July 1999 and is now director of a brand new preschool. She and husband Rich have three children – Josh, 17, Rebekah, 15, and Jonathan, 11 – and live in Denver.

Jane Cady Haley and husband Peter have been in the Greenwich, CT, area for 12 years, after three years in Tokyo. Jane keeps busy with children Betsy, a senior at Princeton, Meg, a first-year student at Boston College, and Pete, a third grader. She also does volunteer work, golfs, and plays tennis.

Ann Diller has been living in Saratoga Springs since she graduated from the University of Southern California in 1977 with an M.S.W. Her private psychotherapy practice passed its 14th anniversary. For fun, Ann plays tennis, travels, and is learning to weave.

Melissa Eichler Stephenson enjoys her visits to campus three decades after graduation to see daughter Hannah Stephenson ’03.

Jean Fei is a member of the NAACP of Saratoga County and president of Saratogians for the Equality and Acceptance of Diversity.

Alice Flax Avigal is a registered music therapist in San Diego, CA. Her daughter, 22, is a junior at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA.

Although Laurie Hamilton has a general psychology practice, she does most of her work in treating traumatic stress. She trains mental-health professionals in critical-incident debriefing and is the Red Cross disaster mental-health coordinator and trainer for western North Carolina, where she and her family have lived since 1991. Husband Jack has a busy tax law practice. Their sons are both at UNC-Chapel Hill, Jake in his first year of medical school and Will in his junior year, majoring in medical anthropology .

Judith Joslin Mariano looks forward to retiring from teaching high-school art and pursuing other interests. Daughter Meghan will graduate from Ohio State University in August to pursue a career in sports management. Son Matt survived his plebe year at the U.S. Naval Academy and is enjoying his second year as an engineering major. Husband Pete began a new venture managing a golf course.

Lanie Lippincott Peterson moved for the fourth time in five years, this time to Vancouver, WA, just north of Portland. Husband Larry is city editor of the Columbian. Lindsay, 11, is in sixth grade, gets too much homework, and is training on a gymnastics team. Lanie writes on architecture for the Seattle Times magazine in addition to being Lindsay’s chauffeur and cheerleader.

Barbara Lydecker Crane juggles two careers – administrator, as co-director of Lexington Communication Education, and artist, making, exhibiting, and selling landscape quilts. One of her quilts was on the cover of The World, the journal of the Unitarian-Universalist Association, and another is in Fiberarts Design Book 6. Barbara also gives slide lectures and teaches workshops. Daughter Sarah is considering Skidmore, and Elizabeth is a science teacher at the Fieldston School.

Mary Ann McKay is contracts manager for Netscape Communications, a new subsidiary of America Online. Mary Ann and Marcia Huntoon Kelley had a brief fun reunion in Leesburg, VA, in October, when Mary Ann was visiting on a business trip to AOL headquarters.

Susan Necarsulmer Goldsmith hopes to see us all at our big reunion in June. She is in her fifth year teaching at Greenwich Country Day School in Greenwich, CT. Last summer, she visited Lucia Berger West in northern Michigan, with lots of talk and laughter, and recently had a visit from Cheryl Rogers Green and husband Bob, when they stayed overnight with her.

Last fall, Jondra Nolan exhibited Reflections in the hallway at Art Resources Transfer in NYC’s Chelsea district.

Alice Phillips Zelkha lives in Palo Alto, CA, with husband Eli and children Darius, a recent graduate of Oberlin, Jeremy, 18, and Chloe, 8. Alice is a registered labor and delivery nurse at a local hospital.

After a year in England, Marjorie Russell Peff returned to Rhode Island. Son Robert Peff ’99 was an art major, daughter Laura Peff ’01 is in her junior year at Skidmore, and son Alex is a senior at Green Mountain College. Marjorie and Peter have a new arrival – of the four-legged variety.

JoAnne St. Mary Foster, who lives in Stafford, VA, got married again in 1996. "Three’s a charm," she says. "This husband is wonderful!" He’s a retired Army colonel, now a project manager for SY Technologies. Son Robert graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and is now an Army lieutenant. JoAnne bought a horse last year – a continual challenge and constant source of joy, but she no longer has time for volunteer work as a master gardener. She still enjoys annual vacations in Virgin Gorda.

Carolyn Schatz is associate producer in the science unit headed by correspondent Robert Bazell at NBC. She works from her home office in Winchester, MA. "I was researcher for his book that came out last fall, whose title I will shorten for the sake of brevity to Her-2, " says Carolyn. "It’s about herceptin, a therapy for breast cancer. I still hope to put my master’s degree from Harvard to use at some point." She has spoken with Barbara Cushing Schultz and visited with Betty Gelburd Gass.

Pam Schick Kelsey is at work planning our 30th reunion with Jan Johnstone, Carol Hammer, and Candice Tasman Varley. Pam served on the inauguration committee for President Studley for nine months and, therefore, was pretty close to the backstage workings of the event. As alumna trustee and reunion planner, she’s on campus "all the time." Last fall, Pam ran into Wendy Berman Bloom at the Rhode Island School of Design parents’ weekend.

Judy Strohmeier Reece lives in Brookline, MA, with husband of 22 years Brooks and sons Brooks, 17, and Nick, 15, who attend Noble and Greenough School. Having trained for a year at the Carroll School in the Orton Gilligham method for teaching dyslexic learners, Judy now enjoys tutoring language arts to elementary-school students.

Gretchen Traas Spencer is head of the lower school at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School in Washington, DC. After 20 years in the classroom, she says, "It’s quite a switch. I’m enjoying the challenges. There is at least one parent I know who graduated from Skidmore." Husband Bailey works for SAP America, a software company. Daughter Sarah is steeped in the college search and will graduate from Georgetown Day School this year. She loved Skidmore but is leaning toward a bigger school such as the University of Virginia.

Elizabeth Tuchols Colby retired from teaching art on Dec. 12, 1992 (I’m fascinated by her recitation of that exact date), and now spends a lot of time traveling, playing bridge, and golfing. She has 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Elizabeth says it’s has been wonderful watching them grow up and taking them to museums, theater, and amusement parks.

Condolences to Lynn Doe Shipway, whose mother, Marty Lynn Doe ’45, died last August.


Candace Keeler Krop
1629 Godfrey Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Barbara Emerson is advertising director at Horticulture magazine, where Tom Cooper ’76 is editor.

While cleaning out closets for a yard sale, Vini Norris Exton came upon a 1978 issue of Mademoiselle magazine containing an interview with her when she worked for the National Outdoor Leadership School, as well as a full-page Rossignol ad featuring Holly Harman. "Boy," says Vini, "did we look young!"

Janet Lee Beach had dinner with MB McDonald in San Francisco. They had a great time, as usual. Both women are consulting–Janet is managing partner for U.S. Marketing Services, and MB consults in technology and organizational change.

Sue Anne Steffey Morrow visited Skidmore with her oldest child and was impressed with the College, the students they met, the classes they attended, and with Saratoga Springs–"all changes for the better," says Sue Anne.

Nicole Visconsi Mawby’s kids are growing up and leaving the nest. Daughter Idie, 26, lives and works in Ketchum, ID; son Tony, 24, spent last summer working in Nantucket; daughter Tommie, 21, is a senior at the University of Dayton; and Claire, 15, is a high-school sophomore. Nicole still ballroom dances and recently started rehabbing a 60-year-old house for resale. She is looking for studio space to return to her art–batik and enameling.


Nancy McNiff
10419 Cable Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63131

Betty Smith Crawford would love to hear from Karen, Diana, Astrid, and Marty – "my very best wild and crazy friends for four fabulous years," she says.


Elizabeth Nace
30 Owen Ave.
Queensbury, NY 12804

Joan Carey and husband Andy Baron are adjusting to their empty nest by walking, biking, kayaking, and skiing. Son Andy is a junior at Middlebury College, and daughter Sara is a freshman at Dartmouth College.

Eugenia Harper Jones researches human papillovirus in college-aged women and enjoys the hours that nursing research allows her to spend with her family. Josie is in seventh grade, Jessica is in third, and husband Tony, says Eugenia, "is living the dream of his life – surrounded by women!"

Susan Robinson, president of the Staten Island Symphony and associate provost of Wagner College, was named president and CEO of Snug Harbor Cultural Center and is the first Islander to hold the position. She assumed her post in November. Susan is also a member of the board of State Island Academy and is chair of the education and strategic planning committees at the school.


Beth Chiquoine
150 Main Street
Wellsboro, PA 16901

Kathleen Biggie Peters’s daughter, Jennifer, got married last May. She and husband Steven are students at Purdue University.

Patti Brennan and family had a great time at Reunion and then enjoyed a trip to England. Patti has opened her own law office in West Chester, PA, and focuses on family law, estate planning, and divorce and custody mediation.

Meg Brinster Michael’s oldest daughter, Alexis, is a sophomore at Barnard. She rides competitively and has qualified to ride in the Marshall and Sterling Class at the Washington International Horse Show. Katie is a junior at Stuart Country Day and is looking at colleges, and Caroline is in first grade.

Lynne Catero Weinlandt’s whole family enjoyed being at Skidmore for Reunion in June – "especially the kids," says Lynne, "who loved all the special events planned for them."

Ella Crow was appointed walks and workshops coordinator for Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, OR, and also serves as education program assistant.

Brad and Robin Friedman Klatt ’76 live in Livingston, NJ. Their oldest of four, Sam, is a freshman at Johns Hopkins. Brad is a partner at Roseland Property Company.

Since her family’s move in 1995 from Philadelphia to Baltimore, Susan Doran Weitzmann left teaching to spend more time with her family. She volunteers a lot at the Friends School of Baltimore where children Peter, 13, and Leigh, 10, attend. Kerry Crist and daughter Allison toured Williamsburg with Susan and kids in June. Susan also keeps in touch with Sally Remick Colacicco and Debbie Bottomley Nelson and has enjoyed watching their children grow.

On Jan. 1, Judith Ferrell O’Shea of Elmira was sworn in as a New York State Supreme Court justice in the 12-county sixth judicial district. Elected to a 14-year term, she is the first female justice in the sixth district.

Diane Krukowski is working on two commissioned folding screens while trying to cut back hours as a case manager at Orick Herrington.

Margie Larkin Hutchison has a boarding and training facility for horses in Valatie, NY, just south of Albany. She competes in combined training and enjoys every minute. Her PE roommate and best friend, Paula Voight Jause, is nearby, and Paula’s daughter, Beth Anne, rides with Margie.

Laura Lasker was proud to bring son Ryan, 17, to Skidmore last summer for a tour – her first visit in 25 years. "Skidmore has emerged from the all-girls school it was in my day into a terrific, classy co-ed college that compared extremely favorably with other colleges we visited. Go Skidmore!" says Laura.

Denise Marcil hosted the Fairfield alumni club millennium potluck reception at her home on Jan. 16.

James Melville is president of Melo Company Inc., manufacturers of soft luggage. The business is doing well, and he has expanded into the European market. After purchasing Oncan Industries in Syracuse, NY, he has over 70 employees.

Lisa Merrick Munsey and Brian, married for 26 years, have three sons – James, a junior at the University of South Carolina; Chris, a high-school junior; and Robbie, a sixth grader. Lisa has stopped teaching but tutors in the elementary school and volunteers for the public library by reading to children (and encouraging their parents to read to them) while they wait to see a doctor at the regional hospital. Lisa’s parents have moved closer to them on Hilton Head Island, SC, after living most of their lives on Long Island.

Selma Papperman Suzuki checked in from the West Coast. She has earned two master’s degrees and has combined her teaching experience (age 2 through adults) with counseling. She is a family and business therapist, seeing clients for counseling in her private practice and providing training and consultation in work settings. She’s also an active community member and a regular on the local TV morning news, addressing topics related to emotional-skills development and connecting that to breaking news. Happy and well, Selma loves her home in the Santa Cruz Mountains, 20 minutes from the Pacific, where husband Kei surfs. Selma would love to hear from others.

Enjoying Saratoga in the summer, Emily Pavlovic and her fiancé came to watch their horse run at the Saratoga racetrack. They had a wonderful time watching the races with Kate Ferris and Vicki Greene Aldrich, even though their horse never got to run after all!

Sara Pedowitz Streatfeild missed Reunion because she spent the weekend watching her twins graduate from college – Olivia from Princeton and Jeremy from Bowdoin. When her children started college, Sara started a real-estate management company in Bergen County, NJ, specializing in relocation housing. She enjoys the work and has met interesting people.

Anne Peterson Conolly enjoyed seeing everyone at Reunion. She continues as dean of students at Albany Academy, has two children in college and two children in school with her.

Larry Rosenmann’s daughter, Libby, is a freshman at Rensselaer, and son Joshua takes classes there and at Hudson Valley Community College to satisfy his high-school requirements. Larry is in charge of the pesticide monitoring program for the state of New York Department of Conservation. He remains happily married to Susan, his wife of 21 years, and he’d love to hear from classmates.

After 22 years of teaching, Fran Silbert Hewitt is excited to be teaching elementary art again in her new position for the Franklin, NH, school district. Daughter Sarah is an active sixth grader.

Tobi Solomon Gold lives with son Ben Halpern, an eighth-grader, and their two cats in Franklin, MA. She is a technical training consultant. And Ben loves bowling, traveling, and N64, naturally.

Jo-Anne Thompson had a ball at Reunion and hopes to reconnect with Debbie Prudden Lathrop, Pat Eggers, Pam Ulman Schlussel, and Joy Kasper Tina at our 30th, if not before!

Reunion weekend coincided with graduations for some families. Meg Tipper’s son graduated from high school and is now at Bates. After 18 years in their "starter" home, Meg and family moved. So with one in college and a new mortgage, early retirement is no longer an option. Meg’s new address is: 6216 Pinehurst Road, Baltimore, MD 21212.

Condolences to Teresa Ernst Waterman, whose mother, Faith Hackwell Ernst ’46, died in July 1999.


Reunion ’00!

Noreen Reilly
114 Cushing Ave.
Boston, MA 02125

Jo-Anne Head is a Web site developer for AT&T and spends 75 percent of her time doing cold-fusion programming. Her oldest son, George Whitfield, is a freshman at MIT.

Nellee Higgins Fine’s work as an oncology nursing consultant is on hold since her move back to Boston. Carpooling to hockey and football and caring for her mother are priorities. Nellee has seen Liz Young King ’74 and Cindy Kriesmer Carr ’74 and hopes to see more classmates at Reunion.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton saw Skidmore for the first time in 20 years when she dropped off daughter Penelope for the summer PASS program. Penelope loved it, and Beth got to "walk down memory lane." She returned home to prepare for a one-woman show of drawings and paintings at the Martin-Zambito Fine Art Gallery in Seattle, which ran Sept. 2—Oct. 6 and was a great success.

Sarah Scannell Hyde earned a master’s from Antioch College in 1992 and now teaches high-school and elementary-school English. Sarah, husband David, and daughters Erin,17, and Kathryn, 14, live in Pownal, ME.

Please call us at 518-580-5600 if you have an address for a "lost" classmate:

Mary Ackerman LaRocca
Joyce Allerhand
Andrea Altin Lassak
Jeffrey Andrews
Kathryn Babakian
Beverly Balmos Espinosa
Ronald Lee Barber
Suzanne Bartels
Ellen Bauer Forlenza
Margaret Becker
Ronald Berglas
Gabrielle Canino Wickes
Ann Capelli
Jean Carlson
Mary Cellucci Woodbridge
Ronald Lee Ceravolo
Linda Covert
Maria D’Andrea Wallace
Johanna DeLaura
Caroline Dix
Theresa Doran Jeffcoat
Diane Driggs Mallory
Marie Ellsworth
Gunnar Eng
Susan Farnsworth
Lila Garnett
Marjorie Hake
Carol Henry
Meredith Herndon Merwin
Debra Holland
Patricia Hurley Wieser
Beatrice Johnstone Brooks
Cynthia Jones
Isabel Karl
Christina So Kung
Anne So Kung
Dale LaPoint
Catherine Af Lanpher
Thomas Laske
Joni Loubet
Laurie MacGregor
Suzanne Mallet Gardner
Mary Beth Mastrianni
Elaine McDonough
Kim Foster McLeod
Judith Mellicker
Michelle Meyer Aulino
Sharon Millican
Anne Minges
Patricia Nolan Shea
Rudo Nyamuswa
Matthew Oviatt
Barbara Owen
Nimet Pamir Gundogan
Deborah Parker
Lisa Peck Hanabergh
Adrian Platt
Vena Ray
Margaret Rice Campbell
Barbara Rubensohn
Robin Scarborough
Margaret Schwalm Lauber
Maureen Shannon
Stephen Shapiro
Howard Jay Silverman
Richard Slater
Melinda Stein
Susan Stoecker
Lieselotte Straus
Susan Tahmoush Brown
Kathryn Tucker
Andrea Vuocolo
Deborah Wall
Patricia Wassermann Maguire
Dorothy Welch Wallace
Elpha White
Joy Wilcox Elliott
Noreen Young
Lillian Zayas Ruiz


Ingeborg Hegemann Clark
26 Kerrington Way
Stow, MA 01775

Peter Appelbaum owns an export company and travels frequently outside the U.S. Wife Nancy owns a medical supply business. They live in N. Miami Beach, FL.

Cheryl Beckles attended the inauguration of President Studley with sister alumnae Angela Alexander Knight, Bonnie Ashton Brooks, Josie Duckett, and Marsha Levell ’81. "We made the weekend a mini-reunion, staying at a wonderful B&B and finishing the weekend at a day spa!" reports Cheryl.

Newlyweds Lisa Burke and Wayne Boerem enjoy their new home in Baldwin, NY. Lisa returns to Saratoga Springs each summer to attend the annual NYS Public Welfare Officials Conference. Lisa is Nassau County treasurer.

Sue Flanagan enjoyed having Nancy Andrew Dyer visit her in Washington, DC, while Nancy was working in the city last year.

Brad ’74 and Robin Friedman Klatt live in Livingston, NJ. Their oldest of four, Sam, is a freshman at Johns Hopkins. Robin is a fundraiser.

Karen Schwarz Schlansky started an antiques business, Rose Court Asian Antiques, in 1998 as a result of her family’s travels to China. She lives in Chappaqua, NY, with husband Mitchell, daughter Dana, 16, and son David, 13.

Anestis Symeonides is senior political analyst, U.S. Embassy, Athens. His work at the embassy was deeply affected by the war in Kosovo. With 99 percent of the Greek people opposed to the U.S.-led bombing of Yugoslavia, the embassy became the focus of huge demonstrations and protest. American claims about "humanitarian bombing" were dismissed outright. Kosovo restored "anti-Americanism" among Greeks. The family’s latest project has been cleaning one of the family-owned houses on the island of Patmos. Says Anestis, "Searching piles of ancient stuff, we retrieved deeds from the early 1800s, 19th-century photographs, and some documents dating back to the late 1600s. One of the more remarkable findings was a silk Greek flag, exposed to the elements (all windows of the room where the flag was found are missing). Remarkably, and after a good wash, the flag is in near perfect condition, albeit with slightly faded colors and a hole here and there."


Constance Martin
15205 NW Eugene Lane
Portland, OR 97229
Fax: 503-690-6821

College of the Redwoods has a new president, Casey Crabill. At the time she was offered the post at CR, Casey was serving as the interim president of Gateway Community Technical College in New Haven, CT. Prior to Gateway, she was a dean and interim president at Quinebaug Valley Community Technical College in Danielson, CT. Congratulations, Casey.

After a few years in St. Louis, Jennifer Gregory Wehrle is excited to be living back in the Big Apple. Daughter Eliza is in kindergarten, which allows Jennifer time to look for a job.

Annie Jamison was recently appointed to the board of directors of the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation, a new nonprofit organization dedicated to education, support, and advocacy for children, families, and professionals. Annie co-wrote an article with her sister that was published in the Bryn Mawr College bulletin’s spring ’99 issue on "Living with a Disability." Annie has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and sister Edie is often her caretaker. The article can be found on the Web at

No longer a staff accompanist at Skidmore, Judy Long Avitabile teaches voice at other area colleges – Union and Russell Sage – and has a private voice studio. She is also relearning piano technique by the Dorothy Taubman method.

Ruth Loomis lives in Los Angeles with husband Josh Silver and daughter Rebecca, 2.

Since 1988, Diane Mastrorocco has been a Weight Watchers leader and was named Outstanding Leader for the NYC/Long Island district.

Sara Maurer and husband Gregory Johnson announce the birth of Margot Learned on March 22, 1999.

Marilyn Modny Gregory is still art directing in film but took some time off recently to work on a Designer Show House in Morristown, NJ, called A Mansion in May. She and a partner designed a room, and Marilyn painted a few portraits (her side business) to decorate the room.

Susan Monohan Crua teaches music in Canajoharie, NY, and is working on a master’s in music education at the College of St. Rose.

Deborah Osman Fieber is a speech and language pathologist for the Wilton, CT, public schools. Twins Brian and Gregory are freshman at Williams College, and daughter Sarah Kate is in the eighth grade. Her youngest, Daniel, is in the fourth grade. Coincidentally, Sarah Kate is the best of friends with Robin Sanson Sherman’s daughter. Robin and husband Howard live in Wilton with their sons, ages 15 and 9, and two other daughters, ages 11 and 6. Two yellow Labrador retrievers round out the mix. Robin is a full-time mom.

After living in East Amherst for 14 years, William and Kathryn Schubert Whyland relocated to Manlius, NY, for his job as regional sales manager for a waste-management company. Son Matt is in ninth grade, Liz is in seventh grade, and Meaghan is in fourth grade.

Jenny Sheehan is a victim advocate at a district attorney’s office in Kingston, NH. Husband Sean McDonnell is head football coach at the University of New Hampshire. Children Timmy and Tommy are well and love living in a college town.

Congratulations to Pamela Smith, who married James Tyrrell in Chatham, MA, in June. Nora Berdinella and Sarah Hibbard Pyle attended the festivities.

Catherine Spanondis Vangelatos is a nurse-practitioner at New York Presbyterian Hospital in an advanced practice role. She lives in New York with husband Costas and son Spiros.

Cynthia Staats Weed lives in central New York State and enjoys the nearby Adirondack Mountains. She began working last year as a preschool teacher – a change (and much more fun, says Cynthia) from junior-high English. Daughter Sarah, 12, is an avid skater, plays flute, and rides horses, and Colin, 14, is busy with the swim team, marching band, and Boy Scouts. Husband John is an environmental program manager, working on his Ph.D. in environmental engineering, and is commander of a Civil Affairs Army Reserve Unit.

Priscilla Stern Sporl, a resident of the San Francisco Bay area for 20 years, is a partner in an investment management firm and stays in touch with Eloise Carriere and Jill Shachat Bell ’78.

Congratulations to Millie Tan, who adopted an 11-month old girl from China in July and named her Eleanor. She is a real joy, says Millie. Millie is director of marketing at Polaroid and recently moved to Marlborough, MA, from Chestnut Hill.

Peter Weisman lives in Bernardsville, NJ, and sells major office and industrial buildings. Twins Matt and Jordan, 11, are budding athletes – Jordan made the all-stars in baseball, and Matt went to the state wrestling finals.

Condolences to Sarah Foulke, whose father died in September 1999 of pancreatic cancer.


Loreena Booth Bora writes that she was recently elected president of the Girl Scouts of Southwestern Connecticut. In this volunteer position, she leads the board of directors, on which she has served for four years. She continues at Fleet National Bank as a senior vice president and team leader in the private clients group. She and husband Doug have two children – Scott, 8, and Libby, 6.

Barbara Haas married Stephen Kisken on Oct. 17, 1998, in Darien, CT. Barbara has been teaching in Darien since 1981 and is a special-education teacher at Ox Ridge Elementary School. Stephen is a pilot with USAirways, and they reside in Stamford, CT.


Kim West
1245 Arden Rd.
Pasadena, CA 91106

Jim Gluckson is vice president for communications at Sports Marketing and Television International in Greenwich, CT. Jim is responsible for all publicity and media relations for the Breeders’ Cup Championships and the Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. He also handles SMTI’s corporate communications. Larry Lichtenstein reports that one of the pleasures of August in Saratoga is the chance to get together with Jim, who was recently named by the Racing Form as one of the "Ten Coolest People in Horse Racing."

Andrea Manyon regretted not being able to attend Reunion but promises to return for the 25th.

Tony Morano started working for a company that buys and sells computer network hardware–routers, hubs, switches, cables. It is one of the more experienced and stable companies of its kind, having been in existence for 21 years. If you have interest in the products by virtue of their position in their companies, check out their Web sites – or–or e-mail Tony at Tony and wife Leja Kicak have a son,Timothy, 2.

Mary Nelen Whitacre is in Boston, where she is a reporter for Boston magazine and Mass High Tech, a weekly trade paper. She also continues to run POP 7, a digital-production company she started six years ago in New York.

Mary Rech Rockwell received a Ph.D. in history from SUNY-Buffalo last spring. Her dissertation was entitled "Elite Women in Buffalo, 1880-1910." Mary is head of the upper school at Nichols School in Buffalo. She is married and has two sons – Rocky, 11, and Charlie, 8.

Condolences to Julie Hoxsie, whose mother, Katherine Rathbun Hoxsie ’40, died July 1999.


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