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Winter 2002

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Reunion ’02!

Helen Cole Netter


Marjorie Yetter Walls

Eleanor Searle Wurzburger cherishes her independence and still enjoys tending the backyard of her Virginia residence.

Former California resident Mary “Betty” Middleton Lundberg lives in an assisted-living facility near the home of daughter Lynne and her husband in Vienna, VA. Although physically strong, Betty has difficulty reading even larger print. Happily, she is still an avid bridge player and spends time with Lynne every day. Betty can be contacted at her daughter’s address: 2114 Patty Lane, Vienna, VA 22182; 703-356-5865.

My granddaughter, an engineer with Verizon in Boston, spent a week in NYC helping to restore telecommunications disrupted in the wake of the September 11 attacks. She said that television did not capture the true extent of the devastation she witnessed there.


Sarah Miller Curtin


Elizabeth Norlander Newell

Charlotte Smith King teaches a flexibility course at a senior center, instructs members at her country club in water aerobics, volunteers for Skidmore, and is a board member of several charitable organizations. Her family includes son David in Rochester, NY; a grandson in Denver, CO; and another grandson who is finishing a doctorate in geography in South Africa.


Enid Kay Schiff

In November Elsa Thum Lutz traveled to Churchill, Manitoba, with an Elderhostel group to study polar bears.


Reunion ’02!

Agnes Dunn Mackenzie


Betty Hale Hale

Betty Stilz Weiss visited Peru with daughter Wendy; traveled to France with twin daughters Cathy and Christine and four grandchildren; and in October took a tour of London “in-depth” with her grandchildren. Betty stays in touch with Helene Streuber Becker, who still takes annual theater and shopping trips to NYC.


Betty Jones Stern

Lee Blanchard Hotchkiss recalls being thrilled to be in the audience when Sergei Rachmaninoff performed at Skidmore. “All of a sudden he came to center stage, with overhead lights making his face appear menacing, and said: ‘Cease with the clacking needle noise immediately!’ During those years, it seemed that everyone had taken up knitting except me.” Recently Lee asked other ’39ers if they remembered the concert as she had. Neither Eleanor “Sis” MacKenzie Healy, Polly North Cogswell, nor I recall the renowned Rachmaninoff chastising the audience. (I, by the way, was not a knitter, either!) Please send me your recollections of that night. I will announce the results of Lee’s poll in a later issue.

Dorothy Lamb Brown attended the wedding of granddaughter Kelly last June on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

Marjorie Kirk received a YWCA sports award for contributions and service in athletics this past fall. Although pleased to be among the honorees, Marge says she didn’t contribute to athletics; “for all of my career I taught and supported physical education—especially for those students who were not already gifted athletes.”

Al and I hosted a family reunion last June to coincide with Al’s 90th birthday. About 35 Sterns and a sprinkling of Joneses from both coasts (and even southern France) converged on our home for the celebration. Our four children transformed favorite photographs into huge posters, put together an elaborate scrapbook, and presented hilarious songs and skits with the assistance of the grandchildren. It was a memorable gathering.


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