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Winter 2002

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Adele Altenburg Mardirosian

This past fall, Set and I spent several days in Helsinki—a clean, prosperous, easily walkable city—then flew to St. Petersburg to begin a river cruise to Moscow. Along the Neva and Volga rivers we passed picturesque old wooden churches and homes, as well as new dachas under construction. Moscow is a bustling city, but the deplorable state of the economy has reduced many of its senior citizens to begging. Nevertheless, we felt it would be worth a repeat visit.


Patricia Bryant Koedding

Those of you who attended the Friday night dinner at the Tang Museum during our 50th reunion last year may remember seeing Jeanne Mosakowski Herbst there with her daughter. Unfortunately, she was not in good health and died in August. Jeannie is remembered as an extraordinarily talented musician and will be missed.

Barb Tyson Hartman had a busy summer. She attended a wedding in Virginia, flew to Arizona to care for twin grandchildren, and joined her daughter and family for a camping trip in the Adirondacks, during which she “nearly froze.” Does this lend credence to the old adage that your blood gets thinner as you get older?

Joan Feron Reese sent an e-mail entitled “Kudos and more!” to the 50th reunion committee. Although she was unable to attend, Joan is delighted with her copy of the class history.

Hilda Canez Auguste has already decided to attend our 55th, with daughter Michaelle Auguste St. Natus ’74 in tow. Michaelle is dean of the department of education at the University of Quisqueya in Haiti, where she also represents the Kellogg Foundation. Her three sons, graduates of Union, the University of Massachusetts, and the University of Valparaiso, all work for their father, Louis, a chemical engineer.

Captain Eric and first mate Dot Danninger Ericsson decided to give up sailing when “their bones told them to find a big, strong trawler.” They now winter in Mara-thon, FL, aboard a 1980 44-foot marine trader called Marigold. Dot and Eric were quoted in an article concerning the challenges faced by senior boaters in a recent issue of Passagemaker magazine.


Reunion ’02!

Doris Harbach Patten

I attended the planning meeting for our upcoming 50th reunion. In addition to having fun, committee members laid solid plans for a memorable experience. I hope that classmates will attend this milestone event.

In Czechoslovakia Sarka Sramkova Harrerova “feels deeply for Americans in this time of distress.”

I wish to offer my hope that we remain united as countrymen, tolerant of all faiths, and seek to bring peace to the world.


Elizabeth Hauser

I wish to extend my sympathy to all members whose families and friends were affected by the events of September 11. Life will never be the same, but we will prevail.

In September Debby Phillips delivered a moving eulogy at a memorial service for Anne Hollingbery Corper. Also attending were Betsy Singer Gluck and Joy Grady Simpkins. Debbie recalled, “Anne was my roommate and my greatest friend and competitor. She was a joy, a pure delight, and changed my life forever.”

Ann Mawhinney Hodgkins shuttles between homes in Fayetteville, NY; Naples, FL; and Round Island on the St. Lawrence River. She continues playing tennis and golf for her health and bridge for her mind. Now retired, she has more time to spend with her two daughters and six grandchildren.

After selling her old farmhouse, Anne “Poo” Whitehouse Gass built a new home in South Paris, ME, facing the White Mountains. Poo continues her volunteer work, offering creative dramatics at a local school.

Adrienne Zuger Noble is the busy grandmother of seven. Although she is willing to consider adopting the Florida snowbird route, she refuses to give up autumn in New England.

Education never stops for Gretchen Rasch Denk. Now retired, she has gone back to campus part-time to study history. In addition to academics, she serves on several volunteer boards and is a trustee of the Lewiston, NY, library.

Carol Morgan Knapp was appointed an honorary research associate at the Polly Hill Arboretum on Martha’s Vineyard. She will work to restore a grassland meadow as well as propagate and monitor rare indigenous plant species.

Janet Danziger Weinstein and Carolyn Roberts Breakenridge celebrated their birthdays together in September. Although Janet is officially retired, she maintains a private practice in mental health counseling. She is treating some who are suffering psychological after-effects of the World Trade Center attacks.

Dubie Haynes Nelson and Ann Lucas Garrett celebrated their milestone birthdays with a trip to Ireland last spring. Along for the fun were Ann’s husband, Bill, and Dubie’s daughter Carrie.

Lois Kite VanWagner and husband Lysle recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Cynthis Kain Wigton took a trip to Australia and New Zealand in the fall. When not traveling abroad, she spends time in New Jersey and Vero Beach, FL, with an occasional trip to visit grandchildren in Colorado.

Barbara Fitzgerald Nerreau and husband John continue their annual art study tours. In 2001 they visited Austria, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Malta and Sicily are this year’s destinations.

Bobbi Grubman Mon spent two weeks in September teaching painting at a villa near Lucca, Italy, capped by a week in Rome.

Shirley Crosby Clark and husband enjoyed their 30th summer on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Shirley stays busy with four grandchildren: one boy and three girls.

Patsy Lanpher Compton’s return from a friend’s wedding in Munich, Germany, was delayed for several days due to the attacks on the World Trade Center. Patsy used the extra time to sketch, paint, and spend three days in Berlin.

Joan Lacey Hansen splits her year between Dallas, TX, and Evergreen, CO.

Bruce Wiley is trying to locate Skidmore alumni in the Chandler, AZ, area. He can be contacted at BMEWiley@aol.com.


Joanna Davenport

Jennie Mead Hatcher is living a long-held dream: Since October she has been painting and exhibiting her work in France. She is due to return home in March.

Carol Rice Toti took a three-week tour by boat from St. Petersburg to Moscow this past fall. She spent Christmas in San Francisco with daughter Alexandra ’90, who works for Gap headquarters there.

Dodo Morris Haywood’s youngest son and his wife joined the Peace Corps and are stationed in western Russia for two years, teaching English.

Pat Kennedy Snyderman was promoted to director of audience placement for U.S. money management at Institutional Investor magazine. Pat had lunch with Diane Webb Mackey, who is still painting. Diane and husband Willard divide their time between homes in New Canaan, CT, and John’s Island, FL.

Sue Kellogg Cook and Buddy took a trip to China. They hoped to spend time with Jill Shelling Remy, who lives and teaches there, but were unable to connect.

While in Mississippi, I had a wonderful visit with Marcie Clausen Gray and Woody, who live outside Atlanta. My trip to Virginia Beach yielded a conversation with Mary Olson Carrington, an avid tennis player. Lydia Pardo McMinn and I had lunch overlooking Long Island Sound in Madison, CT.


Mariana Duggan Drebing

Ronnie Brody Raab has entered a Ph.D. program at the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, in NYC. Although she considers it “the opportunity of a lifetime,” Ronnie speculates that the program “may take the better part of [her] ‘golden years’ to accomplish.”

Ruth Foster Fleming reports that husband Guy died in August after a long illness. Guy was the brother of Joyce Fleming Astrup. The Flemings had moved back to the Long Island area after residing for many years in Maine. With the support of family and friends, Ruth is doing “OK.”

Sue Hamilton MacCachran is teaching English as a foreign language. She and husband Bob feel fortunate to have daughter Carrie and her family nearby in their town of Sudbury, MA. Sue’s four grandchildren are 4- and 2-year-old twins, who “keep everyone hopping.” Son Brad and his wife are in Portland, ME, and have a five-month-old son.

BA Kalteux Callanan is in a Bible-study class and “enjoying it immensely.” She was also very involved in both the U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races in New Hampshire this year. BA and husband John are pitting their energy levels against those of son Michael’s two boys, ages 3 and 1.

Jackie Loohn Stempfle visited BA and John Callanan in October while Jackie’s husband, Bill, was in Hampton, NH, for a Barnstormers (men’s chorus) concert. Jackie is active in a genealogy group in which members research and present topics of interest.

Pat Kaufman Sable is an adjunct associate professor at the USC School of Social Work in Los Angeles and author of Attachment and Adult Psychotherapy, published in 2000. She has six grandchildren, three of whom live in Evergreen, CO.

Kay Moore Hickey’s daughter and son-in-law live in Manhasset, LI, where 40 to 50 young people were lost in the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11.

Sue Warren Campbell attended her 50th high-school reunion in Rochester, NY, and concluded that “it felt good to look around and realize that I looked better than many, except for that one person who didn’t look a day over 40!”

I also attended my 50th high school reunion; and, indeed, there was one gal who looked just as she did in high school.


Averill Geus

Thanks to everyone who sent in information for our 45th reunion class history. To order a copy, contact me at egeus@optonline.net.

My thanks also to former class secretary Gayle Stein Bishop, who started me off in my new job with notes that had been mailed to her.

Ann Barton Horn, who lives in Missouri, spent yet another summer at her home on Bois Blanc Island in the Straits of Mackinaw. Her eight grandchildren and their parents love the island. To accommodate the crowd, a new bunkhouse is being built. Ann and Carl took care of one daughter’s four children in Virginia while their parents were in Ireland. Despite being legally blind, Ann is able to write and, with her husband’s “patience and help,” does “quite well.”

Anne Lerch Sofronas and husband left Westchester County for the fair weather of Florida. Their new address is 2065 Ocean Ridge Circle, Vero Beach, FL 32963-2733. Last January Anne welcomed her first grandchild—daughter CeeCee’s baby. CeeCee and family reside in San Francisco; Anne’s two bachelor sons live in Newport Beach, CA.

Nan Lauder Eckfeld has two children and 13 grandchildren; all but three are boys. She and husband Jack traveled to Scotland last summer to tour Lauder-MacLean country (Jack’s mother was a MacLean). She was delighted to explore places where their ancestors “lived, loved, and died.”

Mary Pratt Champenois, who lives in Boontown, NJ, continues to work on the “Save America’s Treasures” project to maintain Eleanor Roosevelt’s cottage at Val-Kill. Mary edits the project’s newsletter with the able assistance of Esther Meltzer Silbey and Carolyn Geismar Kaplan ’57.

Emily Blake, my freshman roommate, ventured out of NYC to the end of Long Island to visit me last July. Her visit coincided with the arrival of my 10-year-old granddaughter, Julia, who decided that Emily was truly special and should spend the rest of the summer with us. We indulged ourselves in abortive kayaking and riotous behavior, dropping in without warning on Betty Wittich Foster, who summers on nearby Shelter Island. Betty was more than gracious to us, particularly since we have not seen each other in 45 years!

Rosemary Gilman moved back east again last year from Ketchum, ID, and now lives outside Stonington, CT.

A highlight of the summer was the first Skidmore luncheon held on eastern Long Island, where many graduates summer or live year round. My dear friend Mary Hoff Fallon ’60 hosted the luncheon at the Devon Yacht Club. Barbara Levine Friedland drove out from New Jersey for the event.


Reunion ’02!

Ann Talbot Brown

Alice Vassallo Scott has two new grandsons born in July: Christopher in Westfield, NJ, and Owen in Seattle, WA. She now has five grandchildren, two of whom live in Ireland. Alice enjoys managing the editorial department of Martindale-Hubbell (a legal directory) in New Providence, NJ. An experienced international traveler, she likes to swap stories with Steffie Merber Lench and her husband, Mike. The Lenches toured Peru and cruised the Amazon River last year.

Ann Chamberlin Birnie and Scott are enjoying retirement in Oakville (near Toronto, Canada) and a new grandson. Ann is busy golfing, curling, and practicing her online skills.

Sandee Chernow married Ed Byrne last May. She writes, “We had a small wedding attended by my three children and their families, my sister and her husband. Grandson David, 6, was in charge of the rings; his brother Brian, 2, was in charge of the smiles; and the twins, Benjamin and Sarah, 3, were in charge of each other.” Vivian Weisenfeld Gans and husband attended a reception for the Byrnes held two weeks later.

Ann Laurie Douglass Moore, who has sold real estate in Tucson, AZ, for 24 years, plans to stay in the business because she and her partner, daughter Liz Moore Van Loan ’80, “do so well together.”

Judy Fletcher Baker and Bruce have moved to Sante Fe, NM. Their son Geoffrey was married in July.


Jane Goodman Hunter

You have all been in my thoughts since the tragic events of September 11. I hope that you and your families are safe and well.

Retired principal Barbara Ward Hayes is a full-time professor at Malloy College on Long Island, teaching elementary education majors. Son Richard, a commander in the U.S. Coast Guard, was married in August; Naomi Tandet Heller and Mary Bouloukos Cassier were at the wedding.

Barb had dinner with Carol Gilligan Mushaw last spring while at a conference in Malta, NY. Carol retired from her position with a national health insurance carrier.

I spent Labor Day with Barbara Rees Loucks and daughter Kathy. Barbara has retired from Bloomingdales in White Plains and is busy with volunteer activities.


Carolyn Brown Straker

Now more than ever, it is so meaningful for us to stay connected. I thank those of you who have written, and I look forward to hearing from others.

Linda Eisenberg Hardy of Seattle, WA, is entering her 31st year of teaching nursery school. Most of her grandchildren are former pupils and still live nearby, so Linda is able to see them almost daily. She stays active by running and swimming three times a week. Of September’s tragedies, she suggests, “We all need to be firm, strong, and confident in our virtues.”

Another Seattle resident, Jane Haddad Evans, found comfort in visiting with old friends and family in Colorado following the terrorist attacks.

Marge Goreff Neuwirth had lunch with Professor Henry Galant (the founding chair of Skidmore’s government department in 1954) and his wife, Eleanor, in Saratoga Springs last summer. “They are both as energetic and interesting as ever!” marveled Marge. “We discussed France, U.S. politics, and Skidmore classmates.”

It was my great delight to arrange for Prof. Galant to be a guest speaker at a fall 2001 meeting of Skidmore’s NYC club, where he presented a wonderful overview of the College’s evolution over the past half century. Carolyn Salminen Konheim, Phyllis Kaufman Brociner, and I treated the Galants to dinner at a French restaurant.

Nancy Rae Scully couldn’t make it to the NYC club event because her daughter and son-in-law were flying in from Egypt that evening. Nancy, who retired last June, laments, “What a sad time for our wonderful city and country; however, we are marching ahead and trying to return to normal.” She hopes that classmates passing through the city will stop by to see her.

Mary Heep van Riper’s son was married in Colorado in September, and classmate Bev Jones Blades and her husband drove in from Iowa to attend. Mary’s son-in-law worked in the World Trade Center, and although he escaped unharmed, it was not before “witnessing the very worst. The numbness and disbelief are still very pervasive here.”

Ann Hubbard Delaney is “praying for our country and loved ones.” Her husband suffered a heart attack last June.

Barbara Huge Homeier and husband enjoyed a visit from Bev Sanders Payne and husband Dave. In the past year Barbara spent time in Florida, lingered for a while in Maine, and set off for Ohio to celebrate her mother’s 92nd birthday.

Bernice Hurwitz Snyder has retired from teaching high-school French and Spanish.

Abby Lewis Warman was vacationing in California when the terrorist attacks occurred. She describes the horror of seeing the destruction of the World Trade Center on TV, knowing that her son-in-law was in the South Tower, where he worked for Sandler O’Neill, LP. Abby would later find that, heeding his instincts when he saw black smoke and debris outside his window, he left the office immediately with five colleagues. Luckily, the rest of the firm’s staff made it safely out of the building before it collapsed. Abby finds herself “deeply appreciative of the culture and freedoms we enjoy as Americans [and more] aware of the fragility of human life.”

Louise Shure Schott is living in Palm Beach City, FL, where she and her husband own Shure Schott Realty. The couple has eight adult children and 16 grandchildren. Louise enjoys playing doubles tennis and invites classmates to stop by anytime.

Gay Lawrence Woods took a three-week journey to China with her daughter last year. She reports, “China is fascinating—so rich in culture and history.”

On September 11 Sue Jorgensen welcomed her third grandchild, born to son Erik and his wife in Portland, ME. Sue writes, “What a range of emotions I encountered that day! I just hope that he and all the other young ones will grow up in a peaceful and free world.” Sue is preparing to lead two trips for Global Volunteers this year. She is spending a week in Immokalee, FL, in January and will travel to the Cook Islands for three weeks in June. She welcomes e-mail (suejorg@yahoo.com) from classmates who may be interested in participating in the Cook Island trip.

Bev Payne attended the wedding of her daughter in Jackson, WY, in the fall. Bev encourages classmates to peruse the Class of ’54 Web site at www.skidmore.edu/alumni/classes/1959/1959.html. Send your ideas, comments, and material to Joan Cangelosi Kicska (jkicska@aol.com).

Bev informed me of the death of Peg Chambers Miller, an accomplished artist whose unique talents were already evident when she was a Skidmore student.


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