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Winter 2002

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Lisa Pedicini and Paulette Adkins Rainie

Katherine Perrelli has joined the Boston firm of Peabody & Arnold LLP, where she will specialize in commercial litigation and employment law. Katherine holds a J.D. from the Western New England School of Law.

John Howley was appointed to the board of trustees of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. The committee was founded in 1963 by President Kennedy to involve private lawyers in legal challenges to racial discrimination. John is a partner in the international law firm of Kaye Scholer LLP, where he represents clients in antitrust and intellectual property disputes.


Elizabeth Deckenbach Felder

Earl Wallace, who earned an M.B.A. from SUNY Albany in 2001, is a senior counselor for the New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs.

Best friends Lisa Genn Paton, Stacey Raider, and Christiane Wiese Wyckoff got together at Christiane’s parents’ home in Bronxville, NY, last year. Lisa and husband Bud live in Brookfield, CT; Stacey resides in NYC; and Christiane and husband Kurt live in Marietta, GA.


Reunion ’02!

Angela R Foss

We were shocked and saddened to hear about the tragic death of Frank Reisman on September 11. We send our thoughts and prayers to Frank’s family. The Class of ’82 will be dedicating a renovated economics classroom at Skidmore in Frank’s memory. All ’82 gifts this year will be directed to this initiative; others are welcome to donate, as well. For info, contact Beth Roche in the Annual Fund Office (eroche@skidmore.edu or 800-584-0115). The classroom will be dedicated during reunion, at a memorial ceremony on June 2. Thanks to organizers Judy Goldstein Landman, Lori Leman, and Rich Harwood.

Rich sent the following tribute to Frank: “I remember his daily ritual of walking into Case Center: He’d bellow “Hello” and you’d see his endearing smile, with his head cocked to the side, and he’d wrap you in a huge, warm bear hug. Those were great moments. I imagine that in Frank’s last moments in the World Trade Center, he wasn’t thinking so much of himself, but of those he loved—his children, Kasey and Dillon, his wife, Gayle, his parents, and his many friends. He would have wanted to call each of us, to express his love, swap a story, and laugh. At Skidmore Frank loved to gather with friends at lunch and argue; he was not afraid to discuss or wager an opinion on any topic. He was jovial and kind—loud at times, yet always sensitive. Since Frank’s death, many classmates have reached out to one another. With each conversation, stories about him get retold, and you come to feel the penetrating pain of losing such a great guy. I can still see and hear Frank. I always will.”

Several of our classmates were in Saratoga in September to start planning our 20th reunion—including Lesa Stramondo Botti, Judy Goldstein Landman, Rob Blake, Michelle Conde, Mary Beth Gruber, Lori Leman, Susan Long Moyer, Jim Rossi, Vicki Salvo Bruce, and Adrienne “SuSu” Thompson. Reunion is going to be a lot of fun—so mark your calendars for May 30 to June 2, 2002. Anyone who wants to help with our celebration is welcome to contact me at afoss82@alumni.skidmore.edu.

Jim Rossi and family bought a beautiful house on North Broadway in Saratoga three years ago and have invited the class for cocktails on the Saturday evening of Reunion.

Michael Catalfimo and wife Kirsten welcomed baby Grace Ann on March 14, 2001. Michael is a partner at the law firm of Catalfimo & Catalfimo; Kirsten is a teacher and registered nurse.

Fritz Wahl and wife Carlene welcomed baby Ema Catherine on October 10.

Karen Schwartz married Natan Abraham last June at the Jersey shore. In the fall Karen began her 14th year of teaching at the Shady Hill School in Cambridge, MA. Natan is the executive deputy director at the Center for eBusiness at MIT. They reside in Waltham, MA.

Denise LaSorte reunited with a group of classmates for a “Big Chill-type” weekend last June at Fred Hochberger’s beach house near Rockport, MA. The roster of ’82ers included Fred and Liz Hochberger and their four children; Amie Schwartz-Drahos and her two daughters; Rob Blake, his wife, and baby daughter; Chris Jones-Juneau, her husband, and two children; Bruce Zutler, his wife, and two kids; Eileen Kelly Reed and her husband; and Rob Girvin and wife Kara. Writes Denise, “We hadn’t seen one another since 1988 when Fred and Liz got married! It is amazing how the passage of time truly failed to diminish the close bonds we all formed back during our early days at Skidmore.”

Lesa Stramondo and Andrew Botti, brother of David Botti ’01, were married September 15, at the Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod. Attorneys at Donovan Haten in Boston, they live in Andover, MA.


Jennifer Orvis Jordan

Margo Jackson Jones resides in West Charlton, NY, with husband Craig and daughters Nicole, 10, Ashley, 8, and Rachel, 4. Margo has directed various fitness programs at the area YMCA since 1984.


Catherine Heller Terry

Anne Kornrumpf, husband Larry Samowitz, and daughters Rebecca and Katherine were guests of former WSPN staffer Bill Edgar, wife Eliot, and their daughters Katharine and Emily in Bethesda, MD, last summer.


Anne Gunnarson Hampton

Sandra Duttenhofter Borawski gave birth to Mark Alexander on November 7, 2000. He joins big brother John Michael II, 4. Sandra, a product manager with IBM, lives in West Chester, PA, with husband John, a CPA and director of auditing at the American Service Group.


Anne Chorske Stuzin

I must admit that I found it difficult to put together this column; in the wake of the September 11 events, it just didn’t seem right to talk about the usual great, fun news.

Please join me in sending condolences to Larry Meltzer, who lost brother Stu in the September 11th tragedy in NYC.

Terence Robinson is acting division controller for Allied Waste Industries in northern New Jersey. He fulfilled a reunion “goal” when he passed the CPA exam for the State of New York in July. “As a gift to myself for passing the exam,” he says, “I have decided to learn how to fly remote-control airplanes.”

A correction is in order: Sam Bayne writes, “Although I did work with superstar athletes in the last Olympics, it was not as a sports trainer! I was in Sydney, Australia, for four years working on the Kodak and Samsung Olympic business. I was lucky enough to be responsible for a few big-name athletes who were sponsored by those two companies. I decided to leave the Olympic sports business because it was getting too project-oriented, and I didn’t want to move to Athens, Greece, for the next four years.”


Reunion ’02!

Jennifer Weisberg Millner

David Harrison and wife Beth welcomed baby Devon Grey on August 20. David works for Chase Manhattan, where he is vice president of global investments.

Jennifer Lathrop Price lives in Virginia with husband JR and children Adeline and Katie, who was born in May.


Tracy Richards Dingmon

I am taking over the position of class secretary from Beth Skudder, who did a marvelous job of keeping up with our class for many years. Let me tell you a bit about myself. My husband, Charlie, and I have three children: Samantha, 7, Joseph, 5, and Alexandra, who arrived in August. Life has become a bit of a juggling act, but it is a whole lot of fun.

Kristin Grant Erickson returned to the U.S. with children Grant and Carly for a brief visit last summer while husband Jon stayed behind in London.

Stacy Tauber Meisel resides in New Jersey with husband Kevin and their children, Shayna and Michael.

Deborah Homsi Gilpin and husband Bryan moved from Seattle, WA, to Marblehead, MA, where they are the new owners of a 150-year-old Victorian home. Deb, a graphic designer, has owned her own design firm for over five years.

Fred Mauser and wife Amy packed up their home in Westchester, NY, and moved to Royal Palm Beach, FL, in November—with daughters Rebecca, 4, and Caroline, 2.

Karen Holmes Malone and partner Barbara adopted a baby from Calcutta, India, last January. Karen says Matthew Philip Manab Holmes Malone, 1, “is a very healthy, smart, and beautiful child, and we adore him.” She works part-time as the director of Child and Family Services in Worcester, MA. Karen is eager to talk with anyone who may have questions about international adoption; she can be reached at Karenhm865@aol.com.

Laura Brodie Ellor joined us for a weekend with her children Tyler, McKenzie, and Dylan. It was really amazing to watch all of our children play together and to think back to our days at Skidmore, which seems like another lifetime.

Debora Turin Farrell welcomed second baby Sophie last April. She joins big sister Daisy, 2. Deb is still working at Fidelity Investments in Boston as director of customer technology. She writes, “My job of developing self-service kiosks for Fidelity is fun, but not as rewarding as the development of Daisy and Sophie!”


Cynthia Urick Stickles

Elias “Lee” Deros and wife Kelli welcomed second son Logan in September 2000. Logan joins older brother Spencer and their dog, Pumpkin. Lee is a general dentist in Waterbury, CT, where Kelli works as a hygienist and office manager. Lee is also a clinical instructor in the dental residency program at St. Mary’s Hospital in Connecticut.

Nancy Bannister Doran and husband Brett are proud parents of daughter Makena Lee, born August 8. Makena is named after the beach in Hawaii where mom and dad were married on April 20.

In Lake Bluff, IL, Ellen Carney Granda and husband Joe welcomed Jose Guillermo (aka “Will”) into the world on June 3. Says Ellen, “Although weighing in at seven pounds, nine ounces at birth, Will is planning on a career as a linebacker. He is making double-time with his weight gain, tipping the scales at 17 pounds at 15 weeks!” Ellen says (in Midwestern parlance) that she “almost bought the farm” during Will’s delivery, but rebounded after a blood transfusion and has made a full recovery.

Todd France married Shanna Riss in East Hampton, NY, last summer. Todd is a freelance photographer whose work appears regularly in People, Teen People, and Business Week. Shanna is the psychological counselor at the Chapin School in NYC.

Holly Mandel Sherr and husband David live on the Upper East Side in NYC, where she is a stay-at-home mom to Emily, born May 13, and Matthew, 2. She reports, “Although the children keep me very busy, life is great!”

Katherine Patmont Millet lives in Dallas and has been married to Christian Millet since 1997. Their daughter Caroline Rose was born last April 18.

Rob and Martha Stevens Sullivan welcomed son Charles Preston, born October 26.

Bill Halsey ’89 and wife Rebecca announce the birth of Peter William on February 23, 2001. He joins sister Hannah, 3.


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