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Winter 2003

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Helen Cole Netter


Reunion ’03!

Marjorie Yetter Walls

Alice Hand Kelly still lives in her own apartment and uses a walker to get around. She has one son, three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Irene Hicks has a summer place in New Brunswick, Canada, and goes to Florida in the winter; I was fortunate to find her at home in Wollarton, MA, this fall.

In August, Dorothea Wagenseil Hussennetter was feted at a surprise dinner party thrown by her two daughters in honor of her 90th birthday in Charlotte, NC.

My granddaughter Mariel Walls ’99 lives in Raleigh, NC, where she is marketing coordinator for Carter and Burgess, an architectural and engineering firm.


Lucy Hernady Arnoti

Except for unreliable knees, Janet Bardusch Badenoch is still enjoying good health. She spends summers with her youngest son in Lake George, NY.

In Pacific Grove, CA, Jane Shepard Marshall recalls special dances that were held in the Canfield Casino in Congress Park during her student years. Another vivid memory is of the Grand Union Hotel, which was razed in the 1950s: “Each guest room had a knotted rope, to be pulled in case of fire.”


Elizabeth Norlander Newell

Beth Twiggar Goff sends greetings to her classmates—“a tough bunch of cookies.”

Nancy Snow LaFrance, who lives near the Connecticut shore, spent the summer enjoying “aquacize” classes at an outdoor pool near Long Shore. She stays in touch with Harriet Rublee Pond’s daughter, Kate, a well-known metal sculptor who lives and works in Burlington, VT.

Phyllis Atwood Conley hosted her entire family for Thanksgiving last year at her northern Georgia home. She spent the winter with her older daughter in Sarasota, FL, where she is “queen of the laundry and the kitchen.” Phyll recently joined a rug-hooking club, an activity she enjoys immensely.

A new address for Margaret Lamont: 122 Mill Creek Lane, Sacket’s Harbor, NY 13685.

I had a great phone chat with Gina Barker Holmberg and husband Bob, who are very happy in their Naples, FL, home at Bentley Village. Son John, who is sailing around the world with his wife for a second time, returned to the U.S. for the holidays.

Sadly, classmates Mary Hurley O’Connor and Janet Roukes Seaver died this past summer. Mary played on several sports teams and served on the judicial board and residence council. She enjoyed both the college classroom and the social scene and was a truly well-integrated and wonderful gal. Janet was a serious student with an active sense of humor that often overcame her reserve. Her quick repartee was always to the point, and she was a strong and caring friend.


Enid Kay Schiff


Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College


Reunion ’03!

Betty Hale Hale

Jeanne Battey Thomson is anxious to learn the identity of the classmate who left a message indicating that she was moving to Waterford, CT. Jeanne would very much like to get in touch with the mystery caller!


Betty Jones Stern

Al and Esther Robinson Johnston had a reunion last June with Jim and Anne Allaben Farrell in Lancaster, PA. College roommates for three years, Esther and Anne kept in touch but had not seen each other for over 50 years. Anne continues her artwork and recently received a commission to do portraits for a foundation. The Farrells enjoy visits from their Amish neighbors, and—since the Amish don’t drive—take them on shopping trips and other errands.

In appreciation for their recent gifts to Skidmore, Betty Eastman Peyton and Ginny Gooch Puzak ’44 were guests of the college last August. They were treated to an afternoon in Skidmore’s reserved box at the Saratoga Race Course; a tour of the Sonnabend collection at the Tang Museum, hosted by director Charles Stainback, with dinner afterwards; and breakfast with Skidmore President Jamie Studley. Eastie and Ginny also enjoyed lunch at the home of class president Edie Cosgrove, who accompanied them on a tour of the Saratoga Springs Children’s Museum, where she is a volunteer.

Earlier in the summer, Eastie and 13 fellow members of the Peyton clan gathered for a family reunion at Flathead Lake in Big Fork, MT.

Thanks to treatment with steroid medication, Norma Trabold Kerr’s carpal tunnel syndrome has healed.


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