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Fall 2003

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Adele Altenburg Mardirosian
6828 Lemon Road
McLean, VA 22101-5423

Set and I traveled through the alpine areas of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, returning to places I had last seen during the mid-1950s. The scenery was just as picturesque and the menus just as laden with pork, potatoes, sauerkraut, and beer. The apparel worn by the natives, however, has changed from lederhosen and dirndls to blue jeans.


Patricia Bryant Koedding
83 Crosslands Drive
Kennett Square, PA 19348-9634

Ina Spelke Schnell never thought she would be “in a cycling mode” at this point in her life. She participated in a cycling trip from Sicily to Puglia in southern Italy, near the Adriatic Sea. The tour continued to Sweden, following the Gota Canal from Gotesberg to Stockholm. Ina later attended the Stratford and Shaw Theater Festivals in Toronto and traveled to Vancouver Island by bicycle.

I spent a few days with Dot Danninger Ericsson at Dot’s “upside-down” house at Barnegat Light, NJ. We discovered that we do have a life after Skidmore. I enjoyed meeting Dot’s son Richard ’78, his wife Fran, and their two daughters.


Doris Harbach Patten
7835 Walkers Cay Avenue
Orlando, FL 32822407-277-1065

Ruth Friedman Hoberman and husband Bernard sold their home of 48 years and have moved to Trump Place in Manhattan, where they enjoy a magnificent view of the Hudson River and are situated just steps from Lincoln Center.

Joan Pohlman O’ Rourke passed along the sad news that Elsie Lievens Weiser’s husband, Harry, died suddenly while vacationing in Ireland in October. We send our condolences.

Mary Lyons Harberg enjoyed a four-day visit with Jean Adams Shaw last summer. Jean reports that Mary’s husband, Jim, died suddenly last February. We extend heartfelt condolences to Mary.


Susanne Eustis Bogart
1 Western Avenue
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538

Mary Lou Boll—Betty Hauser’s sister, who was present when Betty was honored posthumously during Reunion—later wrote to express her thanks on behalf of the family. “All the members of the Class of ’53 and their guests extended such a warm and friendly welcome to us over reunion weekend,” she said. “It was our pleasure to meet and talk to people Betty had known.”

Patsy Lanpher Compton has already requested another pop song for our 55th. She and Bill spent five weeks in Rhode Island last summer, followed by a five-day rafting trip on the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon.

Mimi Lauber, who was unable to attend, has had to discontinue hiking in the Colorado Mountains due to health reasons.

On Labor Day, I enjoyed a Skidmore lunch with Carol Theobald Schafer, her sister Barbara Theobold ’56, and Jean Kleppinger Langeloh ’43, who also lives in Boothbay Harbor. The Theobald girls had been on a Canadian maritime cruise and stopped with Jean overnight before returning home. We lunched at a little country store overlooking a swing bridge that had a prominent part in the movie In the Bedroom. Earlier in the summer, I had introduced former professor Dave Marcel and Candy Carlucci Backus ’66 to the same little hole-in-the-wall eatery, and they both loved it.

Mary Jo Marcy Rines, who co-curated the alumni art exhibit at Reunion, was a featured artist of the month at the Southport, ME, Memorial Library. An arts reviewer for the Boothbay Register described her oil and watercolor depiction of coastal landscapes as “luminous, with an almost spiritual quality.” Mary Jo chairs the art committee at the Copley Society of Art in Boston, serves on the executive board of the New England Watercolor Society, and is a board member of the Walnut Hill School for the Performing Artists in Natick, MA. She owns the Gallery at First Parish in Weston, MA.

Anne Whitehouse Gass was traveling to St. Petersburg and Scandinavia last spring, which prevented her from attending our 50th. Poo invites classmates coming through South Paris, ME, to stop by.

Although Connie Amato Gallo could not attend Reunion, she held her own private version of it while poring over the Celebrating Friendships class history she was sent. Connie thanks class historian Dianne Snow Brennan for “a superb job.”


Reunion ’04!

Joanna Davenport
24 Harbor Avenue
Marblehead, MA 01945-3604

While attending a professional conference in Tennessee, I met Dorothy O’Keefe Dube for dinner. Doke is a Red Cross Disaster Relief staff member in Asheville, NC.

Betty Stasburger Serotta returned to Skidmore to tour the Tang Museum. As director of the Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, she oversees the organization’s counseling service, speaker’s bureau, educational events, and legislative advocacy. She and husband Maurice enjoy attending theater, symphonies, art museums, and a health club. In October they took a Rhine River cruise; they toured Russia the year before. A highlight of Betty’s life is her “beautiful granddaughter, who is in first grade.”

Marcie Clausen Gray and husband Donald enjoyed a Viking River cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg, where they “saw wonderful sights, attended great lectures on Russia, and met fantastic people.” Marcie plans to attend Reunion in June.

Patty Piper Adams
and husband Josiah stay active with golf, tennis, rowing, gym workouts, gardening, and grandparenting. Piper still sells real estate, assists with her daughter’s business, and keeps track of her own 93-year-old mother, who lives in a nearby retirement home. Josiah volunteers at a children’s cancer clinic and takes art classes. The couple spends winter on the Island of Kauai, HI, where Piper belongs to a school where she learns about Hawaiian and language culture, dances hula, and plays a little ukulele. Last year they spent two weeks in California, followed by a two-week trip to Austria to visit Josiah’s cousins, and then had a few days in London. Back in Kauai, Piper invites classmates to look her up. She looks forward to Reunion in June.

Barbara Gettens Morrissey
and husband Jim are semi-retired and live full-time in North Haven, NY. Delighted to be responsible for one house instead of two, Barbara is looking forward to entertaining classmates in between visits from their seven grandchildren.

Martha Parkes Kimmich
is primary caregiver for husband Lawrence, who has Alzheimer’s Disease—“a difficult job that leaves time for little else,” she says.

Retired from San Diego Community College after 35 years of teaching, Pearl McKenney Silvernale loves spending time with her five granddaughters and two grandsons, who are scattered between Colorado Springs, CO, and Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

Evie Smith has moved to a ranch-style condo in Windsor, CT, and looks forward to seeing classmates in June.


Mardi Duggan Drebing
4215 Cleveland Road
Syracuse, NY 13215-2415

Ronnie Brody Raab and husband Ed visited Russia, touring the Hermitage and the unique Amber Room at the summer palace of Catherine the Great. Ronnie also attended a study tour of great homes and gardens of Sweden, organized by the Attingham Trust. The Raabs enjoyed a fall visit to Alaska; Ronnie recommends traveling on a small ship that provides kayaking, in order to best experience the region.

Sue Bauman Walker
is helping to organize a taxpayer activist group in Maine, and so far has gathered 200 members to stem over-development and increased taxation of farmlands.

B.A. Kalteux Callanan and John enjoyed a lobster roll in Portsmouth, NH, with Dorie Kilpatrick Frey and husband Jack. It was the first time B.A. had seen Dorie in 47 years! They had a wonderful time reminiscing about great times on the old campus and catching up.

Diane Davis Nelson celebrated “the big 70” with husband Jim in Savannah, GA, with a weekend of touring, dining, and relaxation on Tybee Beach. They later flew to Alaska with 44 other couples from their retirement community for a two-week excursion that combined train travel, a cruise through the Vancouver Islands, and a four-day stay in Seattle. The Nelsons were delighted to attend the recent grand opening of their son’s Colorado Springs restaurant.

Ruth Foster Fleming
met her sister-in-law, Joyce Fleming Astrup, and husband Bert in Portland, OR, then set off together for Petersburg, AK, where they visited Ruth’s son, Douglas, a biologist with the Alaska Fish and Game Department, his wife, and their two sons. In the fall Ruth attended a Long Island Skidmore club luncheon in Amagansett, NY, with Sally Wagman Hoge.

Glenna Green Citrin also cruised to Alaska, with a crew of 17—including four children, their spouses, and nine grandchildren—for “a wonderful bonding experience.”

Dorie Kilpatrick Frey rendezvoused in New Hampshire with Phyl Bartlett Towle, husband Parker, and daughter Elizabeth at Bretton Woods Arms in the Mt. Washington Hotel. They reminisced about their junior year as North Hall roommates.

Nancy Morrison celebrated “the big 70” in Key West, FL, with Tillie Ruby Coulter, Sue Steinbrenner Norpell, Jackie Welsh Barr, Nancy Colbourne Harding, Patti Price Keiser, and Charlotte Hardy Besse.

Alice McDonald Hartzell’s widower, Tom, also joined the group, along with Ruby’s husband, John. Nancy later made a stop in Naples to connect with Sue Kelley Miller ’56 before traveling to Ft. Lauderdale to spend time with Pat Knight Spencer and Jackie, Tillie, and Patti, who all live there. She capped her travels with a trip to California to greet her first grandchild, who was born in September.
Sue Warren Campbell moved to a larger house in the same Florida senior community last spring to accommodate her children and grandchildren, who later decided not to visit until Christmas—“Murphy’s Law.” This past fall, Sue beat Hurricane Isabel by traveling north just ahead of the storm and observed people fleeing from Delaware beaches and the North Carolina islands.

Ann Hewson Galloupe is a lead volunteer at the Tate House Museum in Portland, ME. She enjoys gardening and visiting her two children, who live in Santa Fe, NM.

Other “big 70” celebrations included an August birthday brunch for Jacquie Wilson Nelson that featured an omelet chef, chocolate fountain, and a psychic reader. The festivities also marked the fifth anniversary of www.rbernardo.com, a Web site created by Jacquie’s company, Nelson Publishing, which promotes the community of Rancho Bernardo, CA.

Ellie Boughner Axford spent time in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ, area, where she and daughter Kate enjoyed some spa pampering. While there, she had lunch with Mert Smith Ingholt, who had just returned from California, where she visited with Newport Beach resident Ora DeAmicis MacFarlane.

Our sympathy also to Patti Sherman Jones, whose mother died last February at the age of 94. Patti’s mom was always a gracious hostess when BA Kalteux Callanan and I visited their Westport, NY, home.


Averill Geus
2 Old Orchard Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937-3911

Betty Wittich Foster winters in Vero Beach, FL. She drove over from her summer home on Shelter Island to accompany me at the annual Long Island Skidmore club luncheon at Devon Yacht Club in Amagansett, NY.

Gayle Stein Bishop and Wally went to Manchester, VT, for her niece’s wedding. While there, they saw Ann Moses Douglas and husband Gordon. The Bishops stopped in Williamstown, MA, to dine with Jane Genske Briggs.

The summer was especially fine for our family. My husband, Edwin, and I went to France for two weeks with daughter Jeanne, her husband Peter, and three grandchildren. In two separate cars, we crossed over northeastern France, into Germany and Austria, then back to see the beautiful chateaux of the Loire Valley, and lastly stopped in Paris. After our return, I enjoyed the company of my 14-year-old grandson, Ben, a drummer, guitarist, and writer extraordinaire. It was interesting living with a teenager again. Emily Blake later visited me before leaving for a trip to Canada.


Joan Page Hayes
190 Forest Avenue
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

It’s been a little over 50 years since we all made the big step of leaving home to begin our college life at Skidmore. I can remember standing in the dorm room, wondering how to pronounce “Huberlie.” The college did a great job matching us up, for Sally Huberlie Hale and I have remained the closest of friends. Sally and her husband, Jud, and Bob and I traveled to Germany and Austria last December to enjoy the Christmas markets along the Danube. We also stopped in England to see Diane Smejkal Wallace and husband Jim.

Linda Gorham Harvey
’s freshman roommate was Lynne Corby Caldwell, whom she has seen often as Lynne conducted exercise classes at the retirement home where Linda’s mother lives. Three years ago they found themselves sitting next to each other at the Boston Pops.

Sue Kopf Mueller and Lisa Friedman went from Great Neck High to Skidmore; they requested a room together but ended up getting singles. They haven’t seen each other in years. Lisa lives in Santa Fe, NM, while Sue and husband Chuck enjoy their homes in Naples, FL, and on Long Island. The Muellers’ daughter Leslie and her husband bought a boat charter business in Ft. Myers. Sue encourages classmates in the area to try an outing on their boat, Chesapeake Lady. She saw a youthful Mugs Cahn Zales, accompanied by husband Bill at their high-school reunion last year. The Muellers later visited friends in Nova Scotia and attended a family party in Ohio.

At her 50th high-school reunion, Linda Harvey saw Jane Merrill Akeson, Barbara Beckwith Ballentine, and Sue Gordon Mize. Sue and Charles then stopped in New Hampshire to visit Carol Joseph Bagan and husband Merwyn.

Toby Rowe Hohenstein and her husband had a wonderful summer on their river boat in France, returning in time for Toby’s Glen Ridge reunion. They missed the late Sally Prince Roff, who had been a big part of past reunions.

Californian Thea Woodfin Reinhart recalled wanting to major in psychology at Skidmore but switching to English after her parents refused to pay tuition for the study of “craziness.” Thea enjoyed studying with the Boltons and remembers buying a book written by Dr. Benkovitz, whom she met years later in England and found to be “less stern and very playful.” Other special memories include long walks with Carol Elsaesser Squiers for custard pie, philosophizing with Joan Sears Keelan, and eating Trudy Hankinson Briggs’s chocolate cake. More recently, Thea earned a PhD in psychology at Pepperdine University. A longtime marriage and family therapist, she is currently practicing forensic and clinical psychology. She is gratified that her parents’ attitude has changed, from worrying about her work to bragging about her accomplishments.

Last summer Dottie Hearne Sundstrom attended her younger daughter’s graduation from a master’s program, then traveled to the Berkshires for a Hearne family reunion and a visit with her in-laws. While east, she got together with Linda Harvey and Janie Akeson for a lobster luncheon. The year’s highlight was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary at Yosemite National Park with husband Roy, their children, and a granddaughter. Dottie stays busy participating in a handbell choir, the local light opera company, and volunteer work.

Ada Vapnek Ciniglio
’s son, Lorenzo, was married in October at the Yale Club in NYC. He and wife Jennifer are photojournalists—she is with the New York Post and he is a freelancer with Corbis Sigma Photography.

Scope apologizes for erroneously attributing news of Joan Firmery to Jo Leach Lewis in the summer ’03 class notes. It’s class president Joan Firmery who serves as NYS treasurer of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. And it’s Joan, not Jo, who chats often with Elaine Wilhovsky Holbrook.

Three of Ingrid Kolseth Zola’s four children are Skidmore graduates. Son Robert ’89 and his wife welcomed twin girls in July; they join Annaliease, 2. Brad ’86 and wife Tina Angelides Zola ’87 had their third child last spring. Laurie ’81 and David live in Atlanta, GA, with their two children, ages 11 and 13.


Jane Goodman Hunter
17 Caversham Woods
Pittsford, NY 14534-2879

Nancy Hoagland Steidl and husband Dan sold their Greenwich, CT, home and moved to the Adirondack community of Rainbow Lake, NY, last year. Nancy, who underwent spinal fusion surgery in March, is recovering nicely. Dan continues commuting to Bronxville, NY, every other week, to keep his patent law practice going.


Reunion ’04!

Carolyn Brown Straker
500 E. 83rd Street
New York, NY 10028-7208

There is a wonderful feeling of spirit and excitement being generated in anticipation of our 45th reunion this June 3–6. Planning committee members Bev Sanders Payne, Evy Zoda Shippee, and I have invited Prof. Henry Galant and his wife, Eleanor, to Saturday evening dinner, and we have many more fun events planned.

Pam Bartholomew Armstrong continues working in real estate. She and husband Richard have homes in Florida, Greenwich, CT, and Sheffield, MA. They are thankful for their good health and that of their two sons and their families. Pam looks forward to Reunion.

Cabaret singer Sandy Bendfeldt performed in two New Year’s shows on Manhattan’s East Side. A sworn justice of the peace, she is able to officiate in marriage ceremonies.

Onnie Dye Morgan and husband Bob will attend our 45th reunion and hope most of the class returns as well.

Jane Haddad Evans is busy with a book club, a bible-study class, gardening, and her favorite pastime, playing with her three grandchildren. She took a trip to Cozumel, Mexico, last fall.

Last year Mary Heep Van Riper enjoyed a visit from her daughter and three grandchildren, who traveled from their home on a New Zealand sheep farm. Mary’s son and his wife, who live in Connecticut, welcomed a baby girl, Mary’s sixth grandchild, in April.

Ann Hubbard Delaney
lives in “beautiful” Maine, enjoys time with 11 grandchildren and a new Yorkshire terrier, and is active in her church.

Class historian Barbara Huge Homeier is eager to compile our class history and encourages classmates to return the completed reunion questionnaire to her.

Rose Lee Schainman Halper attended a presentation by retired professor and artist Arline Fisch ’52 at the Tang during an exhibition of her jewelry there last year. Rose Lee, who was accompanied by daughter Jan Halper Scaglia ’86, pronounced Arline’s work “first rate.”

Jean Davidge Lockwood, who took her husband’s aunt, Marge Yetter Walls ’33, to her 70th reunion last May, reports that the 93-year-old “danced all night and wore me out!” Now retired, Jean is still consulting, involved in historic preservation, and serving as vice president of a local light opera company. She enjoyed spending three weeks in Europe with her husband, who was there on business.

Sylvia Smalley Chapman enjoyed hosting Beth Oliver Linguri in Florida and Sue Gosch Martineau in Maine last year.

Life is good, reports Gail Lanctot Hamlett. After her husband passed away, she sold their home of over 40 years and moved in with her sister in East Aurora, NY, spending part of each year in Fort Myers, FL. All four of Gail’s children are married; three of them have two children each. Most of them live in the Buffalo area, while Gail’s daughter lives with her family in Norwell, MA. Two of Gail’s sons, their spouses, and a daughter work for financial institutions; her fourth child is a chef.

Colorado resident Ellen Stewart realized a longtime dream last fall when she joined a Tauck Tour in Boston and traveled to Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Newport, RI.

As the grandmother of seven toddlers (four boys and three girls), Cynthia Perry Newton finds herself doing “a fair amount of babysitting.” She plays golf when she can fit it in.

Retired from teaching, JoEllen Steinfeld Snowman is playing duplicate bridge, volunteering, exercising, and traveling to Madrid to spend time with her daughter. JoEllen says that this passage in her life is “wonderful.” She stays in touch with Barbara Effron, whose artistic efforts led to our 45th reunion logo!

I received word from Daniel Wachtel that his wife of 42 years, Paula Simon Wachtel, died in September. He met Paula during his junior year at Union College. He writes that in addition to being the mother of two daughters and grandmother of three boys, she was “an inspiring educator, accomplished pianist, singer, Japanese flower arranger, and lecturer.”

I wish you all good health and great friends, because, to paraphrase JoEllen, “what more could one ask for?


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