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Winter 2004

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who, what, when

Saratoga station? What are these Skidmore students up to and when? Did you travel to and from campus by train?

If you have an answer, tell us about it: Leave a message at 518-580-5747, e-mail srosenbe@skidmore.edu, or write Scope c/o Skidmore College. We'll report answers, and run a new quiz in the upcoming Scope.

From Last Time

Mail call! More than thirty alumni (from 1946 to 1973) flooded Scope’s mailbox with memories of the old-campus post office. Audrey Schmierer Deren ’55 joked, “I can remember going to that mailroom better than I can remember what I did yesterday!”

While alumni from ’48, ’49, ’51, ’55, ’56, ’58, and ’59 all thought they recognized classmates in the photo, the consensus goes to the class of ’53. (A label on the back of the photo dates it to March 1952.) Alice Gundersen Schofield ’53 saw Paula Yudkin Albert ’53 (in the white coat), her housemate at Foley House in 1949. “My mother sent regular packages of cookies that all of the housemates shared,” she wrote. And by October, “I met the young man who would become my husband, and I had regular letters from him.”

Jacqueline Bailey Martin ’53 (and nearly everyone else) confirmed that “we all wanted letters from our beaus,” some of whom wrote every day, and several of whom are still married to their Skiddies. Barbara Feder Mindel ’53 recalled a common experience with shared mailboxes: her “romantic heart would pound” to see the box stuffed with letters, only to find that many were for her mailbox-mate. “Hard as it may be to fathom today,” wrote Adrienne Friedman Shutt ’72, “hand-written letters were a major means of communicating with family and friends. Phone calls were expensive. I would write a letter and eagerly anticipate a response I could hold onto and read again.” And more than a few alumnae recalled sending laundry home and receiving cookies in the return package of clean clothes.

Martin and two other ’53ers ID’d these classmates: “At the back, looking at her mail and smiling, is Doris Janitschek Hall. The gal in the white coat is Paula Yudkin. Next to her, with a big smile, we think is Jacquie Long Horn. Looking at the mailboxes, in profile, is Phyllis ‘Petey’ Thorp Pennington, and the gal in the checked coat is Barbara Hyman Shack.” The last two confirmed they’re in the photo. But the student at the far left was variously identified as Dianne Snow Brennan or Natalie Jones. The ’53ers also weren’t sure about the student waiting at the window, but a couple of ’55 alumnae named her as their classmate Joan Kennison Shaw.

The photo is probably Skidmore Hall: alums from the ’40s and early ’50s tended to remember the earlier mailroom in the basement of College Hall, those in the mid-’50s recalled it in Skidmore Hall, and later alums remembered the mailroom next to the snack bar in Fathers Hall. And several alumnae remember Al Woodcock, the friendly postmaster.


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