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On the cover: A glimpse of liquid heaven. (Design by Michael Malone; star photo by NASA and Hubble Heritage Team)


Attention, Pink Palace Alumni!
If you were a resident of Moore Hall, Skidmore’s sole remaining downtown dormitory, we want to hear your tales. Whatever memories you have of Moore—the living quarters, the food, the elevators, the haul to and from classes, the fire drills, the pinkness—don’t hold back. Share them with the editors at:

Skidmore Scope
815 North Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

call 518-580-5747
or fax 518-580-5748


A collaboration between Skidmore’s Latin American studies program and the Saratoga Film Forum investigated the troubled history and rich culture of Haiti. Movies, poetry readings, and other events complemented the fall-term course “Haiti: The First 200 Years.”


For news, details, and who’s attending:
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Theories of relativity
Interweaving time and space with art and science

Marriage of true minds
Seminar probes the many meanings of weddings


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Who, what, when?


Recall the taste of Skidmore.
Come to Reunion 2005: June 2-5

Say cheese (& tomato) • Go back to class • Hug your long-lost friends • Picnic on the green • Join the parade • Go out on the town • Dig the fireworks • Stay up ’til all hours


Environmental studies got a boost thanks to an $80,000 grant from the Rathmann Family Foundation. Among the projects aided are Skidmore’s new satellite mapping and GIS center and a community-based water-resources study of the Hudson River and Kayaderosseras Creek.

New high-tech scanning equipment will foster studies of algal cell walls that bond into biofilms, trace elements in the fossilized shells of ancient microorganisms, and other microscopic phenomena.  To buy the new electron microscope and spectrometer x-ray system, Profs. David Domozych and Dick Lindemann won a grant from the National Science Foundation. Watch for more in a future Scope, or click here for a description.