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Club Connection: Houston, TX.

“Generous pourings” of red (Huntington Merlot, 14 Hands Cabernet, Black Chook Shiraz) and white (Deutz Champagne, Buehler Chardonnay) “create instant friendships” at The Tasting Room in Houston’s Uptown Park. That according to Emily Pavlovic Chiles ’74, who gathered with a dozen Skidmore alumni and spouses to sample the grape. This was no “swish and spit” event. In fact, says Steve Bitteker ’88, attendees employed “a Texas approach: full glasses, nothing discarded!” He reports, “Our sommelier was quite knowledgeable about each vineyard and possessed a versatile vocabulary that entertained some of us and confused others. She explained that terms like ‘mint overtones with a creamy finish’ are a user-friendly way of describing various chemical reactions… and that different types of barrels create almost a universal result based on whether they’re made from American oak or French oak and how long they’ve been in production.” The most expensive bottle the group sampled, Bitteker adds, came with a screw cap rather than a cork. —MTS

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