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Athlete's foot Varsity athletes show, and tell, how they keep a step ahead of the game
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Athlete's foot

“No hoof, no horse” holds true for the human Thoroughbreds too. The speed, skills, and power of Skidmore athletes on all nineteen varsity teams are eloquently expressed in their feet and footgear.
Photos by Gary Gold

Stuart Drahota ’07
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colo.
Major: Business Hook: My family belonged to a country club, and I played some tennis. Then I picked up golf at age ten or eleven and got serious about it in junior high. Specialty: Putting Game face: I’ve totally fallen in love with golf. It’s more mental than any other sport I’ve played. I like to compete, and I like that golf is so individual—you’re out there on your own. Still, the Skidmore team is great because we support each other a lot.
Other sports: Downhill skiing

“Golf is almost a spiritual game. It’s all about you; you really have to know yourself.”




Emily Martin ’06

Hometown: Granville, Ohio
Major: French and government
Hook: I played football when I was really young, but I started soccer at age five. We played in a rec league where we designed our own T-shirts and our parents were coaches. Then I joined a traveling team when I was thirteen.
Specialty: Center midfield Game face: It’s been amazing to watch the soccer program expand. My sophomore year we won only six games; this fall we had thirteen wins and five losses. The hard work of the players and the coaching staff has really paid off. Other sports: Basketball, softball, and track in high school

“I’ve met such hard-working players; they’d give everything they had just to play the game.”




Evan McNamara ’06

Hometown: Milton, Mass.
Major: Business (economics minor) Hook: I’ve played baseball since I was little, starting with T-ball. I enjoyed the action of playing third base and catcher. In baseball more than other sports, I like the individual pressure—the accomplishments that each player makes to help the team. Position: First base (and a little pitching) Game face: Last year we really started winning, and nothing could stop us—we went all the way to NCAA regional playoffs. It was the best experience I’ve ever had in baseball. Other sports: Football and hockey in high school

“In the spring, we chip ice off the field—it’s depressing, but it’s good team-building.”




Shardae Gonsalves ’07

Hometown: New Bedford, Mass.
Major: Graphic design Hook: I’ve played basketball since I was five. I would go to school early and play in the schoolyard before the bell rang. My dad and sister played too—my dad’s actually a coach at UC-Berkeley. Position: Guard Game face: At the varsity level, you have competitors who take the sport as seriously as you do and make you a better player. And my Skidmore teammates—we pull each other through the rough practices or hard sprints. They know exactly what I’m going through and why I love it. Other sports: Varsity lacrosse

“With so many practices and games, I have no time to procrastinate. It keeps me very disciplined.”




Ashley Woodhouse ’07 and Milky Way

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn.
Major: Business (plus pre-veterinary studies) Hook: I was six when I got my first pony, a pinto named Peaches. Now, about twenty horses later, I’m competing at Grand Prix with my Belgian warmblood; we’ve qualified for the Junior Olympics this summer. Specialty: Show jumping (and equitation at Skidmore) Game face: Competing for Skidmore—riding different horses, with different levels of training—has made me a more versatile rider. Also the coaching, and watching my teammates, has taught me a lot; the team experience is so rewarding. Other sports: Skidmore polo

“I stick with show-jumping. I once rode the Rolex cross-country course, and it scared me to death.”




Karin Brudvig ’07

Hometown: Hamden, Conn.
Major: American studies Hook:
I started swimming to be like my
older brother. I was four. Within a year I started swimming competitively and loved it instantly. I didn’t have a world-class swimming role model back then, but today I look up to Aaron Peirsol. Specialty: Backstroke Game face: This year the team has the depth to break a couple of school relay records. We race each other in practice, and it’s satisfying to know that everyone is working their butt off. When I’m not in the pool I hang out with swimmers and divers all the time. They’re a great bunch of people.
Other sports: Varsity crew

“Being ahead of the competition, touching someone out at the wall, getting my best time—it’s a huge rush.”




Mike Bannon ’06

Hometown: Downers Grove, Ill. Major: Business (international affairs minor) Hook: When I was seven, I saw hockey on TV and it sucked me in, especially because it was on ice.
My mom tried to discourage me from wanting to play. She finally said OK, but I had to borrow my sister’s white figure skates for my first lesson. Position: Defenseman Game face: There’s a very good sense of “team” this year. We all look out for each other. We hang out a lot outside of the rink, too, which is fun. Guys on the team are some of my best friends, and will continue to be after college.
Other sports: Lacrosse in high school

“You do get checked a lot, but as the last man back you can quarterback the play.”




Stephanie Reed ’09

Hometown: Barker, N.Y.
Major: Undecided Hook: At my high school, field hockey was about the only girls’ sport we had. (I’d been a swimmer, but I wrecked my shoulder doing the butterfly.) Position: Goalkeeper Game face: I came in thinking I’d be a backup goalie, but in my very first Skidmore game our starter pulled a groin muscle and I had to go in. I like the action—and the pressure—as the last line of defense. And I like artificial turf; it makes me mad when a shot gets by me after bouncing off a grass rut. Other sports: Swimming in high school

“It costs about $1,000 to outfit me. How fast can I run in these pads? You’d be surprised.”