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Faculty and alumni authors

Racial Competition and Class Solidarity
by John Brueggemann, associate
professor of sociology, Cliff Brown,
T. Ralph Peters Jr., Terry Boswell
State University of New York Press, 2006

The authors combine theories of racial competition with game-theory models of collective action to compare the patterns
of race relations that accompanied nine American labor-organizing drives and
strikes between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. They conclude that
racial competition thwarted solidarity when minorities were recent immigrants or where employers used racist paternalism.
Where conditions were more favorable, unions overcame racial divisions by institutionalizing their rhetoric about racial equality in the form of black organizers and black union officials, in what came to be known as the “miners’ formula.” This formula worked, and the CIO unions today remain among the country’s most integrated institutions and most powerful advocates of working-class interests.

• • •

Handbook of Workplace Diversity

coedited by Pushkala Prasad, Zankel Professor of Management
for Liberal Arts Students
Sage Publications, 2006
International scholars address the problems of diversity, difference, inclusion, and cultural pluralism in organizations.

• • •

A Visitor’s Guide to Colonial and Revolutionary New England
by Patricia and Robert Foulke, professor emeritus of English
Countryman Press, 2006
Includes historical sites and museums, lodging, and restaurants, plus background stories

• • •

The Polaroid Book
by Barbara Peritz Hitchcock ’66
Taschen, 2006
Selections from the Polaroid Corporation’s collection of instant-camera (silver-halide) images by photographers throughout the world

Get booked. Alumni authors are urged to send copies of their books, publisher’s notes, or reviews, so that Scope can make note of their work in the “Books” column.