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Ivories and ebonies?

Who are these organists, and where are they? Were you musical in your
student days? If you have an answer, tell us the story at 518-580-5747,, or Scope c/o Skidmore College. We’ll report answers,
and run a new quiz, in the upcoming Scope.


Scrimmaging hoopsters?

“This is the freshman ‘Physical Education Skills’ course in the fall
of 1969. We met Monday–Friday, 8–10 a.m., in the gym behind Skidmore Hall on the old campus,” says Allison Strong Byers ’73.
She recognizes herself at the far right, “standing behind Bobbie Fabricotti,” and she adds, “I believe some of the other faces are Anne Ballard and Debbie Dudzik.”

But Rebecca Irwin Johnson ’72 thinks she sees her classmate Karin Wellings Marcus at front and center, looking at the ball. “She was
my best friend and a fellow phys-ed major, which makes me think
the others are PE majors too and I should be in the picture—maybe I’m the one in the very back.”

Well, Liz Baxter ’70 has yet another idea: “I’m 98 percent sure that
the gal with the ball is my good friend and classmate Heidi Hughes. The short hair, the black shoes—she was her own person! We went through a lot, hard times and good times, in our freshman year in Ross House.” Baxter says the basketball scene must have been shot
in 1966–67 or 1967–68.

The photo, from Skidmore’s archives, is tantalizingly unlabeled. In any case, Byers says, “The picture brings back great memories—and reminds me that the class of 1973 graduated a long time ago.”