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Interconnections Striking accord at music reunion
Periclean Alumni winner Andrew (Snyder) Ha-Levi '88
Kemball-Cook winner Trustee and music supporter Bob Ladd
Club connection San Francisco Bay cruise
T'bred Hall of Fame Five alumni and Coach Segrave inducted
Skidmore Interactive Skidmore brand goes online
Trustee transitions Howley '80 to be chair; Traylor '68 and Fulmer '76 join


Club connection: San Francisco, Calif.

Skidmore alumni and friends seize a picture-perfect fall day aboard a 42-foot sailboat in San Francisco Bay. Skipper Max Dale ’94 took them out the same day the Navy’s Blue Angels fighter-jet squad was performing for the Fleet Week air show. “We nosed our way through hundreds of boats to get right next to where the planes do all their tricks,” he says. “They were often no more than fifty feet above our mast—like the loudest thunder you can imagine.” One zipped between the boats, he adds, and “came close to breaking the sound barrier—we could see the bubble of condensation around the plane!” Mary Ann McKay ’70 popped a pill to ward off seasickness but says the sail was “fairly calm.” She praised Dale as the ideal host: “Some skippers can be tyrants, or at least bossy; but he encouraged us to help.” Susan Bergesen ’75 deemed the outing “the best Skidmore event I’ve ever been to,” and Holly Merritt Moskovitz ’65 couldn’t imagine “anything else as enticing.” Christina Courcier ’86 called it “fun and affordable, a perfectly balanced adventure.” The highlight for Dale was heading back across the bay as the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge—and seeing “the huge smiles on everyone’s faces.” —MTS

Join the club. Michele Forté ’90, the alumni board’s chair of alumni clubs, serves as
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