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Test-tube babes?

Who are these students, where, and what are they working on? Did you handle such
instruments in your studies? If you have an answer, tell us the story at 518-580-5747,, or Scope c/o Skidmore College. We’ll report answers, and
run a new quiz, in the upcoming Scope.


Volleyball vandals?

Most everyone recognizes President Joe Palamountain and Prof. Bev Becker, then the chair of the physical-education and dance department. Nita Walter McAdams ’68 wonders
if they’re repairing a net, and Dave Steinberg ’83 doesn’t know what the occasion was. But Jacki Jung ’61 and Denby Misurelli Probst ’88 remember it well: the dedication of the new Sports and Recreation Center in 1982. Jung explains, “That volleyball net is a symbolic ribbon they’re cutting.”

Also in the scene, Probst and others recognize Tim Brown, then quite new as Skidmore’s athletics director, at the podium. Probst guesses one of the seated audience members might be Prof. Margaret Paulding, who preceded Becker as chair of PE and dance. But Jung and former professor Mark Gelber, Skidmore’s first dean of special programs, agree that the chairs in front are occupied by trustees Kay Scranton Rozendaal and Don Reutershan. Steinberg adds, “For all I know, Vinny Catalano ’83 or Jeff Moore ’83 could have taken this photo for the Skidmore News.”