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Survey says! Alumni in online social networks

Survey says!

Social networking
Our thanks to the 260 alumni who participated by mail and online in our social networking survey, which we distributed in the fall issue of Scope Quarterly, the October issue of the Scope Monthly e-mail, and the “Skidmore College Alumni” group in Facebook.

Those who responded to the online survey had substantially more experience with social media than those who responded by postcard. A high percentage of the social-media-savvy respondents use such sites daily, weekly, or occasionally:

• Facebook: 98%
• YouTube: 96%
• iTunes: 83%
• LinkedIn: 63%
• Flickr: 47%
• MySpace: 45%
• Twitter: 2%

The median alumni class year was 1998 for those who answered online and 1993 for those who filled out the postcard.

Sixty percent of those who responded by mail said it is “very likely” or “somewhat likely” that they would use a Skidmore-managed social network if the College were to create one. Fifty percent of those who participated online answered that way.

Those who were social-media savvy were more likely to say they would not use a Skidmore-managed network because they feel Facebook and LinkedIn are already offering the connectivity they need. But many said they’re open to the idea of a Skidmore networking application built directly into Facebook.

“It would allow protected online chats between volunteers and classmates,” commented one alumna. “I also like the idea of electronic class notes. That could greatly improve the timeliness of news and foster a better link between classmates and the college.”—DF