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These pages contain suggestions for internships, graduate study in Classics, teaching positions in Classics and related fields, and job opportunities for students trained in Classics.

Andrew Cencini '01: Classics minor, Computer Science major, CITS intern and Microsoft manager (July 2001)

"[Classics] directed the course of my entire life - graduate school at UCLA starts fall '99 and I can't wait to leave the real world!" Leah Guerreiro-Ramos '97

"One thing that has definitely helped me is the work ethic which Classics forced me to develop. I miss learning Latin and want to return to Classics in the future. Right now, I am rereading the Aeneid to keep in touch with my roots." Kevin Relyea '97

"People seem interested that someone who was a business major and working in the field of business also majored in Classics, [which] is an asset since it makes me stand-out from the people with whom I work. I supervise many people with problems writing complete documents. Often, their point is unclear and they jump aimlessly from topic to topic. However, I think that writing papers for my Classics classes made me a better writer and these skills have carried over to my business career." Danielle Brulotte '96

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