Summary: In this project you will reconstruct all or part of one of the following buildings: Propylaia, Parthenon, east facade (with ped, metopes and frieze), Parthenon, west facade (with ped, metopes and frieze) Parthenon south or north sides (with metopes and frieze), Parthenon interior (with cult statue), indicating by your use of MOO details your familiarity with basic elements of Greek architecture.

You may choose to incorporate one of these themes into your MOO project via details and/or web links):

Objectives: (1) Become familiar with basic architectural elements and how these are integrated into the structure as a whole. In order to make effective use of MOO details, you will need to carefully consider both individual elements and their effect on a contemporary observer of the building. (2) Become familiar with the buildings constructed as part of Perikles' building program in the mid 5th century, and their significance to the Athenians and their allies.


  1. Don't forget to consult the MOO commands page at It's probably a good idea to print this out for reference.
  2. For a general introduction to the detail editor, what it does and how to use it, see (This procedure is also described below, but in less detail.) You may want to practice on a test room, where you can follow the tutorial step-by-step or come up with your own description and detail.
  3. If you would like include html (web links to images, for example) in your building, see the editor tutorial at
  4. Dig your room or rooms as in the previous assignment.
  5. Describe your room(s), carefully planning which elements of the building you want to include further description of (as details). You may want to indicate such items with ALLCAPS, so that visitors know that they can type 'look ' for more information. You can also include details on details, a good way to simulate the actual viewing experience, and to focus your visitors' attention on what you consider important.
  6. Once you've described your room(s) and included references to details, you're ready to actually add the details, as described in the Detail Editor tutorial. Here's how:

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