Vergil's Aeneid
Preview of Final Exam (15%)
16 December 1998 
As you are doubtless all aware, the final exam (as described in the syllabus) is upon us.  Here is a preview. 
When and Where:  Wednesday, 16 December, 9:00 a.m., in our usual classroom.
How:  The exam has three parts.
Part 1:  Translation, longer passages.  I will provide three basic passages that we read in class.  Peer teaching passages are fair game, as before.  Translate two out of three (your choice).  Each passage will be between 8 and ten lines in length.

Part 2:  Grammar. Answer the grammatical questions about the two passages you chose in part 1.

Part 3:  Translation, shorter passage.  Translate a passage from a section of book 1 that you were not required to prepare for class.  The passage will be between 4 and 6 lines in length.

As before, vocabulary will be provided.
What:  Here are the lines that are fair game for part 1:
Larger chunks:  494-560, 695-722
Smaller chunks:  594-602, 615-22, 646-52, 657-62, 683-88
No passage from part 1 or part 3 will come from the material before line 494.
Who:  You, plural.

Why:  Because.
Any other questions?  Contact me.