Assignment for Suetonius, Divus Augustus (The Life of Augustus) 
Instructions.  Outline the latter half of Suetonius' Divus Augustus (chapters 51-end), paying special attention to thematic groups.


51:  clemency/political pardons
52:  Does not want Honor
53:  Hates being called Lord
54:  Fariness in Senate
55:  Unconcerned by Libel
56:  Fairness in court
57:  Gift Giving
58:  Father of the Country
59;  Praise and Worship of Augustus
60:  Kings worship Augustus


62:  Marriages & Divorces
63:  Daughter Julia, finding an heir
64:  Gaius and Lucius (And raising children)
65:  Julia sleeps around and is punished

Private life:
66:  Augustus and friends
67:  Servants and Slaves
68:  Augustus is gay (maybe)
69:  Augustus commits adultury
70:  Augustus plays dress-up
71:  Augustus gambles
72:  Augustus' tiny house
73:  Augustus' fashion sense (Or lack of)

Augustus eats:
74:  Augustus' humble banquets
75:  Joke presents
76:  stark meals
77:  Augustus is not a drinker

Augustus physical afflictions:
78:  Augustus sleeps
79:  Augustus looks goofy
80:  Augustus has bad skin and kidney stones
81:  Augustus has allergies
82:  Augustus gets cold easily
83;  Augustus excercises/watches excercises

Augustus the writer:
84:  Augustus makes LOTS of speeches
85:  Augustus writes poetry
86:  Augustus speaks and writes simply
87:  Augustus has weird words
88:  Augustus writes phonetically
89;  Augustus learns Greek and Latin

Augustus' superstious life:
90:  Augustus is scared of lightening
91:  Augustus has weird dreams
92:  Augustus is superstious
93:  Augustus and religious practices
94:  Augustus' magic childhood
95:  Augustus sees birds
96:  Augustus forsees the future
97:  Augustus predicts his death

Augustus dies:
98:  Augustus has one last party
99:  Augustus says goodbye
100:  Honors for the dead Augustus
101:  Augustus' will


I.  How Augustus governed the empire in peace and war:
A.  the clement Augustus
B.  the humble Augustus
C.  the people's man/ popularity

II.  Private Life—the Imperial family
A.  his marriages
B.  his children and their marriages
C.  the disfunctions of his family.

III.  Character and habits:
A.  friendships/relationships with people
B.  charges against Augustus' character
    1.  effeminancy
    2.  adultery
    3.  homosexuality
    4.  excessive tastes
C.  frugal tastes
    1.  food, drink, domestic quarters.

IV.  Appearance:
A.  dress
B.  physical traits
C.  physical health

V.  Habits and pastimes:
A.  entertainment
B.  amateur writing-studied Greek, etc...
C.  created his own lingo

VI.  Spirituality:
A.  omens
B.  dreams

VII.  Death. 


51-54:  modesty/respect for others
55-60:  relationship with the people
61-65:  family history
66-69:  personal relationships
70-71:  his excesses
72-78:  personal habits/living habits
79-83:  physical description
84-89:  education and speech habits
90-93:  faith/religion
94-98:  omens
99-101:  death of Augustus


51-56:  the non-selfish, benevolent acts he performed as a ruler:  political leeway granted to those with differing opinions;  diligence in non self-promotion; non-vindictive actions and reactions to those with different opinions
57-60:  effects of such kindness and impartiality;  the Augustinian worship and fan clubs
61- :  SUBJECT CHANGE—personal life now
62-64:  family tree;  series of resulting wives and children
65:  Julia the slut (her own chapter)
66:  personal care for friends and their successors after their deaths
67:  Treatment of lower classes is not as lenient, but still not entirely uncalled for
68-71:  concerning general rumors of homosexuality, adultery, overindulgences
72-78:  domestic life at home:  the most boring habits noone really ever wants to know about (spartan living contradicts vase-hoarding tendencies)
79-82:  personal appearance:  birthmarks??!!  health problems
83-93:  personal hobbies and pastimes:  sports, studies, religion, psychic awareness, superstitions, and premonitions
94-99:  myths/events surrounding his birth, life, and death
100-101:  death, last will and testament(s)


51-54:  Augustus's modesty and how he viewed himself in the public eye.
55-60:  Augustus's view towards honoring people who are close to him, as well as those who are not, as well as how the public would try to honor him "Father of his Country."
61-65:  The family life:  his marriages, children, etc.
66-67:  How he treated others who were/weren't close to him.
68-73:  Augustus's personal habits and excesses.
74-78:  Dinner party mannerisms/celebration style of Augustus
79-83:  Augustus's physical condition and blemishes.
84-89:  Augustus's education, and speech style.
90-93:  Augustus's view towards religion and superstition.
94-96:  Superstition surrounding Augustus, and how he viewed omens.
97-100:  Augustus's death.
101:  Augustus's will.


41-51:  He ain't so bad... he did good stuff too:  made shows nicer, honored people, Let's make ROME better AGAIN: increase population, restore kingdoms, & military, seals, clemency
52-56:  Augustus the orator (ok... maybe he should stick to stuff he's good at)

61-101 Private Life

61-65:  betrothal, procreation (heir), family problems etc.
66-68:  friendships, personality, accusations of improporiety
69-71:  adultery and other fun games:  "The Feast of the Divine 12", womanizer,  or prostitute to men-- you decide?,
72-78:  personal habits: I'm one of you- decorating tastes, frequent formal dinner parties, extravagant national holidays,  ** CONTRADICTIONS**, "abstemious" drinking, the day he slept.
79-83:  APPEARANCE:  illness, fashion sense, keeping in shape ("let's play catch")
84-89:  Augustus'short scholarly career: rhetoric, prose, (Ajax on the sponge),fun with language (coloquialisms), proficient in Greek and Latin?,
90-94:  religion, dreams, faith, superstition, omen
95-101:  Death, Deification, Ascension to GOD HOOD!