Guidelines for Research paper 
Introduction.  Your research paper in this course can be as focused or as expansive as you desire.  The topic is essentially up to you, but let me offer some suggestions.

In general, I think the most fruitful angle for any paper would be some sort of comparison and contrast in any one of  three areas:

Sample Topics.  The key is to find something to compare and contrast.  Some examples:
Content.  You should aim to generalize about your topic, and then examine certain facets of it in detail.  So a paper on the supernatural in Suetonius might have the following structure:
I)  General examination of supernatural motifs in Suetonius
A)  When they occur, where they occur
B)  Select examples that illustrate your general principles, with analysis
II)  Detailed examination of certain supernatural episodes that are in some way unique (anomalous, striking, and so on).
A)  Episode 1, description and analysis
B)  Episode 2, description and analysis
C)  Episode 3, etc.
III)  Discussion of how these anomalies serve S.'s literary program
Such a paper requires a reading of primary sources both widely and deeply, and the use of secondary sources as either general background or insight into particular issues.

Overall your paper should seek to introduce the reader to some aspect of the biographical process, whether focused within one author, across authors, or across genres of historiography.

Timetable.  The project has three phases: For the overall requirements of the finished draft, consult the syllabus.

Still under construction, coming soon.
Knowing your paper topic will help me narrow the field. 
If you have questions or comments, please contact me.