2, 4: Ionia, Persia; the Ionian Revolt and First Persian War (499-490 BC) 6: Second Persian War (489-479 BC) 9: Recovery and Empire 11: Periclean Age of Enlightenment 13: Other Greeks: Women and Children, Metics and Slaves 16: The Polis. Social and Intellectual Life before and during the Peloponnesian War. Preliminaries to the War. 18: The Pentakontaetia or "50 Years" between the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars

20: The Peloponnesian War: War under Pericles, Demagoguery and the Peace of Nikias

23: The Peloponnesian War: Sicily, Ionia, and the Coup of 411; The Hellespont and the End of the War 25, 27: Thanksgiving Holiday

30: Peloponnesian War: Peace of Nikias to the Sicilian Expedition